Top 5 BEST 2-player Games on NES -

Top 5 BEST 2-player Games on NES

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Video games are often best shared with others. The NES had several two-player games to share in on the fun. Here are my top 5 favorite 2-player simultaneous games for NES.

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  1. So glad GOTG got a nod from you John!!

    That's awesome!! And it's awesome that you got them to do a guest spot!!

    Much love!!

  2. man now I want some little debbie cakes and cereal

  3. Double Dragon 2. Not sure if it was one of the best, but I think it's where I learned the word "simultaneous."

  4. I did not know River City was 2 player. I guess this should have been called, "Great 2 player games you forgot about"

  5. Jackal is fantastic. My girl and I love TMNT 2&3 and Dr. Mario. We play Smb, but we have to ro sham bo for Luigi.

  6. I 100% agree about River City Ransom. The power-ups, the food, the weapons, just an amazing game all around.

  7. Nekketsu street basket ganbare dunk heroes is one of my favorite co-op games on NES.

  8. Snow Brothers / Krazy Kreatures / Tengen Tetris

  9. LOVED this video. If you want someone to add input for your upcoming Gameboy collection videos, I'm totally up for it though! GB is my favorite console to talk about 😁

  10. Found your channel pretty recently. Love how wholesome it is. Keep it up.

  11. It was always Double Dragon 2 and Bomberman for my cousins and I

  12. Some good ones on this list. Missed a couple I would have included. No mention of doctor mario? I know it’s not co op but it’s by far the most fun nes game 2 player

  13. Just off of the top of my head , for me and my older brother , Contra , Nintendo's Ice Hockey , The Original Mario Brothers and Ikari Warriors were the " go to " for us .

  14. Hard to argue with this list, all great games. I will say that I'm a bigger fan of Manhattan Project than TMNT2. Double Dragon 2 also springs to mind, and of course Contra. For competitive play, Tecmo Bowl and Tecmo World Wrestling were always a good time.

  15. I'm hoping to see Skulls and Crossbones and maybe Mystical Ninja!!

  16. Ohhhh LiL Debbie & pEEps , dOn'T gO tHeRe wiTh yA BoY . . . . . . . . :- ]

  17. A few other fun two player games that come to mind: Life Force, Legendary Wings, Double Dragon II: The Revenge, and sports games like Pro Wrestling, Bases Loaded, Blades of Steel, and Double Dribble.

  18. Silkworm is a great shooter where one player gets a helicopter and the other gets a jeep.

  19. Battletoads and Double Dragon.
    Legendary Wings
    Twin Bee
    Double Dribble

  20. TMNT II: The Arcade Game, TMNT III: The Manhattan Project, Double Dragon 2, Contra, River City Ransom.

  21. Call me crazy, but I think you can just hit start on player 2 if player 1 has enough lives right before the final boss dies on bubble bobble on the nes for the good ending.

  22. Good list, Jackal was so much fun with my bro. However, one of my favorites was playing Mickey Mousecapade with my lil sister, that was her only game she had until she got an XBOX lol.

  23. 1-River City Ransom
    2-micro machines
    4-eliminator boat duel
    5-bubble bobble

  24. Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers! That was my favorite 2 player game!

  25. I also liked Stinger as a 2 player game. It was just such a weird game!

  26. WOW! Cowboy kid. Sucker for that game.

  27. My best buddy and I always marathoned Ikari Warriors. ABBA to continue non-stop but we never beat it! One of us always got stuck somewhere near the end. Hours wasted countless times!

  28. I always loved Jackal back in the day… of the first games I beat. Exceptional 1 and 2 player game.

  29. Another fun filled informative video! This was a great topic, I am always looking for ideas for 2 player games to play with my kids.

  30. Bubble Bobble I can get on board with John. It was the 4th NES game I ever got.

  31. CONTRA number 1
    Double dragon 2 number 2
    TMNT 2 number 3
    Bouble Bobble number 4
    Chip and dale number 5

  32. That was a hell of a top 5. Excellent choices. I've discovered Jackal only last year and omg, how did I not play this back in the day? I also love the way you put a guest to pick something up in every top 5, they always bring a nice personal take to your channel. I wonder when you will call up Trav, the NES Friend, it would be great. Cheers!

  33. River City Ransom should be on here if it's not.

  34. Favourite food in River City Ransom? Mondo Burger and a smile, for me.

  35. Can you send me some Cosmic Brownies? Also, have you considered touching on ROMHacks? Many NES games have 2 player modes thanks to hacks including Zelda 2, Super Mario Bros, Final Fantasy 3 & New Ghostbusters 2 to name a few of our most played . Also love playng HeroQuest

  36. Loved bubble bobble – lots of great memories. Jackal was another great one as well but never played with a second player.

  37. Great lists! I was gonna ask where Jackal was but the Gaming Off the Grid guys knows what's up haha, it's one of my favorite NES games. Shoutout to TMNT3 and Battletoads (Contra goes without saying but I guess I'm saying and you did too haha).

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