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Wii Party – All Mini-Games (2 players, Master Difficulty)

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All Mini-Games on Wii Party for Nintendo Wii. We play All Mini-Games with 2 players and CPU players on Master Difficulty.

P1 is Maurits (blue).
P2 is Rik (red).
P3 and P4 are computer players on Master Difficulty.

Mini-Games in this video:
4 Player
Derby Dash
Smile Snap
Chop Chops
Shifty Gifts
Flap Hurdles/Hurdle Hover
Jumbo Jump
Moon Landing/Lunar Landers
Popgun Posse
Friendly Face-Off
Flag Fracas
Zombie Tag
Lucky Launch
Saucer Snap
Maze Daze
Quicker Chipper
Barrel Daredevil
Face Flip
Goal Getters
Stop Watchers
Chopper Hoppers
Puzzle Pick-Up
Feathered Frenzy
Follow Your Face
Strategy Steps
Tropical Punch
Pearl Plunder
Hammer Heads
Crash Balls/Ball Brawl
Rope Sling/Lofty Leap
Space Brawl
Dicey Descent
Cosmic Capers/Space Race
Cry Babies
Ram Jam
Spotlight Fight
Chin-Up Champ
Risky Railroad/Risky Railway
Balloon Buggies
Back Attack

1 vs 3
Flying Fruit
Lumber Whacks
Splash Bash

1 vs 1
Commuter Count
Timber Topple
Delivery Duel
Roll to the Goal
Channel Changers
Spring Time
Jangle Wranglers/Shephard Scramble
Poppin’ Pilots
Flag Footrace
Pop-Up Bandits
Fruit Focus

Flycycle Team
Fishin’ Buddies
Bumper Crops
Robot Factory
Flashlight Frights/Torchlit Terror
Basket Bonanza
Meet and Greet
Paddle Pals
Pop Coaster
Tippy Traverse
Pump Cart Panic
Sheep Crossing
Banana Blockade
Spring Ringers
Can Poppers
Clover Hunt/Hidden Charms
Rodent Rundown
Jump Rope Jam/Skipping Squad
Bobsled Highway
Color Coordination
Teamwork Temple

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  1. Pls play all the house party games at Wii party! Maurits Rik Myrte Danique and Thessy must be playing

  2. Pls play Wii Party U and play feed mii! Maurits Rik Myrte and Danique must play.

  3. Am I the only one who pretended to play but they actually weren't? 🙂

  4. 57:30 Maurits meets rik the pair minigames i love you all againtest 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂.

  5. This is great I used to play the wii with my cousins

  6. 57:12
    Rik hmm what’s in here

  7. You two work so well together and are very competitive against each other. Two things I've learned watching this. 😂

  8. しこのゆこたやらゆこら 佐野やふお辰雄ほらるょマツコは

  9. しこやえれあささはたさあそあややや!わゎ

  10. How come whenever they come in third they look like they’re giving us the finger

  11. Maurits Plays Mario
    Rik Plays Yoshi
    The P3 CPU Plays Toad
    The P4 CPU Plays Koopa

  12. The thumbnail is hilarious, especially because I hate Pierre.

  13. Did you record it from the dolphin emulator?

  14. Maurits e Rik são irmãos porque eles tem o mesmo cabelo

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