Top 25 PS4 CO-OP Games to Play with Family & Friends -

Top 25 PS4 CO-OP Games to Play with Family & Friends

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We rank the best COOP games released for the PlayStation 4. These are the best couch multiplayer to play with friends and family.
Complete ranking of all co-op PS4 games

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  1. On top of the games on the video, what other PS4 CO-OPs do you recommend? And why? Comment with most upvotes gets a Steam surprise!Looking for more? Complete list of all PS4 Coop games at

  2. Where the f did fortnite, apex, and cod Go

  3. Great list to help me round up some coop games to play w my kids, appreciated

  4. Outward is absolutely amazing co-op awesomeness!!

  5. Top 25 co-op game to play alone cause you have no friend

  6. love Whattoplay
    helped me find many games just by organizing them by genre but including lots of gems.

  7. Thanks whatoplay
    This video is very helpful for choosing co-op games
    Can I get a ❤️?

  8. I agree 100% with this list but… Outward is great too!

  9. Rocket League reads a score of 8.04 while the speaker says 8.84

  10. Been wanting to play some games with friends for a while, thanks!

  11. Thanks, been looking for a reason to get a second dual sense

  12. i cant believe that the number 1 for this list

  13. If you like Minecraft and Zombie Boxhead, try Don't Bite me bro it's free on ps4

  14. Me and my GF just beat Diablo 3 and are looking for another co-op she can get into so this video is timely

  15. Whats going on gents. Me and my good friend are looking for 2 Reliable battle buddies on ps4 to join our crew. We've had many over the years but some people you just cant get along with. We play about every night and between me and him we have approximately 600 games. I tend to stay away from Garbage games like destiny, COD, Fortnight, etc. We are both grown ass men that play good games and like to crack jokes and crap like that so if you're looking for crew to play co op/ multiplayer games with just hit me up on PSN. Timeinabottle316!

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