Top 5 Two Player Board Games You MUST Try! -

Top 5 Two Player Board Games You MUST Try!

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We are all about two player board games. While our favorites are constantly changing, these 5 are games that we consistently go back to and are perfect for 2 players!



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00:00 – Intro
01:26 – Honorable Mentions
04:15 – 5 Miller Zoo
06:06 – 4 Plunder
08:20 – 3 Wingspan
10:03 – 2 Everdell
11:52 – 1 Dice Throne


  1. I feel like Blood of an English Man is a pretty fun 2 player game. @gaminwithjamin

  2. Currently my favorite two player game is Boop! Love all your suggestions for games. @dpari129

  3. Our favorite two player game is Duel so honorable mention for the win. We love Wingspan but have never played two player so will give it a try. @ctkoch

  4. Carcassonne for board game, It Takes Two for video game

  5. My husband and I love playing Blokus as a 2 player game


  6. Duel for my favourite game, glad it was mentioned. @aa_shank you guys are awesome! Thanks for all the suggestions

  7. Lost cities! Spent a good chunk of our honeymoon playing it πŸ˜‚@jogburn47

  8. @joe10491 Favorite 2 player game is the one that finally convinced my wife board games are fun! AZUL!!!

  9. El Dorado for our favorite 2 player board game. Such a unique board game!


  10. Ticket to Ride: London @therosebetweenthethorns

  11. My favorite 2 player game is Lost Cities, whenever my wife and I play it gets quite competitive! Would definitely recommend to anyone who wants a quick game! @aj_mastrocola

  12. My favorite two player game is Lost Cities!! πŸ™‚ @notjillian347

  13. My husband and I travel quite often so we're always looking for 2 player games that we won't get sick of and travel well. Our current favorite is Azul mini, we can play for hours! We have been really interested in trying Wingspan though. @julia_lutz01

  14. I really love Mandela, but Great Plains is also very good. But the ones I love the most are the pocket detective games, unfortunately you can only play them once since you then know the answer😣 @amy_stuurman

  15. Lol my fiance loves twilight imperium he came in the room when he heard you say it πŸ˜‚
    One of my favorite two player games is battleship. Another one my fiance and I love to play is king of Tokyo.

  16. I love Carcassonne and Hanabi for 2 players!

  17. I love all your recommendations! My wife and I are big board game players and are always looking for what's new!. My favorite game right now is The Train Game (we have the Melbourne and the New York editions). Coming in a close second now is Doomlings (only because The Train Game is new to us!). @mwemery

  18. We love Blokus, Quixx, Cat and Mouth, Q-Bitz, capture the flag, Shut the Box, Bears, card games, tiny epic Vikings, and the slap shot game

  19. Spirit Island! Even if you can play solo or up to 6. @alnav04

  20. Mastermind, is one of my favorite games. @dancing_rube

  21. This channel is gonna grow real fast. Let's go


  23. wth this channel was like 10K subs yesertday cant wait to see more games

  24. My wife and i play yahtzee and tenzie almost everyday. Dominoes is the other quick easy lunch time break game.

  25. I really want to see you guys play Ta-Da!

  26. I would love to see you guys play these games for future videos

  27. Love these videos especially the shorts you have! I would love to see scenes of how the game works when you are talking about it πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ would make it very interesting to see how the game is played

  28. I despise wingspan, it's just so boring to me! Haha but i do love plunder! Will have to try dice throne, sounds quick and easy like smash up or unmatched, always nice to have!

  29. I didnt know about Plunder, thanks for the rec, more money to spend πŸ˜€

  30. Dice Throne is fantastic! They've got a huge new Kickstarter launching in just over a week (10/17) that I'll be going all in on. Some other favorite two player games of mine are Unmatched, Radlands, Air, Land & Sea, Sobek 2 Players, Paolo Mori's Blitzkrieg!, Land vs. Sea, and The Initiative.

  31. Very few will sing the praises of the very intense Mantis Falls β€”a two player hidden role/social deduction game. How does that work, you ask? I'll leave you to discover that on your own but just know that it does work. There is a three player mode but it's basically the two player version with an inactive third player shoehorned in.

  32. B roll footage to show the actual games and gameplay would be helpful

  33. I like chess, scrabble, checkers and monopoly

  34. My All time favorite Two Player Board Game would have to be RummiKub absolutely a classic and can be played different ways back and front which way you want to play it only second to that would be scrabble

  35. I really love Dead Man Draws, if you haven't played, i really recomend it!

  36. I like your videos. I once heard a Hungarian word from Chris. I can't find where. Did I hear you right? I'm hungarian and it was good to hear 😊

  37. My absolute favorite is Rummikub, its just so much fun and great for two players.

  38. My husband and I just got Takenoko for Christmas and we love it! Adorable/pretty art style and we keep playing over and over, just the two of us and with friends.

  39. πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰β€β€β€

  40. Does the person who loses actually make dinner?

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