Top 5 Board Games | Good for 2 Players and Starting a Collection | Hobby Night's Favorites -

Top 5 Board Games | Good for 2 Players and Starting a Collection | Hobby Night’s Favorites

Hobby Night
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I’ve been playing a lot of tabletop board games recently and if you have ever watched any of my videos you know that I also collector of them, and well, that got me thinking…what are my current top 5 favorite games?

Join me in this weeks episode and find out! And then tell me about yours in the comments!


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Railroad Ink | GoB: | Amazon:

My City | GoB: currently out of stock – sorry! | Amazon:

T.I.M.E. Stories | GoB: | Amazon:

Betrayal at House on the Hill | GoB: | Amazon:

Mansions of Madness 2nd Edition | GoB: | Amazon:


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  1. PSA
    You MUST have at LEAST a kitchen table, Empty Floor and more empty space to play House on the hill.

  2. Dice Throne and Century are two of our favorites. Both are easy to learn, easy to set out and put up, and both have a beautiful aesthetic.

  3. Im just looking videos of board games and out of nowhere an aew crossover. Cool.

  4. Surprised you, as a fan of visuals, liked Railroad Ink. I felt my drawn rails with a cheapo whiteboard marker looked kinda ugly.
    I tend to love the look of tile building games but

    I gave the game a big minus for visuals compared to stuff like Carcassonne

  5. If you like minis, Flying Frog games are great. They're my favorites. I have "A Touch of Evil" 10th anniversary edition, which is so well done. I love the gothic horror aesthetic. We play it in our game group, but it's also fun solo. Our game night host has Fortune and Glory, which is very Indiana Jones feeling.

  6. I love T.I.M.E. Stories too, it's really a gorgeous game. The illustrations on the cards are fantastic. You should try Scythe, it's probably my #1 game.

  7. We play a lot of Betrayal, but the Widow's Walk expansion holds the title of "Only Expansion We Have Ever Bought, But Then Removed". Far too many of the betrayals are poorly written and you shouldn't have to get online to figure out the consensus of how the betrayal is "supposed" to work. We really do need to pick up the Legacy version at some point though. We did just finish season 2 of Pandemic and only have a few scenarios left in Gloomhaven, so this might be a good time.

  8. Betrayal at the House on the Hill is the game that convinced me that the gaming group I had joined through work was primarily a group that gathered to socialize while they played board games, and not the other way 'round. I played BatHotH several times with that group. My take is: the game is more a story that you experience than it is a game you play. I say this because the mechanics are very far removed from 'best play wins'. Very often you have little control over what happens to your character. Mansions of Madness is slightly better in that regard but still very much in the same vein.

  9. Scooby Doo is great for kids or casual gamers. We love it.

  10. YEA! I have both your #2 and #1 game already in my game cabinet. Good choices

  11. Just Love to see betrayal comes up. Love Love thia game. I want a deeeeeeluxed reprint

  12. Liked for the list idea, subbed for the clarity and production quality, shared for the Brandon Cutler shirt (which I didn't notice until about 15 minutes in).

  13. Have you tried suprerskill pinball roll and write game .I find it awsome,Also I find 7 wonders duel quite interesting as it a asymmetry game with the right combination of luck vs strategy.What would be the right balance of luck vs stretegy in a game that might interest you.

  14. I love My City but haven't play the legacy version yet. Although we did buy a second copy so we could do eight player for the endless version.

  15. 2 players:
    X-Wing (if you count miniature games)

    3 player:

    4 players:
    Imperial Assault (with app or RAIV)
    X-Wing (Epic)

    5 players:
    Imperial Assault (longer committed sessions)
    Betrayal at House on the Hill (newer players or short session)

  16. I had such high hopes for Betrayal but it really let my group down (non-legacy). I suspect we just happened to hit some of the more obtuse or confusing betrayals in the two playthroughs I've been a part of, and we didn't really know how to proceed. It was a let down after a pretty fun first-half. I think that making such a dynamic game results in really high highs and low lows.

  17. Pandemic was the first modern board I bought just from a suggestion. I was intrigued with it being a co-op game. Betrayal was the first game I researched and then bought. It will always be one of my favorites and the reason this became a hobby. Mansions is also an all time favorite. Right now Gloomhaven is probably my number one. Great video!

  18. Didn’t know you were into boardgames hardcore. I have this problem with mansions of madness 2nd Ed and you might be able to help me. I played the first scenario and the second one but I felt the game was too tedious. It’s all about going through stuff hoping you get the items and clues you need to end the game, but it’s filled with skill checks. You want to search that drawer? Roll a skill check. The monster tries to hurt you, do a skill check. Then do a sanity check. Attack? Roll dice skill check. Maybe it’s just me, but those kinds of simplistic mechanics just wear me down. Does it get better in other scenarios ?

  19. Note on KINGDOM DEATH:

    The gameplay based brown box Expansions—and Core box—are HIPS plastic. You can get other miniatures in resin, as you said, but anything gameplay based is HIPS, so it’s actually relatively durable (more than resin, less than PVC)

  20. Arboretum. So thinky, tense and tight, especially at 2 🙂

    Railroad Ink and My City are both on my love to try list.

  21. I LOVED Time Stories…but my family just couldn't deal with the sometimes 5 plus hours it took us to get through a story. But I loved the artwork, the puzzles, the mechanics.

  22. Oh no!! A subjective opinion!! What a radical concept!! LOL!!!

  23. For me, "Battletech a game of armored combat" is a great one. It is like a simulator of robot combat on tabletop. Its new miniatures are gorgeous. Rules may be intimidating in text format, so "Battletech fan" channel made a visual guide.
    Buy the book "Mechwarrior destiny" and you have an RPG to play with this tabletop game.
    If a player does not have good imagination, Battletech fan also has videos with instructions on how to install old PC Mechwarrior games (mechwarriors are the pilots of Battletech robots). Everything you need to follow the instructions of the videos is in the description of the videos. If you feel graphics are dated, just think you are piloting a miniature on a diorama. Gameplay is awesome.

  24. I just suscribed,greetings from MÉXICO

  25. I thought that coffin sized black box was just a stand for the other games!

  26. You don't need to focus on the meta-story in Time Stories, it's awful and ends with buy more games, which is akin to not ending in my opinion.

  27. Both Disney and marvel villainous, here to slay, happy little dinosaurs, and recently funded Kickstarter so I haven’t played this one yet but very much looking forward to Hero’s of Barcadia

  28. I came to your video because I was looking for fun games to play with my friends/family. We typically play catan, mariokart monopoly, or ticket to ride. Can you suggest a few games for either 2 or 4 players that might help transition us to some of these more advanced games?

  29. unfair is the best game i ever played and i play a lot of games

  30. Hello, can I use the electronic banking cards and key pad with the original monopoly board game?

    (I'm new to board game and very interested)

    1) what are the must have expansion for this game.

    2)If I buy 2 or more expansion how does it all works together_

    like for example do I only add 1 expansion at a time on a single playthrough then remove the corresponding "add-ons" of that expansion at the end of gameplay and then add the "add-ons" of the new expansion pack

    Or I can just add as many add-ons as I want in a single player

  32. 1. Train games are fun, but dated, as in, "What's a train?"
    2. If you like "My City" you might try "Princes of Florence."
    3. Nothing like "Time Stories" on the market. Kudos to the developer for thinking outside the box.
    4. Betrayal is great, but I like the Baldur's Gate version better. It has more cooperative quests to fit with the D&D party concept.
    "One Deck Dungeon" is also available as a computer game on Steam. That's how I play.
    "Root"… just plain awesome. It is also available on Steam.
    "Kingdom Death Monster" Never played. Guess I add it to my list.
    1. Unfortunately, I bought the first edition which had… problems. Having bought the original, I couldn't justify buying it again. Also, Betrayal fills the same need for me.

    One of my favorites and game I teach people to play as a first game: "Jump Drive" If you haven't played "Jump Drive," drop what you're doing and immediately go to your local game store and buy it. It will be $25 well spent. It's a card game and takes about 15 minutes to play. You can teach someone to play in one game. When you play the second game, and you will, you cover strategy. At the end of the second game, you can give the new player their diploma and congratulate them on graduation. They will likely beat you the next game if they haven't already. Now, this is the insidious part. This is the gateway game for three other games. You'll bring out "Roll for the Galaxy" next. After a few games of that, you'll introduce them to "Race for the Galaxy." Then, when they think it can't get any better, pull out "New Frontiers" and blow their minds. Yes, everything they learned in the previous games helps teach them to play "New Frontiers." Each game builds on the mechanics from the previous games. You can also find "Roll" and "Race" as computer games on Steam. "Hey Steam, where's my New Frontiers?" 😉

  33. Oh yeah, this video caused me to subscribe. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  34. If you enjoy replayability and beautiful esthetics you should try Alice is missing. It's one of my top 5 my others are Harry Potter Battle at Hogwarts, Onitama, Tiny epic Quest, and Hero Realm.

  35. I have your top 2 picks in my own game library. Would love to be able actually play Betrayal more and I have all of the Betrayal games.

  36. I am going to work on getting my D&D minis for the Temple of Elemental Evil painted up.

  37. My City : Manifest Your Destiny. As an American Indian, don't think I'll get that one, lol.

  38. Unmatched by restoration games is fantastic as well

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