Top 50 of the best NES 2 player co-op games -

Top 50 of the best NES 2 player co-op games

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Best nes 2 player games, Nintendo NES 2p simultaneous, multiplayer/couch co-op games.
Although this is a good chunk of all 2 player games on the nes it’s still a good showing from an
8-bit to have so many co-op games when compared to the Master system for example.
This video doesn’t include vs 2 player games,such as Dr Mario but some games in this list do have elements of co-op and vs in them. Balloon fight and Mario to name two.
There’s no Japanese Famicom exclusives,no sports games and these are listed in no particular order,it’s 50 of the best not a countdown.

GAMES IN VIDEO: (Ranked in no particular order)

Super C
Gauntlet II
Twin eagle
Ninja crusaders
Ikari III
Snow bros.
Cowboy kid
Marble madness
Turtles III
A nightmare on Elm street
Thunder & Lightning
Chip n’ Dale
Balloon fight
Double dragon III
Monster in my pocket
Mendel palace
Kung-fu heroes
Bubble bobble
Snake rattle n’ roll
Legendary wings
Contra force
Clu clu land
Guerrilla war
Battletoads Double dragon
Shadow of the ninja
Alien syndrome
River city ransom
Sky kid
Ice climber
Ms. Pac-man
Heavy barrel
Life force
Chip n’ Dale 2
Tengen Tetris
Rush n’ attack
Turtles II
Mario bros.
Smash TV
Little ninja brothers
Double dragon II


Double strike
8 eyes
Uncanny X-men
Blues bros.
Mission cobra
Master chu
Kung fu heroes
Rod land
Ikari warriors
Ikari warriors II
Devil world
Pipe dream
Death race
Trolls on adventure island
Krazy kreatures
Dudes with attitude
Tagin dragon


Battle city
Mappy kids
Ganbare goemon 2
Exed exes
Downtown special
Crisis force
City adventure
Parallel world


  1. Me and my brother play all these game i love this we completed almost all game You forgot about jurasic park

  2. this is why i love this era of gaming compare to when i was coming up. folks say i was i was a kid again. lol! we never had this selection of gaming avaible back in the 90s and 2000s. all we had was the arcade and commericals. now you can find rare games to play for free.

  3. Teenage mutant ninja turtles turtlesiii the Manhattan project

  4. Brother Thank you very much, I was looking for a game for a long time and while searching for it, I came to your video and because of you my search was completed.The Name Of The Game Is Heavy Barrel 22:42 i used to play this game in my childhood Thanks bro

  5. Wish i had games like these when i was a kid would have made it less deppresing

  6. This is good because you also showed nice gameplay. Plus you don't usually get people doing top two-player NES games. I like to play with my son so there's a few I didn't know on here. Thanks for the video.

  7. I can tell it’s all been done on an emulator:) couse of the missing gfx missing sprites:)

  8. Muito bom cara, estava procurando um jogo a anos!

  9. habia un juego de nintendo llamado Castle, era muy bueno pero no consigo nada referente sobre ese juego

  10. y(^O^)y南無阿彌陀佛爸>NamoAmitabha88>南无阿弥陀佛爸>ナモ阿弥陀お父さん y(^O^)y

  11. About half of these I still own, really fun games, but there are way more out there that are just as good or better.

  12. I didnt see Don Doko Don (the 1, not the 2) in your lists.Why didnt you included Japanasse exclusive games? I had Downtown Special Kunio-kun's Historical Period Drama for my family game.

  13. Wow, a few fun games that I never played. Wish I did. Played most of these, though.

  14. Little Ninja Brothers is a really fun game. Pricey, but fun.

  15. You guys know the game a alien invasion and we can multiplayer but the ammo can be limited

  16. Rampage sucked on the NES. So did Contra Force and Double Dragon 3

  17. I enjoyed this video thanks and oddly enough my nephew's who are 5 and 6 likes it as well lol

  18. Still didn't find that one game which i used to play with my brother

  19. Who ruined their friendship because 2 players co-op game?

  20. Love the video great stuff, you have Mendel Palace on here which no one ever talks about but was an awesome co-op me and brother would play. All I have to say is that ya done good kid, ya done good!

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