Top 50 of the best Sega Genesis 2 player Co-op games -

Top 50 of the best Sega Genesis 2 player Co-op games

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Best sega genesis co op games.Sega Mega drive games for two players ,multiplayer. Golden axe,Streets of rage etc. The Sega MD /Gen arguably has a better library of 2p simultaneous/multiplayer couch co-op games than the SNES, and here we take a look at 50 of the greatest.

No Japanese exclusives. No Sports games.
No lightgun / menacer games.
Must be simultaneous ,no tag team (WWF) or taking in turns.
No Sonic 2 ,Tails is useless,a dreadful co-op game but brilliant 1 player ofcourse !
These are not listed in any particular order (too difficult to judge) but for what it’s worth SOR2 would be my number 1 choice and had many hours of fun on SOR and Golden axe 1 & 2 too.


Toejam and Earl
Battle toads Double Dragon
Streets of Rage
Sunset riders
Vapor trail
Bonanza Bros
Alien storm
Skeleton krew
Forgotten worlds
Captain America and the avengers
Adventures of Batman and Robin
Gain ground
Snake rattle and roll
Bio Hazard battle
Contra Hard corps/ Probotector
Cyborg Justice
Golden axe II
Ren and Stimpy
Altered beast
Wonderboy III
Lost Vikings
Streets of rage 3
Second samurai
Joe and Mac
Air buster
Crack down
Double Dragon
General chaos
Pit fighter
Beavis and Butt head
Two crude dudes
Blades of vengeance
Chaos engine / Soldiers of fortune
Toejam and Earl 2 panic on funkotron
X-men 2
Great circus mystery – Mickey and Minnie
Teenage mutant ninja turtles Hyper stone heist
Gunstar heroes
WWf Raw
Doom troopers
World of illusion – Mickey and Donald
Arcus Odyssey
Rolling thunder 2
Golden axe
Gauntlet IV
Streets of rage 2.


3 ninja’s kick back
Adventures of mighty Max
Arcade classics ( Centipede)
Batman forever
Battle tech
Battle squadron
Berenstein bears
Bimini run
Body count
Bubsy II
Columns III
Combat cars
Cut throat island
Dinosaurs for hire
Double dragon 3
Gadget twins
Lethal enforcers
Lethal enforcers 2
Lost world :Jurassic park II
Ms. Pacman
Mega swiv
Mighty morphin power rangers The movie
Mystical fighter
Revolution X
Separation anxiety
Shadow blasters
Snow bros.
Sonic 2
Sonic 3
Steel talons
Super smash TV
T2 the arcade game
Todds adventures in slime world
Tom & Jerry
Toxic crusaders
WWF Wrestlemania The arcade game
Zero tolerance (using cable)


Golden axe III
Double dragon II
Bio ship paladin

ALTERNATE 2p GAMES: Not including sports games

Arcade classics
Barbie supermodel
Bubsy 2
Daze before christmas
Fatal rewind
Kid chameleon
Lawnmower man
Man overboard
Paperboy 2
Radical Rex
Rambo 3
Road rash
Street smart
View point
Williams arcade
Xenon 2
Liberty or death
Pacific thetre operations
Operation Europe
Shanghai 2
Dragons fury
Dragons revenge
Family fued
Genghis Khan 2
Jeopardy (3p)
Jeopardy sports (3p)
Wheel of fortune (3p)
Master of monsters (4p)
Psycho pinball (4p)
Sonic spinball (4p)
Virtual pinball (4p)
Worms (4p)
Aerobiz (4p)
Aerobiz supersonic (4p)
Crueball (4p)
Clue (6p)
Risk (6p)
Powerdrive (8p)
Nobunaga’s ambition (8p)
Monopoly (8p)
Romance of the three kingdoms 3 (8p)
Romance of the three kingdoms 2 (12p)


  1. Thanks, really can't wait to check some of these out with my wife.

  2. Did Mega Bomberman support multiplayer mode? Might want to add that to the list if it did.

  3. if I'm director of movie,I will make SEGA game universe like outrun, afterburner, shinobi, alex kidd, paperboy, space harrier, street of rage, golden axe, alien storm& sonic the hedgehog is the 1st Sega movie franchise 👍

  4. The fact that sonic 2 wasn’t on this list means it’s automatically disqualified. Seriously, wtf???

  5. … Pit fighter is an example of bad game design. I know this lists are subjective but cmon…

  6. I'm looking for a game, But can't seem to find it, The game supported two players it was on the sega genesis or neogeo I can't remember, The character was quite like a gangster you could pick up pipes enimies and even each other, If anyone knows the name please do let me know.

  7. After watching both the SNES and Genesis coop videos. It seems that the SNES has the better coop library of games. I love my genesis games as well. But there's a lot more shovelware on genesis from what I noticed.

  8. Golden Axe, Streets of Rage series and the contra hard corps are some true gems.

  9. Good video , I hope you don’t mind I shared your video to Reddit … probably get a bunch of views from it . Well done 👍

  10. I take it you don't like sports games. But thanks for sharing, it's a great list.

  11. i gotta disagree with streets of rage 2(or any SOR game). the co-op is annoying cause you can hit eachother, so you need to stay away from eachother, so basically watch you'd buddy get beat down if he needs help, cause if you help you're gonna hit him too. need help with a boss? nope, you'll just hit eachother if you try to help. grabbing by accident, etc. it's beyond stupid and frustrating to be able to hit eachother in a beat em up, especially without the option to turn it off. great 1 player game though

  12. Streets of Rage, Contra Hard Corps, and World of Illusion are my favorites! Wahh I miss these games

  13. How come Mortal Kombat never makes into any of those lists? That was the main game why I bought the console back then and now

  14. Played almost all of these when I was a kid, loved every minute of it.

  15. Wtf why would sunset riders be on the list when the SNES port has more stuff???

  16. World of illusion i play a lot with my brother when we are young, in the 90's

  17. jurassic park 3: the lost world? i got brand new sega yesterday for 15$ + 5$ the game, just to play it with my friends :D, i can't believe that there has unpacked sega consoles for sale in the stores in this days.

  18. che nose quien juega pero los que juegan son re malos jugadores

  19. some great games but will always be behind Nintendo!

  20. Everybody needs a little Bio-Hazard in their lives

  21. i used to play this combat racing game which also had an option for multiplayer. The game was played on zsnes or kgen emulator on pc. Snes or sega genesis. It's an overhead racing laps game similar to biker mice from mars. The vehicles or players were school bus driver , ice cream truck, scientist etc. Also had weapons we could use by running over a blue spot. Sometimes were chased by a dinosaur, or getting smashed by a huge gorilla at the side of the road. Can anyone name it

  22. I used too play Alien Storm a lot and Golden Axe 1 and 2.

  23. Streets of Rage… That damn good soundtrack !!

  24. Nice list, thanks for the upload! My daughter and I still fire up streets of rage 1 or 2 on occasion, one of our favs.

  25. Would have replaced a few lower tier titles..
    I would take out Cyborg Justice, Pit-Fighter, Double Dragon, Zoom and WWF Raw for Power Rangers The Movie, Dinosaurs for Hire, Mystical Fighter, Spiderman and Venom SA, and X-Men.
    Altered Beast is a sentimental choice for alot of people but Jurassic Park 2 The Lost World is a pretty cool 2P expierience that most people would get far more mileage out of.

    Japanse games that would be on the list.
    Golden Axe 3 the most underrated beat em up of the 16-bit generation. Snow Bros., Pengo and Wani Wani World.

  26. Looks like there's some really great multi-player games on there.

  27. "I recommend this guide:
    So grateful it exists."

    Η τέλεια μέθοδος για όλους

  28. Все думал почему многим нравится сега и денди даже сегодня, а современные игры нет. Потому что современные игры: или повторяют старые или мрачные или про зомби. Раньше были цвета красивые, приколы в играх, идеи разрабов, классные звуки. У современных это нет. Мое личное мнение.

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