Top 25 Survival Games to Play with Friends | Co-op Survival PC Games -

Top 25 Survival Games to Play with Friends | Co-op Survival PC Games

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0:00 Citadel: Forged with Fire
0:14 Project Winter
0:48 Eco
1:40 Scum
2:24 Conan Exiles
3:03 Terraria
3:43 Starbound
4:23 Don’t Starve Together
5:20 State of Decay 2
6:03 Raft
6:42 ARK: Survival Evolved
7:23 Rust
7:59 Green Hell
8:47 Empyrion – Galactic Survival
9:31 Grounded
11:02 Volcanoids
11:42 Minecraft
12:27 Hurtworld
12:53 Dayz
13:32 Satisfactory
14:09 7 Days to Die
15:21 Unturned
16:13 Project Zomboid
16:57 V Rising
17:29 Sons Of The Forest


  1. Thx for mentioning Ark but's it's not co-op it is multiplayer like Minecraft. Co-op means only a few players can join a server as in less than eight people. Ark allows 70 players with connected maps so it can go even higher still. Multiplayer means a lot of people on a server all at once. But thx for mentioning Ark !!! 🦕🦖

  2. Давно на импортном языке запиздели?

  3. Пошли на хуй я Русский я на не понятном языке не понимаю отписка диз

  4. почему видео на англ.языке стали выпускать?

  5. Worth mentioning that State of Decay 2 has co-op option but it is "pop-in" kind of co-op,. You cant play whole game (campaign) together but your friends can join your sessions to help you out with missions with their own survivors that they have created in their own single player game. Progress only goes to host but your friends can still get loot (and get killed = perma death)

  6. I wished the forest and sons of the forest were cross play

  7. Scum: Intended for those who've already mastered real life.

  8. Bro said this game cool mechanics like slavery

  9. The reason why its called 7 days to die is because the infection takes you 7 days to die.

  10. there is not zombies in Rust. There is modded servers with zombies but do not expect that from official.

  11. Steffan's voice is the best on Natural Reader👊

  12. As someone who played Official Ark servers since console release, I can say it has come along way. I can’t even to begin to explain how time consuming it was and still is but somewhat better. It has its own politics, it’s honestly like living another life. Dinos take real life days just to hatch/gestate and weeks to raise having you wake up every two real life hours to feed/imprint on your baby (it’s not 8hrs). I could spend days talking about the encounters I’ve had with random people and the literal wars that happen. It has given me ptsd 😂 most people are toxic as hell. The game is good but beware. Conan is dead but if your character is female you can have your titties out 😂

  13. Unturned was the bomb 🤌 used to watch paulsoarsjr play that

  14. This is one of the worst vids I’ve seen in a while

  15. As a black person, slavery mechanics are indeed really cool! I just make sure they’re white

  16. why do i feel like u just recommended 25 random games? and not something that is really worth playing?

  17. Hurtworld is completely dead, and it has been for a long time

  18. why do i still see minecraft in these lists… people wtch these to find new games and minecraft is known by everybody….

  19. Scum: where the urge to shit is stronger than the adrenaline telling you to survive

  20. I absolutely can not stand AI voices narrating things in YouTube videos. It's worse than having no person talking at all.

  21. We have some incredible technology now and we still get games looked like they are mafe by children

  22. State of Decay 2 Co-op is THE WORST IMPLEMENTATION OF CO-OP EVER. don't get it if you want to play with friends

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