Top 25 FREE Single Player Games of All Time -

Top 25 FREE Single Player Games of All Time

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Looking for a free singleplayer game that doesn’t suck? We’ve got you covered with this free to download games with minimal or zero microtransactions.
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0:00 INTRO
0:11 Cloud Climber
1:21 Path of Exile
2:05 Deltarune Chapters 1 and 2
2:59 Genshin Impact
3:52 Dr. Langeskov, The Tiger, and The Terribly Cursed Emerald: A WhirlWind Heist
4:34 Helltaker
5:06 Cry of Fear
5:37 Zero-k
6:19 Barkley: Shut up and Jam Gaiden
7:04 Shrine 2
7:35 Himno
8:10 Matilda Castilla
8:51 No One Lives Forever 1 and 2
9:35 If on a Winter’s Night, Four travelers
10:04 Doki Doki Literature Club
10:40 Space Funeral
11:09 Loria
11:41 Sonic Robo Blast 2
12:24 Spelunky Classic
13:02 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Rescue-palooza
13:34 La Mulana
14:19 The Dark Mod
14:59 Another Metroid 2 Remake AKA AM2R
15:39 Cave Story


  1. I love the Thief franchise so much that I can say the same for the Dark Mod as well.

  2. I love how NOLF is basically piracy… but No One Cares Forever! XD

  3. DC Universe Online was the best free game I have ever played. You need to be online to play but it is awesome for real.

  4. Just beat metroid dread and holy shit am I jonesing for more 2d sidescrolling metroid action. Going to check out #4

  5. i just pull out my old 8 bit console out and play some old cartridges that i saved and stole from my friends in school and its still fun, and those Famicom KUNIO KUN games are still fun to play if u got the English dubbed ones 😍

  6. 1) Masterpiece indie games and visual novels which are free and not many know of.

    Respect for giving first place to Cave Story 👍

  7. that moment when indie game is much more better than all the AAA games

  8. Sometimes I wish you guys would mention what platforms they're on but great video 🙂

  9. all single player games are free 🏴‍☠️

  10. One you should really cover is Blade & Soul

  11. that is a terrible list of games. Shitty, low budget indie games SHOULD be free

  12. the pokemon games u can play with emulators are pretty god as well

  13. you can play path of exile in solo but it gets harded and harded and its also veryy ahrd and complexe

  14. I'm sad I never see Iji in videos like this. I very highly recommend that game. It's free and it's a sidescroller with quite a bit of depth. It has a good story and fun combat. I'm not even a fan of sidescrollers, but I've sunk so much time and so many playthroughs into this game.
    At first glance, you might be put off by the art style, but it grows on you and kind of becomes endearing in a way.
    And the music is fantastic.
    I can't recommend enough!
    Thanks for your video <3

  15. Abdullah Amer عبد الله عامر says:

    you forget god of war

  16. – Little Fighters 2
    awesome fighting/brawler? game me and my friends spent a lot of time on

    – Liero
    kinda like worms but realtime instead of turned based and with cool pixelated graphics.
    Another gem of my childhood

  17. Lmaooo my sponsor block flagged Genshin Impact part as an ad

  18. Oh man I completely forgot about maldita castilla. It brings so much nostalgia. Thanks dude!

  19. Call me crazy, but realm of the mad god is an absolute masterpiece that I have poured way too much time into

  20. The guy who programs undefeated is on Twitter and shows all the technical detail and insides on how it runs. Great guy!

  21. Is DC UNIVERSE ONLINE still a thing? I liked that game

  22. is Dwarf Fortress a joke? and THAT unpopuar?

  23. i love that genshin is on here. I recently started playing genshin just outta curiosity and i really thought id hit a wall at one point where id have to spend money but nope, havent needed to spend a single dime in all my time of playing and the gameplay doesnt even encourage you to do so either! all the content in the gam can seemingly be cleared with 4 stars that you get and you dont even need any of the 5 stars for anything. really good experience so far

  24. Wasted my time, most of these games are not for me.

  25. Hahaha MATILDA Castilla!!!!
    i laugh my ass off

  26. You know the list is worth watching when u don't see a single battle Royale
    Tired of seeing fortnite and apex legends like everyone already knows give us something new
    Perfect video

  27. Fun fact: mobile games have better free games.

  28. I’m still playing that PS4 game called Let It Die, Grundy as hey but with pretty good rouge like

  29. Any game can be free if you know where to look 😉

  30. Pokemon uranium was another fan game that turned out as an excellent throwback to classic pokemon games. it did get pulled, but i'm sure it can still be found.

  31. just throwing it out there pinball star is on the Microsoft pc store for free

  32. Katawa-Shoujou (maybe misspelled)
    I came for the hentai, stayed for the legitimately good branching story.

  33. Didn't know that about NOLF 1&2, never played the first one, thanks!

  34. All of Locomalito's games are insanely good and they are almost all free. It's also called Maldita Castilla, not Matilda 😀 It means something like damned castle in Spanish 🙂

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