Top 25 Best PC CO-OP Games That You Should Play | 2022 Edition -

Top 25 Best PC CO-OP Games That You Should Play | 2022 Edition

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Sorry for the english speaking , but not sorry for not putting Genshin Impact 🙂

25 Best PC Co-op Games Early 2022 Edition

00:00 Intro
00:36 #25. Left 4 Dead 2
01:14 #24. World War Z: Aftermath
01:51 #23. Remnant from the Ashes
02:28 #22. Killing Floor 2
03:10 #21. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands
03:54 #20. Warhammer: Vermintide 2
04:34 #19. Risk of Rain 2
05:09 #18. Last Epoch
05:59 #17. Don’t Starve Together
06:40 #16. No Man’s Sky
07:21 #15. Gunfire Reborn
08:10 #14. ARK: Survival Evolved
08:48 #13. Grim Dawn
09:38 #12. Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition
10:15 #11. Ready or Not
10:51 #10. Dying Light
11:33 #9. Deep Rock Galactic
12:15 #8. Diablo 3
12:59 #7. Warframe
13:43 #6. Borderlands 3
14:22 #5. Monster Hunter World
15:04 #4. Terraria
15:48 #3. Path of Exile
16:26 #2. Divinity: Original Sin 2
17:12 #1. Destiny 2

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  1. The only few games i know have terrible gameplay clips because they barely represent what the gameplay is like.

  2. This is the best and simple video that really help me, subbed!

  3. I feel like all of these best coop games lists have been the same for the past 5 years. We need some new ones.

  4. "imagine having no friends in 2022"
    Me having no friends: ಠಿ_ಠಿ

  5. wildlands was the last good dhost recon, the people that demanded something more modern can rot in hell.

  6. I swear whoever put Genshin Impact on co op multiplayer games is a weirdo

  7. you forgot the best one – Left 4 Dead 2!

    Something that you could add is how good each game’s matchmaking is, and how easy it to find a game to join.

    If MP is dead, then it doesn’t matter how good the game is.

  8. Destiny is a trick man. It fools you into thinking you have decent aim with its auto-aim system. This makes the game feel "smooth". But when you play fps games that actually requires accuracy, it feels "clunky". That's how they get ya

  9. This list meh : eragon and the cursed crusade is way better

  10. Good list. I would add Far Cry 5 as well. One of the best co-op experiences I'd had in a while.

  11. Is that Halo 3:ODST's Jazz soundtrack in the starting ?

  12. Raft, Grounded, and Stranded Deep should be added to this list. Wife and I had a blast.

  13. If your looking for simple fun with friends check out the EDF series!

  14. Too bad destiny is such a hard cash grab that people can't afford it. Free to play my ass.

  15. Nice video. Not to much talking. Right to the point.ijs

  16. I'm pretty hype for Capcom's new coop shooter Exoprimal. It is like Warframe combined with Monster Hunter and then add some dinosaurs from Dino Crisis. The gameplay is surprisingly entertaining minus the PvP part at the end of the mission and the exosuits are well-designed (except for the Witch Doctor, I absolutely despite that one).

  17. Thanks for the timestamps. Saves us time. That's how it should be on such best list videos.

  18. I was gonna say you didn't include any moba games but then I realized co-op means "cooperation".

  19. After 6 years of playing Warframe with 3300 hours in total, i can absolutely assure you that sludge of a community makes you feel less and less interested to the multiplayer with leeching systems and toxicity. Just Do yourself a favour and avoid that game unless you have Friends to play It with

  20. Left 4 dead 2 at the bottom, and you rank Destiny 2 at the top. Whatever drugs you're on I need to sample for myself XD

  21. when the whole top 3 and almost all other ones are +5 years old come on devs make us a good new coop

  22. Where is project zomboid, stardeyvalley?

  23. Muy buenos juegos. Diablo 3 se jugó por ser Diablo, pero es pésimo. Like a tu vídeo!

  24. It’s like you didn’t even research these games that you decided to put on the list.

  25. Pov: You're desperate for a good co-op game so you start googling YouTube vids, but you've already played all the games listed…

    Guess I'll continue waiting for darktide 🫠

  26. Please tell me how you can coop in NMS? What difference does it make if you have a friend in that game?

  27. this is a great list!
    love the range from very old game like L4D, famous one like Destiny and ARPG not a lot of people know about like Grim Dawn.

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