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Watergate Review – One of the Best Two Player Games

No Pun Included
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  1. Definitely has a twilight struggle feel to it – with the dual purpose cards and the tactical push-pull interaction. Looks great!

  2. Fantastic. Off to delete my review. 👏👏

  3. Strange that Twilight Struggle was not mentioned, as this game seems like a spiritual successor both in its historical topic and the value/event card mechanism.

    All in all, I will buy this for sure.

  4. Reminds me a lot of 13 days: The Cuban missile crisis. Which is also an excellent 2 only player game.

  5. Take a look at the GMT game Fort Sumter. It is also fantastic as the same type of game.

  6. I'm glad you liked it. I am proud to be part of this project (I researched and wrote the Watergame summary in the back which I hope you found useful). I too enjoy the game.

  7. I believe that Twilight Struggle is a much better game, also if you want even better games try the COIN series games by GMT. Watergate just a simpler implementation of the mechanics in Twilight Struggle and the COIN series. I would go as far to say that Watergate is closer to the Campaign Manager games put out by Zman then to Twilight Struggle and the COIN series games, before you say best you should review the rest.

  8. While I don't doubt how great this game is (and it sounds really cool) I find it strange that the really cool and unique theme of Watergate doesn't really do much for me. Also the artwork being photographs and the board being so bare just makes me not want to even look at this game. A possible re-theme would get me more interested in the game, but then again by re-theming it does it take away the uniqueness of the game? It's such a strange conundrum. Either way a great review as always Efka! Looking forward to the Black Angel review that you mentioned possibly doing in your podcast!

  9. One of the more pleasant surprises for me this year… really great game.

  10. But how can I make this game part of my daily caloric intake?

  11. 17! Square! Love it. Good job. Made me smile.

  12. Hail to the Thief? Is… is that a pun, Efka?!

  13. you are spot on with your breakdown of randomness in games.

  14. Thank you Efka. Twilight Struggle is one of my favourite games but so hard to bring to the table. Watergate seems more table-friendly and I trust you when you say its one of the best 2 player only games around. Putting it on my wishlist.

  15. Is Watergate as an actual historical event that well known outside the US?

  16. When a board game dies it goes to the thrift store. Broken, beaten, alone….and frightened.

  17. Have you played Wir Sind Das Volk?.. Thematic h2h card driven game of East vs West Germany? It's a very strong contender in the top 5 H2H games of relatively recent stuff imo (see also Polis:Rise of the Hegemony and Sekigahara)

  18. You sold me on the game. I can imagine a future game night starting with 1960 The Making of the President followed by Watergate. Two games featuring Richard Nixon, I wonder how the man himself would have felt about that legacy…

  19. When bad board games die they get airdropped into active volcanoes or, shipped to North Korea as "fun" western things to do.

  20. I mostly play two player games so this is great! I would love more videos like this!! Love what you do!!

  21. It's amazing design. After a few plays I've ordered Wir sind das Volk! too.

  22. Much thanks for the thoughtful review! This is definitely on my to-play list (in no small part because I'm a career journalist). Your declaration of it as the best two-player game makes me wonder how it would stand up to Targi for me.

  23. Thanks for the review! I was kind of offended that you even mention this game in the same sentence as Munchkin! 😉 It's part of the glorious genre of card-driven wargames/strategy games (happens to be my absolute favoruite genre) and it's never for a minute ocurred to me that they might have anything in common with Munchkin. It does sound at bit like this is the first time you've heard of these games, but surely you must have played Twilight Struggle, considering it was nr 1 on the geek for like four years?

  24. I have been boring my friends stupid with how much I love this game, I'm so glad others are enjoying it too.

  25. Las Vegas.

    (At least, that's my idea of hell.)

  26. Nice one Efka! Your choice of games really sets you apart from all the other reviewers. In a good way

  27. As is decreed, bad board games are consigned to the Ninth Circle of Haitch E Double Hockey Sticks…Where all those treacherous betrayers are. And played by those who betrayed us. Yup.

  28. Have to agree with some of the other comments here. The more I watched the more I thought Twilight Struggle. Cards that can be played as events or actions, cards that are played as events removed from the game, events based on real historical events (that can only occur once) – these are all core TS principles. I went from a must buy upon hearing "Best two player game" to lukewarm once I saw how it played. Really not that innovative after all.

  29. Amazing. From the review it does fell more tight than Twillight Struggle.

  30. Loving that Wingspan Canadian expansion in the back.

  31. Run Runner! The Sandman will chase you for there is no Sanctuary.

  32. Bad board games go to Jason Levine's basement when they die 😉

  33. Wow. That's one for the collection then. Splendid.

  34. Be sure to check out the game Lawyer Up as well. 🙂

  35. Great review NPI. I would urge you, if you haven't already, to look deeper at the historiography (or ludiography??) of Watergate. It is a descendent of Mark Herman's 1995 masterpiece We The People ("WtP;" reprinted as Washington's War), the progenitor of card driven wargames ("CDGs;" where all or nearly all actions on the board are dictated by the play of a card for its event or its operation ("Ops") value). Twilight Struggle ("TS") is itself one WtP's children and, as others have mentioned, Watergate is a clear descendent of TS (as is 13 Days and Wir Sind Das Volk).

    Thus, given how blown away you were by Watergate, I recommend taking a gander at TS or Washington's War, TS' quick playing children (noted above and the slightly longer playing 1960: The Making of a President), TS's siblings – 1989 or Labyrinth and TS' uncles – Hannibal: Rome v Carthage, Wilderness War and For the People.

    Once the pandemic fades away and one can meet up with friends again, I mightily suggest you add diplomatic tension to this genre of games by trying out these CDGs – Sword of Rome (4-5 players), Here I Stand (6 players) or Virgin Queen (4-6 players). Or you can rope in some friends on Zoom or the like and try these now via Vassal (vassalengine.org)

  36. I had my first game yesterday and want to underline all what you said. But your last final statement was a goof i think. Inreally searched the rules for it (2 languages) but didnt find. I hope im not mistaken….
    There is no rule that Nixon wins when he gets the remaining 4 momentum tokens. The rule is: when there are no more tokens left to place… So it could be that the Post gets all 9(!) Tokens (only 5 count) and Nixon wins.

  37. Just went to buy this, but no English version available anywhere in Europe, presumably because SU&SD just gave it a glowing review in the middle of lockdown 🙁

  38. The thing I like about Nixon winning when there are no more momentum tokens left to play is it gives the editor pause in playing momentum for themselves when playing momentum would be normally be so enticing. It’s like in Secret Hitler when a liberal player would normally never want to play a fascist policy, but the playing a fascist policy might give them powerful effects that could win them the game immediately but also brings the fascists closer to winning.

  39. Mechanics sound very similar to Twilight Struggle; such as event vs momentum value (action value in TS)

  40. Watching this in America early Feb 2021 is a little extra surreal.
    I have to imagine playing it is the same.
    Well done.

  41. God damn that was an amazing review. The momentum of it combined with how fun but serious it is, how its not just taking the piss and not doing that youtuber yelling at you non stop thing is amazing. This isn't just a review of Watergate, its a review of NPI. Great review of mechanics, great review of the human element, and great review of the history. Its smart, witty, and well read without being snobby.

    As Homer Simpson would say. "Its a boy. And what a boy!"

  42. Hi, the game has a good longevity (can I replay it several times)? Thanks

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