TOP Co-Op Multiplayer Games On Switch [2021] -

TOP Co-Op Multiplayer Games On Switch [2021]

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We’re back with another 20 top co-op multiplayer games for Nintendo Switch! Whether you’re looking for the best couch co-op games, or great online multiplayer games, we’ve got you covered!

Use the timestamps to find the kind of game that you’re looking for:

0:00 Intro
0:37 Platformers
2:13 Action / Adventure
4:51 Beat ‘Em Ups
6:47 Strategy / Party Puzzlers
8:35 Shooters
9:50 Outro

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Children of Morta review:


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  1. Огромное тебе спасибо! Лучше топа кооперативных игр не видел!

  2. 0:38 Super Mario 3d World 🍄1:05 Ibb &Obb 👬1:29 Putty Pals 👯1:50 Yoshi's Crafted World 🐢2:22 Minecraft Dungeons 🤺2:58 Children of Morta 🤱3:28 Crawl 🧙3:57 Hyrule Warriors 🧝4:28 Monster Hunter 👹5:03 Scott Pilgrim vs The World 🦸5:32 Wulverblade 🐺5:59 Super Kirby Clash 🐷6:22 Castle Crashers 🏰7:00 Pikmin 3 Deluxe ✨7:25 Good Job! 👌7:51 Catastronauts ⚠️8:16 Moving Out 🚚8:42 Aperion Cyberstorm 🤖9:07 RICO 🔫9:28 Mercenary Kings 💵

  3. Would be much better if you included the different versions of coop, there's a significant difference between the types. Online-only requires a sub fee to Nintendo, couch coop is on 1 switch with multiple joycons, local wireless is adhoc (a switch & a game per person required).

  4. Thank you for this! Also I'm trying so hard to figure out where you're from based on your accent hahaha

  5. How tf can u not play games like castastronauts online? 🗿🗿🗿

  6. Can i play with someoneelse not in the same room? Can i play with Someone from another city

  7. I would argue Mercenary Kings draws more from Metal Slug than Contra. Great list as always. One I would recommend next time we're all allowed to be in the same room is Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes.

  8. Another great video. I also didn't know they'd added a co-op mode to Pikmin 3 was already interested now it's definitely on the wishlist.

  9. Great list! I believe this channel is underated

  10. All the games that i have with online for switch is dead or low people and that's because their all on ps4 is their any other games on switch that haves online

  11. So bummed towerfall for switch being offline co op

  12. Is childrens of morta a local co-op game ?

  13. what are some free co op games, Like racing or shooting type of games? Please reply!

  14. Is there any co op offline game? So i can play with my wife with only one nintendo switch

  15. Thank you so much for your coop videos. This really helped me out and you did such a good job. Happily subbed 🙂 be well

  16. so far i think only mario is the most enjoyable co op game in the entire games for switch. other games on the list looks like cheaply made

  17. You clearly did not play Minecraft Dungeons in multiplayer mode. It is **UNPLAYABLE**. Just have a quick search on the internet and you'll see, it's horrendous.

  18. Is age of calamity online multiplayer or local only

  19. U could add Brawlhalla and astro party too

  20. Pick up Knights and Bikes for your next round. It’s a great game that deserves all the love it doesn’t get.

  21. Quick question

    Can any of these games be crossplayled

  22. How does this man not have more followers? His content is always 🔥🔥🔥.

  23. Best video so far! Actually got me to want to purchase a lot of these games lol! (Will do one at a time 😂😂)

  24. So its all kiddy sh_t? I expect nothing less from Switch.

  25. I just can't handle his pronunciations. Hearing cawwy instead of carry from a grown man is annoying to listen to.

  26. I got the switch just for casually gaming with friends so this video is perfect

  27. Subscribed 😀 cheers for your content dude, helped me out alot with just getting me Nd partner both a switch, and need to build up a good game base

  28. Never heard of mercenary kings… I'll hv to check it out

  29. Overcooked and overcooked 2! Overcooked is a chaotic couch co-op and overcooked 2 is couch and online co-op! I have both cause I got the bundle and they're super fun

  30. Towerfall and boomerang fu is us also nice

  31. Im going on a cruise with my family over christmas and am gonna have to share a room with both my siblings. hoping that if I can set up my switch to the tv some coop games will boost moral and stop a fight from breaking out.

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