Top Meaty 2 Player Board Games That Will Tear You In Two | Top Couples Games -

Top Meaty 2 Player Board Games That Will Tear You In Two | Top Couples Games

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Two player board games have become their own very popular genre of gaming as more often than not people are unable to find a larger group to play with. Two player games are particularly fun because the game themselves are designed in a way where the conflict created or initiated is often head to head, team vs team or even includes a tug of war element.

I absolutely love 2 player games because it gives me the chance to play games like chess or battleships with my significant other, kind of like in that netflix show the Queens Gambit. The direct player to player interaction is often not something all other multiplayer games always include.

Finding the perfect 2 player game that isn’t a light affair can be sometimes quite tricky. Finding a two player game that has the same depth as a deep Euro or game that could be played at a multiplayer level can sometimes be hard to find.

In this video we look at 5 meatier next level two player board games that will definitely get your head scratching and also engage you at a much deeper and thinkier level than most other games.

Whether you are looking for some cool board games to play on Valentines Day, Christmas, Thanks Giving or anytime of the year in fact then this is the place for you!

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Settlers of Catan
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  1. Since it's just me and my partner in lockdown here in CA, really appreciate this list!!

  2. My girlfriend and I went all in on 2-player only games not long after Lockdown last year.

    We have a nice selection (including REBELLION and SKULK HOLLOW). I think she's backed the Lama one on KS. And I'm now looking at NAGA RAJA. Looks really good.

    We also enjoy TATSU, STAR REALMS, TA-KE, COSMIC ENCOUNTER DUEL, and we got WAR OF THE RING and MANDALA for Christmas.

  3. Thanks for including Skulk Hollow. Love how much fun you had with the content!

  4. Great list… Added Naga Raja to my wishlist. Appreciated the punniness…games with carnivores and di-llamas! ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. You should post links to where we can buy the board games from in the description. That way if we buy it through you, you get a cut!

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