Top 8 Two Player Games -

Top 8 Two Player Games

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AnnaMaria’s Top 8 Games for 2 players!

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  1. Love, love, love Arboretum at two! 🙂 Hanamakoji, Agricola ACG&S, Grand Austria Hotel and Azul are up there too. Jaipur and Kingdomino are always fun.

  2. Parks is such a great pick, it’s so much more of a relaxed journey with two people

  3. Great list AnnaMaria. The outtakes was great too. Watch till end credits people it worth it.

  4. My top 8 2p games right now would be: Kahuna, Patchwork, Jaipur, Hive, Targi, Kingdomino (7×7), Hanamikoji, Chartae 🙂

  5. Watergate. Battleline. Carcassonne. Innovation.

  6. +1 to Cribbage!

    I also recommend Mandala for beautiful, head to head competition that is as mean and beautiful as Arboretum.

  7. Not much out there on Tacks, it looks really interesting though!

  8. I really like patchwork and 7 Wonders Duel

  9. Although we love playing with three (and one, and four, and…), we love two-player games! I don't even know if we could pick a favourite.

    I just asked The Cardboard Kid if she has a clear-cut number one. She shrugged. Haha.

  10. I love Rap Godz and Parks. So much fun!

  11. My favorite is a little-known game of perfect information and intricate card combos called STRIFE: LEGACY OF THE ETERNALS.

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