Top 5 Two Player Games of the Year (2021) with the Game Boy Geek -

Top 5 Two Player Games of the Year (2021) with the Game Boy Geek

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The best (top 5) two player (2 player) games of the year are highlighted with both an overview of the game, and my thoughts on why they are the best 2 player games of the year!

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0:00 – Introduction
0:28 – #5
3:08 – #4
5:25 – #3
7:26 – #2
9:03 – #1

Bezier Games (Maglev Metro)

Grey Fox Games (Last Light) –

Arcane Wonders (Picture Perfect) –

Game Toppers –

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  1. I am surprised that Land vs Sea was not on the list!

  2. Great list! We're loving Ohanami right now. Not just for 2 players but addictive at 2. Will have to check out Botanik & Sobek 2 players. Thanks Dan…♥️

  3. Great looking games!
    My wife and I really enjoy RADLANDS! our fav two player game we played this year!

  4. 7:27 I thought you were going to pick "Baseball Highlights 2045" for number 2! Hey that's one of the best 2 player games IMO!

  5. I cannot find Sobek 2 for purchase anywhere ….do you know where it can be purchased? It is an awesome game!

  6. Hey Dan, great list! A couple that I haven't stumbled on until watching this, so thanks! Will check em out ASAP.

  7. Great list – thank you! I’m most interested in Botinik and Sobek. Is that an English version of Sobek you have? How did you get it? Thank you!

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