TOP3 Series: Introduction and 2-player games - Ilja and Alina -

TOP3 Series: Introduction and 2-player games – Ilja and Alina

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This is the the introduction and the first video in TOP3 series where we talk about our favorite games in different categories.
We will also mention favorites of few other people.
I hope you’ll like it!

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  1. Didn't expect a game like go in this list. By the way, do you know a place where to play go in Tallinn (a club or even a bar or something where people come often to play?)

  2. Very happy to see some interesting content coming from Wurfel Reviews. Please keep up the superb work. It is interesting to see 2 distinct perspectives in one video in most your board game review videos. Glad to have found this channel via The Dice Tower. 🙂

  3. Interesting video.

    My favourite games to play as 2-players games (and not only 2-players-only games):
    Lost cities
    Race for the galaxy (on BGA)
    Star Realms
    Starfighter (the newest but very promising game)

    And I have never tried it with 2 players but A LOT as a solo game with 2 avatars but I think Legendary encounters: an Alien deck-building game could join this list.

  4. really great series! was fun to try and provide a quote for these, though it took a lot of effort to narrow down to a single choice

  5. My top three list is.
    1. Fungi (Morels) a very underestimated game.
    2. Jaipur
    3. Patchwork

  6. Wow, Tail Fevers from Alina! That was the biggest surprise (more than Go) 🙂

  7. I've actually made both lists recently. My top3 strict 2-players games are: Summoner Wars, Magic: the Gathering, Balloon Cup. I know, i know, two first ones have variants for more players and i actually like two headed giant mode in MtG very much, but it is 2 player games with variants. Ok, if you must exclude them, then Targi and Jaipur will follow Balloon Cup 🙂

    And MP games i prefer to play with 2 are: Tokaido, Thunderstone and Zooloretto the Dice game (oh, this will be another list?:))

  8. Teresa and I made our top three for this category:1. 7 Wonders: Duel2. Eminent Domain Microcosm3. Twilight Struggle

  9. Didn't expect Tail Feathers. Cool choice.

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