Two Player Game - BE MORE CHILL (LYRICS) -

Two Player Game – BE MORE CHILL (LYRICS)

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  1. "High school is wack, but we have eachother's back!"
    Don't do that
    don't make me cry like that
    not right after listening to Michael in the bathroom 🙁

  2. When you need to learn this so you and your friend's cosplay at school actually works out.

  3. And then Michael In The Bathroom starts playing and we all CRY

  4. And Jeremy here (ha. Heere.) but yeah, Jeremy is so oblivious úwù
    "dude you are cooler than a vintage casset"
    "But we have each other's back"
    "is it really true, I'm your favowite pewson"
    "two player game"

    Literally the entire song is Michael flirting with Jeremy-

  5. I had the soundtrack on shuffle and this played then Michael in the Bathroom played and I’m crying

  6. I love this song but seriously

    did they ever beat the level?

  7. this song helped me get out of art block-

    I thank this song very much

  8. Jeremy: well always be a team 😀

    Squip: am I a joke to you?

  9. This song is how I found this musical haha

  10. there should’ve been a line from jeremy at the end, the line you ask?

    “No homo? No homo.”

  11. They should've called it "Cool in college".

  12. If I ever get a Pac-Man and people ask why, I'll just say "I really like Pac-Man" while internally singing this song

  13. It is my fawovite song :3
    Two Player Gayme it is amazing song :3

  14. ive just listened to upgrade, and now this song is sad, especially at 2:45

  15. Who else came here to compare the "BFF" song from spongebob the musical

  16. up next: Michael in the bathroom


  17. 1:16 I'm still not over that "hell" like he has the voice of an angel- tHE vOICE bREAK

  18. I love how these two bros chilling gets shipped more then him and his love interest.

  19. Paws & Claws Animal Rescue Organization says:

    Jeremy- were never not gonna be a team

    squip- F R E E R E A L E S T A T E

  20. Jeremy: We're never not gonna be a team!

    Squip: I'm about to end this man's whole career

  21. Contraceptives are abortive. Research for it.

  22. Normal person: I love you
    Michael: Dude, you are cooler than a vintage cassette

  23. Duos i like
    Ron and Harry
    Percy and Grover
    Michael and Jermey
    Spongebob and Patrick

  24. Now tell me why I thought it said, "If they give you a snack you gotta use your force."

    my life is a lie-

  25. I really want someone to call me cooler than a vintage cassette but my friends dont like theatre

    *Hideous sobbing in corner*

  27. If Jeremy and Michael were married…

    hey VSauce, Michael Heere

  28. if someone told me “dude you are cooler than a vintage cassette" i would literally give them my life.

  29. I'm Here to send the favowote pewson Part to my favowote pewson…..Wish me Luck i guess

  30. Ya know, Mr Heeres actor would have been perfect for Dionysus is the PJO musical.

  31. The ultimate depression playlist:
    Two Player Game
    Loser Geek Whatever
    Michael in the Bathroom
    In that order. Enjoy sobbing with me!

  32. Ok, but that "Hey-ey-ey" at the end gives me l i f e

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