Top 21 Nintendo Switch Couch Co-Op Games -

Top 21 Nintendo Switch Couch Co-Op Games

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For this video we are going to focus on the Top 21 best Nintendo Switch Local Co-Op games available on the Nintendo Switch as of 2020. Enjoy!

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Runner Up – Cadence of Hyrule
21. Death Squared
20. Enter the Gungeon
19. Rayman Legends
18. Wargroove
17. Lovers in Dangerous Spacetime
16. Kirby Stars Allies
15. Snipperclips
14. Arms
13. Animal Crossing
12. Resident Evil Revelations 2
11. Luigi’s Mansion 3
10. Diablo 3
9. Team Sonic Racing
9. Sonic Mania
8. Overcooked 2
7. River City Girls
6. Cuphead
5. Rocket League
4. Castle Crashers
3. Minecraft
2. Smash Ultimate
1. Mario

Top 10 local co op games Nintendo Switch


  1. for some of these, such as animal crossing, do i need a pro controller or another set of joy-cons for someone else to play with me? or can we both just use one joy-con?

  2. You should make more of these video I love finding new co-op games and I need more.

  3. u should have included a list of the games u r reviewing…

  4. Some additional suggestions:
    Unravel Two
    Hyrule Warriors
    Super Bomberman R

  5. How do you play Minecraft in couch co-op? If someone can tell me I'd greatly appreciate it.
    Also……Mario Odyssey is great but not that much fun couch co-op. Nobody wants to be a hat.

  6. Resident Evil Revelations 2 is REALLY overlooked… I wish there were more triple A-ish games with couch co-op available on the Switch, but unfortunately, there aren't

  7. I watched this whole 17 minute video knowing I don’t have a switch

  8. To this day I have not played rocket league. I hate racing games and I hate sport games. Put those together and voila something I truly hate.

  9. I wouldn’t have mentioned oddesy in this list. That co-op is not really good.

  10. Great list! Would also like to mention Children of Morta and Kingdom: Two Crowns.

  11. Cuphead should not be on this list, there is a way to sever learning curve that makes the game just boring. Please dont waste your money people😁

  12. Kinda want to try out smash bros…..kinda don’t want to destroy my joy cons and controllers. ☹️ It’s funny because I bought a gamecube style pro-controller as a general controller before being interested(it’s made with smash in mind), but I’ve heard switch controllers are so fragile….and I love my gamecube pro controller too much and don’t want to have to deal with joy con replacement/repair…

  13. Wulverblade is a blast in co-op. Classic brawler gameplay with Celts vs Romans!

  14. Lol im sorry but mario odyssey's and ACNH's co-op is garbage😭

  15. CAT QUEST 2! How can it not be on this list? Open world, rpg, lots of puzzles and side quests, magic spells, lots of loot, plus you play as a super cute dog and cat, exploring cat and dog world.

  16. Donkey kong is one of the very best!

  17. Some games I didn't even think of. Will be trying these. Thanks for the vid.

  18. Cool list! I just got a switch to play with my girl.

  19. The stretchers is a very fun cooperative little game

  20. Play with someone else or Play alone?
    *Pulls noodle

  21. Roof rage is a really fun fighter that often gets overlooked.

  22. Wait how come Mortal Kombat 11 is not on the list?

  23. I was planning to buy some co op games to play with my sisters. Tried playing a co op demo game called Super Chariot… It's fun but the experience just reminded me how much I prefer playing alone.😅

  24. Nintendo has a serious 2d fetish. It’s hella annoying. I like 2d games too but there’s too damn much. I need more co op games like resident evil. Anyone have any recommendations please?

  25. Trying to find a game with a coop campaign to play with my gf so far everything has been underwhelming

  26. does anyone else think that mentioning super famous games in these types of lists is kinda cheating? Like no shit smash bros and mario kart have co op, everyone knows that. People buy those games for that reason, it's a waste of a spot to put well known games up in the list in my opinion. You should showcase games that aren't well known that are made for co op. And I am not saying this list didn't do that, but at least give the top 5 spots to less known games.

  27. Very well made video and very factual, thanks

  28. Im so pissed off about Survivalist, its not coop… its only online coop.
    So bad choice.

  29. God bless Nintendo and that they never stop making couch/party games. This should never die!

  30. Hi! Any good free coop games for play with a kids ? ( 5 and 6 years )
    Or not free but cheap becauze my credit is gone in mansion/odyssey/botw 😂
    Thanks you Guys !

  31. Children of Morta is wonderful coop experience. You should have a look.

  32. Not to be too critical but a lot of us watching these reviews are looking for cool indie games we haven't heard of, not overhyped overpriced Mario and sonic games you can find on the shelf of any Gamestop or Walmart. Could you consider finding something a little less generic for future lists? Just a thought. Cheers.

  33. Can anyone here or OP help me? I have two nintendo switches for my kids
    and they have the UNO game. They want to play co-op 2vs2 on their
    individual switches but I can never get them to join the match that was
    created together. One creates but the other console can never join the
    match. Can you make a detailed video showing how two individual switches
    can play uno either against each other or 2vs2. Not online game play
    but local wireless gameplay. Please and Thank you.

  34. Hyrule Warriors, Age of Calamity and the Sword of Ditto are great couch coop games as well.

  35. Human: fall flat although its only two players the mechanics are funny and its a puzzle solving game based around physics

  36. This is why in 2021, my xbox is collecting dust.

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