Two Player Game - BE MORE CHILL (LYRICS) -

Two Player Game – BE MORE CHILL (LYRICS)

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  1. Sophie lovesgamingYT /fan of zailetsplay says:

    Damn the video is 3 years shouldn't the comments be 3 years ago too since they commented in 2017

  2. I hope they make a part 2 to the musical where they’re in college and they remake this song

  3. Why didn’t they just input the cheat code? This level would be so easier if they buy a controller that can input:


  4. Please please PLEASE tell me I'm not the only one that ships these 2

  5. 1:16 that little part sounds like earthbound but I don’t know why

  6. My best friend and i are learning this song (im Jeremy)

  7. I had to find this when my brother went away for a year

  8. Even I can feel the sexual tension in this.

  9. "Were never not gonna be a team" YOU ARE FULL OF LIES JEREMY
    L I E S

  10. i can imagine john egbert and dave strider singing this

  11. Does anyone know if there's a clean version? I'm trying to sing this at my school but we can't curse. Or can someone help me come up with other words plzzzz?

  12. For some reason I used to think "effed up world" was "updog world."

  13. I am loving youtube here,
    Up next: "sincerely me"

  14. Notice how Michael doesn't curse a single time but always talks about getting stoned in his basement with jeremy

  15. This song might be goofy, but some of my favorite childhood memories was sitting in front of a dreamcast with friends playing zombies revenge.

  16. It’s been a little over 5 months since my musical phase….

    Honestly, I forgot how catchy this was

  17. I think of the characters in this and i keep forgetting that if all the main characters are in the same year of school they are all sophomores. Me being a senior myself I get slightly confused.

  18. In the 2 Players game:
    Micheal: Highschool in rough
    Jeremy: kiNkY

  19. Jeremy: you know that you are my favorite person….

    Grover: dude, I’m your only friend

  20. unpopular opinion, weakest song in the whole musical :/

  21. I had an Instagram friend in like 2016-2017 and she told me a song that reminded her of me was this one

  22. fun fact my kitten is odseced with this song

  23. My hero academia: Kiri and Denki
    Must I say more?

  24. I will never not smile and laugh at this and I am very thankful for that

  25. I want someone to tell me I'm cooler than a vintage cassette and that I'm their favorite person PLS a dream

  26. The squip enters by you is blocked in my country I wonder why

  27. no one's talking about michael's little giggle after "is it really true, ? im your favOriTe perSon "?? its kinda cute id honestly love to be his mom

  28. I can confirm now that I'm college all the so called "Geeks" "Losers" or whatever are popular. It's great.

  29. lol me and my bff’s songs are

    Our love is god
    Two-player game

    I love her 🥰

  30. Am i the only one who thinks it kinda sounds like Lupin by Kara(2011)

  31. My friend said they sound like Steve and Snot from American Dad and now I cant unhear it; so I'm sharing my torture with y'all. 💀

  32. Unbelievable how relatable this song is to me

  33. Half of Michael's lines are just the pickup lines he uses.

  34. I've never heard of this now I'm starting to enjoy this

  35. ILY: I love you
    ILYSM: I love you so much
    DYACTAVC: Dude, you are cooler than a vintage cassette

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