Top 5 BEST 2-player Games on NES -

Top 5 BEST 2-player Games on NES

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Video games are often best shared with others. The NES had several two-player games to share in on the fun. Here are my top 5 favorite 2-player simultaneous games for NES.

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  1. Spy vs Spy is probably my favorite 2-play versus game on NES. I think it's overlooked, super fun to play with a friend (or enemy).

  2. The Top 3 for me would be:
    1. Monster in my Pocket
    2. Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers
    3. Snake Rattle 'n' Roll

  3. I'm sure River City Randsom must have inspired GTA and Bully. I have River City Girls and River City Brawl on my ps4 and they are great, especially River City Girls, which reminds me a lot of South Park Stick of Truth with how it just looks like a toon (like Panty and Stockings with Garner Belt – by Gainax of Evagelion and FLCL fame). I would highly recommend these games which are playable online too.
    Super Off Road was fun because more people would play that just like they would play with a rc truck set up too – it's just more accessible to others and fun for people whom drive so there was more chances to play with others compared to something like River City Ransom

  4. I have been trying to get my husband to play some co op games so this is a great list to start with. We are playing river city girls currently.

  5. Tecmo Super Bowl should have been there.

  6. It’s Chip & Dale for me. So much fun to play together.

  7. "Even" a couple of your sisters ? C'mon now, John Riggs Here!

  8. What?! No Skykid? So easy to pick up and play with friends, but impossible to put down.

  9. Absolutely love River City Ransom. I also really loved Thundercade as a kid. I believe it was an arcade top down shooter with motorcycles, but my neighbor and I used to play a ton of it.

  10. Balloon fight? Bro. Nes is a monster when it comes to co-op, and you pick balloon fight? In roasting you in good spirits, man. Thanks for the video ✌️

  11. NES play action football, contra, battletoads, double dragon

  12. When I was a kid me and my friends were doing speed runs on contra before there were speed runs.

  13. 5:00 I would have to agree here on this one. Hits home.
    Oh the good old simple days.

  14. 5:40 I literally almost ruined my laptop, I laughed so hard!!!
    Macho Man Randy Savage!!!

  15. It’s was similar to angry video game nerd

  16. Here are my favs:

    Bubble bobble


    Battle toads

    Dr Mario


  17. Lol I wanted to be mad at the advert ; but I’ll believe it’s an endorsement . 🥸 keep having fun

  18. I would have had Double Dragon and Contra in my list. By the time TMNT the arcade game came out for NES, i had already moved on to SNES.

    Was Battletoads on NES not a 2-player game?

    Totally agree with River City Ransom at #1 and Bubble Bobble being on the list.

  19. I would spend hours daily at my cousins house next door playing basewars, arch-rivals and tecmo super bowl. So many fond memories of those games.

  20. My bro and i played a lot of Jackal.
    DD and Contra as well.

  21. Jackal is my all time favorite NES game. Gaming off the Grid is a great channel! Good stuff Mr. Riggs.

  22. Of course Bubble Bobble. I love that game so much. So glad you know about the door to the true end and tougher boss. I watched the arcade review of this and it's apparently completely different, which I didn't know. Haven't watched the whole video yet but I have to mention the kickass homebrew Micro Mages. Man, is it ever good for couch/garage coop.

    Edit: @ 5:22 I paused again. I'm guessing Contra for #1.

  23. I remember renting Guerilla War a lot to play multiplayer.

  24. I'm guessing River City Ransom, was I right?

  25. My tops
    Tmnt 2
    Ice climbers
    Ice hockey
    Balloon fight
    BATTLE CITY my ultimate favourite

  26. Crash and the boyz street challenge?!
    Double dragon?!

  27. Double Dragon II…what a gem…those knees to the face and uppercuts and spinning kicks…although we had great fun with the OG, non super, Mario Bros as well with my buddies…

  28. My 3 younger brothers and I played the heck out of and are all terrible nostalgic for River City Ransom.

  29. Cabal was one i always loved playing with my brothers

  30. Double Strike was a lowkey fun two-player unlicensed gem.

  31. I’d like to see a video about the NES games using the four player adapters, the Fourscore and Satellite. It was toward the end of the NES life cycle, but some of those games really kept the system in use even after the Genesis and SNES debuted.

  32. I'm with you on River City Ransom. Great game 1 or 2 players.

  33. I know it’s not super popular or anything but if you snag a buddy, Trog is great 2 player action. Especially when you’re both working together and not just immediately trying to get into the exit because you’re waiting for the warps to possibly open up (in the pits that open up)

  34. I didn't know about little Debbie cereal. Thanks for sharing that important info.

  35. Jackal is so sick, my friends and I kept trying for most of a year in college to go back and finish some NES games. Jackal was one of the ones that too quite awhile but everyone was always down to play it again and again. Grew up with TMNT 3 and Double dragon 2 as well and both were great 2-player games.

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