Top 50 of the best Sega Genesis 2 player vs. games -

Top 50 of the best Sega Genesis 2 player vs. games

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Best sega genesis two player games , 50 Mega drive 2p competitive vs games /(games series/franchise) where you and a friend play against each other simultaneously.
Ranked in no particular order,no sports games but i’ve included wrestling and boxing games.
No Japanese exclusives.
The title screens have every game in the series that are two player vs, so technically way more than 50 games recommended.

Games in video:

Sonic 2 / Sonic 3
World heroes
Block out
King of the monsters / KOTM 2
Mario Andretti racing
Wrestle war
Super skidmarks
Columns / Columns 3
Turtles tournament fighters
Toughman contest
Road rash 2 / Raod rash 3
Marble madness
Art of fighting
Super off road
Dr Robotniks mean bean machine
Saturday night slam masters
Golden axe / Golden axe 2
Top gear 2
Samurai shodown
F1 / F1 w.c.e
Blood shot (Battle frenzy)
Greatest heavyweights / Evander Holyfields
Street racer
Dashin’ desperadoes
Eternal champions
Rock ‘n roll racing
Pac attack
Weapon lord
Lous / Lotus 2
General chaos
Street fighter 2 s.c.e / Super SF 2
Kawasaki superbike challenge
Mega bomberman
WWF Super Wrestlemania / Wrestlemania / RAW / Royal rumble
Combat cars
James ‘ buster’ Douglas boxing
Micro machines / MM2 / MM military / MM 96
Wiz ‘n liz
Fatla fury / Fatal fury 2
Virtua racing
Herzog zwei
Gauntlet 4
Streets of rage 2 / SOR 3
Mortal kombat / MK 2/ MK 3 / Ultimate MK 3

Other games;
(These games also contain a co-op or alternate play mode)
Alien storm
Arcade classics
Williams arcade classics
Cyborg justice
Sunset riders
Todds adventures in slime world
Williams arcade’s greatest hits
Captain America
Batman forever
Bubsy 2

Other games:
Newman Haas indy car racing
Ferrari GP
Double clutch
Jurassic park 2
Ballz 3d
Ball jacks
Beast wrestler
Best of the best
Boxing legends
Brurtal paws of fury
Cosmic spacehead
Deadly moves
Double dragon V
ESPN speed world
Exo squad
Fighting masters
Foreman for real
George Foreman ko boxing
Heavy nova
Justice league task force
Muahmmad Ali
Quad challenge
Rise of the robots
Primal rage
Shaq fu
Slaughter sport
Star control
Time killers
Virtua fighter 2
VR troopers
Warrior of Rome 2

Multi event games; (some listed,possibly not all. some events are simultaneous play)

California games
Olympic gold
ACME all stars


  1. 2 playery(^O^)y南無阿彌陀佛爸>NamoAmitabha88>南无阿弥陀佛爸>ナモ阿弥陀お父さん y(^O^)

  2. Name of the chips and fortress game? 7 game showed I think

  3. Wait a minute!! What the f**k?? where sunset riders and cuttroad island??

  4. Golden Axe's Versus Mode reminds me of Double Dragon's.

  5. Sonic 2,Sonic 3, Street Fighter 2, Mortal Kombat 2, Mk 3, Clay Fighters, TMNT Turtles in Time.

  6. 25:50 what is 'funting'? Sounds rude. I would add Cyborg Justice to this list… I see it's in your Co-op list but it could be in either due to the duel mode as per the Golden Axe games.

  7. 11:26 looks like some games are actually not from SEGA but Capcom.

  8. Como se llama ese juego de género shooter co-op en primera persona con pantalla dividida?, creo que no aparece en el video

  9. I liked the concept of Eternal Champions because the characters came from different time periods. It was like Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, but instead of being brought to the future to help write a history paper, they FIGHT EACH OTHER.

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