TOP 22 NEW Upcoming SINGLE PLAYER Games of 2024 & Beyond -

TOP 22 NEW Upcoming SINGLE PLAYER Games of 2024 & Beyond

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Hey, folks! Today, I’m thrilled to present the top 22 most impressive new single-player games of 2024 & beyond for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One, Switch. You can watch it in 4K Ultra HD and 60FPS with the latest game news & updates!


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00:00 – Mass Effect 5
02:07 – Pragmata
02:55 – Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown
04:48 – Robin Hood Sherwood Builders
06:43 – Stellar Blade
09:49 – Enotria The Last Song
11:37 – Kristala
14:35 – Manor Lords
15:51 – Senua’s Saga Hellblade 2
17:31 – The Wayward Realms
19:03 – Towers of Aghasba
20:18 – Gothic 1 Remake
21:22 – Little Nightmares 3
22:32 – Black Myth Wukong
23:50 – Blade Runner 2033 Labyrinth
24:50 – Instinction
27:40 – Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail
29:38 – Rise of the Ronin
30:45 – Tales of Anturia Farathan
32:34 – Grand Theft Auto VI
33:40 – Avowed
34:35 – The Lost Wild


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  1. Your release date for Mass Effect 5 is very wrong and you need to change that.

  2. Mass Effect 5 2029… What, why are we even talking about it at this time bruh..😂😢😂

  3. If Dragon Age fail, they will close the studio, so I very fearful.

  4. Looks like FFVII Rebirth and Stellar Blade are the only two games I'm buying this year.

  5. No Dragon's Dogma, Crimson Desert, Exodus?

  6. 1. senua's saga: hellblade 2
    2. avowed
    3. flintlock: the siege of dawn
    4. the thaumaturge
    5. stalker 2: heart of chernobyl

  7. Core Decay,Global Conflagration and Tempest Rising are games i am waiting for and aren´t in this video

  8. Anybody remember DRIVER on the Original PS? I would love to see that game come back to life.

  9. The second half of the text for Stellar Blade is way off. There's no proc gen, fleet management, space traversal, or fighting rival factions for control of the galaxy. The game mostly takes place on Earth and an off-world space station.

  10. MS Andromeda was boring and woke as hell, I won't play it until someone i trust will review it. All an all, it probably will bomb.

  11. These games all of them gameplay looks dope as hell . Im pumped.. we need a ps6 for ful 60fps with ray. Parts grt cheaper dammit

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