Top 30 best PC splitscreen games -

Top 30 best PC splitscreen games

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Best splitscreen PC games (local multiplayer/couch coop). List below!

30. Split Second: Velocity –
29. Orbit Outlaws –
28. It Came From Space And Ate Our Brains –
27. Ride 2 –
26. Farm Together –
25. DiRT 3 –
24. Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed –
23. Kane And Lynch: Dead Men –
22. Road Redemption –
21. The Escapist 2 –
20. Serious Sam 3 BFE –
19. LEGO Movie 2 Video Game –
18. Rocket League –
17. COD Black Ops III –
16. Portal 2 –
15. Claybook –
14. Outwards –
13. Cosmo’s Quickstop –
12. Human Fall Flat –
11. Gears Of War 4 –
10. LEGO Lord Of The Rings –
9. DiRT Showdown –
8. Resident Evil 6 –
7. A Way Out –
6. Divinity: Original Sin –
5. Call Of Duty WW2 –
4. Darksiders Genesis –
3. DiRT 5 –
2. Gears 5 –
1. It Takes Two –

After uploading this video, i realised that i forgot about Rock Of Ages (1 & 2) – another great splitscreen PC game –

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  1. it pisses me off how companies make games split screen on the console version and not on the PC!

    like, if you can manage making call of duty or whatever doing split screen should be easy

    so why not?

    at least cod bo3 got it but it should come standard

  2. you should have just wrote "litterally every lego game" in a section of this video instead of individually

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  4. Bro how to change specialist for 2nd player in cod bo3?

  5. Having a new tv and looking for local coop games to play with friends with the pc. Thanks so much for this content and the best 100 local other video

  6. Do you have a video like this for Xbox series x?

  7. Thank you so much for the top, these games with split-screen are soo hard to find in the current days.

  8. Are these functional with 2 controllers? Went by steams filter of splitscreen. Half them only allow one controller which after spending 100 bucks for the wifey and I to play on our massive TV. Sad hunt

  9. You´re the man fr, not many ppl out these days who helps ogs out w those couch splitscreen games. appreciate it

  10. Clearly playing split screen games… alone

    So sad

  11. Is it possible to play from the same screen in both cod black ops series?
    can you answer fast?

  12. I can’t believe gears 5 doesn’t have horde split screen on pc but it does on any Xbox. How does that make any sense. Even back 4 blood doesn’t have split screen on pc.

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  14. i was confused about downloading racing or fps or adventure games you cleared everything to me thank you very much

  15. Some games should be other….like resident evil 6 should be 5…and think kane & lynch 2 good enough for list…and what is with rock of ages?

  16. El Cod ww2 en PC no se puede jugar splitscreen. Solo PS y xbox

  17. Can you tell me which game that can be played with only 1 keyboard compatibility for player 1 and player 2?

  18. I cannot get Dirt 5 split screen running. Can you guide me ?

  19. I really hope games don’t stop using split screen on PC. Some people might say it’s weird or the screen isn’t big enough. But bro didn’t anyone play with a way smaller TV back in the day. Other might say oh it wouldn’t work well, again how can a console work perfectly fine but now your telling me a PC will have trouble running split screen lol

  20. kane and lyach : death man is a computer so can it be played with only 1 computer

  21. gears 5 isnt splitscreen on pc. ONLY xbox versions. found this out the hard way.

  22. Bro can you tell me which game is like a way out but can be played in split screen i mean story based game

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