Top 50 of the best NES 2 player co-op games -

Top 50 of the best NES 2 player co-op games

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Best nes 2 player games, Nintendo NES 2p simultaneous, multiplayer/couch co-op games.
Although this is a good chunk of all 2 player games on the nes it’s still a good showing from an
8-bit to have so many co-op games when compared to the Master system for example.
This video doesn’t include vs 2 player games,such as Dr Mario but some games in this list do have elements of co-op and vs in them. Balloon fight and Mario to name two.
There’s no Japanese Famicom exclusives,no sports games and these are listed in no particular order,it’s 50 of the best not a countdown.

GAMES IN VIDEO: (Ranked in no particular order)

Super C
Gauntlet II
Twin eagle
Ninja crusaders
Ikari III
Snow bros.
Cowboy kid
Marble madness
Turtles III
A nightmare on Elm street
Thunder & Lightning
Chip n’ Dale
Balloon fight
Double dragon III
Monster in my pocket
Mendel palace
Kung-fu heroes
Bubble bobble
Snake rattle n’ roll
Legendary wings
Contra force
Clu clu land
Guerrilla war
Battletoads Double dragon
Shadow of the ninja
Alien syndrome
River city ransom
Sky kid
Ice climber
Ms. Pac-man
Heavy barrel
Life force
Chip n’ Dale 2
Tengen Tetris
Rush n’ attack
Turtles II
Mario bros.
Smash TV
Little ninja brothers
Double dragon II


Double strike
8 eyes
Uncanny X-men
Blues bros.
Mission cobra
Master chu
Kung fu heroes
Rod land
Ikari warriors
Ikari warriors II
Devil world
Pipe dream
Death race
Trolls on adventure island
Krazy kreatures
Dudes with attitude
Tagin dragon


Battle city
Mappy kids
Ganbare goemon 2
Exed exes
Downtown special
Crisis force
City adventure
Parallel world


  1. So in Silkworm you play as Swindle & Vortex?

  2. Ninja turtles , river city , contra was the best

  3. Sweet. Gonna pick up snow bros and cowboy kid…..whhaahahahah how much?!

  4. I've been looking for a game especially for two players where one player was of pink colour and the other one blue or green , I dont remember too much bout the colors , but both had the power to create stairs according to your colour. I've played so many consoles that I am not even sure if it was on Nes 🙁 I would be eternally thankful if someone knows about the name and let me know.

  5. I love how much Guantlet 2 music sounds like The Final Countdown

  6. My personal favorite cooperative NES game was a sports game. Super Spike V'Ball.

  7. I founding one game. 2 dino . hand hummer

  8. Good thing you also have the list in the description ha…didn't understood the title screen for Vindicators well. Looking at these clips to see if I add more to my Nes Classic.


  10. Subscribe to my channel bro ^_^

  11. Subscribe to my channel bro ^_^

  12. Great video dude,there was a ton of games I never heard about.

  13. Shadow of the ninja was one of the most awesome games I ever played on NES… From music to gameplay to boss battles… Man it refreshed my memory. Very underrated game for sure…

  14. Chip n Dale was not a co-op game. It was a Stun your friend when they jump over a bottomless pit game

  15. Why is double dragon 3 on this list? That game is totally meh.

  16. i love I saw her standing there on hudgames score 50 to 0 lakers vs golden state

  17. Why are almost all gaming channels against sports games!? Those are some of the most fun games!

  18. So many excellent titles a lot of amazing hours of game play as a kid growing up couldn’t name them all but I had to say Metroid, blaster master, kid icarus, metal gear, little ninja brothers were some of the favs for me

  19. Contra, ballon fight and turtles 3 made my childhood

  20. I never heard of a double dragon battle toads crossover

  21. 22:49 recuerdo cuando lo jugaba con mi hermano :") esos tiempos en los que no existían celulares

  22. Great. Thx. Gonne have a lot of fun with my kids. For example learn my toddlers how to beat up people in doublle dragon

  23. Which of these would be best for someone who is a gamer from the days of NES all the way up through current games [myself age 34] but who is playing with someone who has never played video games b4 [such as my gf or my kid] something that wouldn't be too too hard to figure out controls or not too too hard of enemies. So I could introduce the AMAZING NES era of gaming to someone who's never gamed. Start them off right on the classics that are in my opinion the golden age of gaming (NES SNES)

    Cuz there's lots of good 2 player coop games but a rookie is gonna be in over their head playing something like Battletoads in Battlemaniacs Contra or TMNT <if that's even 2 player co-OP

    Please and thank you for your comments and suggestions remember I'm looking for a SHORT LIST 5 or so, of a co-OP game that a gamer could play with a total NON GAMER and their won't be too high of a difficulty or skill gap.

  24. Rush'n attack! 😍😭😭😭😭
    Played it with my twin 😄

  25. Life Force. Thats what i was searching for 🧡

  26. i had never heard of that Narc game. looks interesting.

  27. Thank you for adding Guerilla War. My favorite.

  28. Over half of these were in arcades. If you weren't around in those days, then you will never truly appreciate games like these. I was so lucky.

  29. they forgot super c she was good contra bc only her i not see her but dd3 was my fav game

  30. The only thing wrong with mario is that they thought multiplayer was just taking turns for some reason dat dumb

  31. The 8-bit generation is better than 9th console's generation. Nowadays have a great tech but I still really enjoy with old games!

  32. Where's "Trog!"? They have co op too

  33. Amazing video. My brother is 6 years old, and loves the NES. These will be great games to pick up and play with him!

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