Top 21 Nintendo Switch Couch Co-Op Games -

Top 21 Nintendo Switch Couch Co-Op Games

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For this video we are going to focus on the Top 21 best Nintendo Switch Local Co-Op games available on the Nintendo Switch as of 2020. Enjoy!

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Runner Up – Cadence of Hyrule
21. Death Squared
20. Enter the Gungeon
19. Rayman Legends
18. Wargroove
17. Lovers in Dangerous Spacetime
16. Kirby Stars Allies
15. Snipperclips
14. Arms
13. Animal Crossing
12. Resident Evil Revelations 2
11. Luigi’s Mansion 3
10. Diablo 3
9. Team Sonic Racing
9. Sonic Mania
8. Overcooked 2
7. River City Girls
6. Cuphead
5. Rocket League
4. Castle Crashers
3. Minecraft
2. Smash Ultimate
1. Mario

Top 10 local co op games Nintendo Switch


  1. I want to recommend Age of Mages for beginners 😄, for me it's so much fun even if the control is harder with joycon hahaha

  2. I remember a time when coop and pvp were 2 different types of genres. Smh

  3. PS5 has everything in place to Stay King 👑

  4. He literally couldn't decide which Mario game was best

  5. If you like beat em ups you absolutely have to play Full Metal Furies. Think Castle Crashers with more RPG elements, witty writing, and challenging puzzles. Luckily the puzzles are optional end game content if that’s not your thing.

  6. Finally some love for arcade-style games!

  7. One big one you are missing on the list is Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate. Certainly, the game has sort of a high entrance bar, but it is so fun to hunt monsters, either online or with together in person.

  8. Also a game that never gets mentioned on these lists is Salt and Sanctuary. It's a souls like 2d platformer… The art style and gore is beautifully done and the game is quite difficult. So much fun with a buddy!

  9. Drinking game: Take A Drink each time he says cooperative gameplay

  10. Animal Crossing coop gets boring very fast so it should be lower on the list.

  11. Is lovers in the dangerous spacetime online ???

  12. 9 parchmets. Best coop in switch. 🙂

  13. Would it kill the switch to make some non-cartoon games

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