Top 20 Nintendo Switch Co-op / Local Multiplayer Games - 2021 Edition -

Top 20 Nintendo Switch Co-op / Local Multiplayer Games – 2021 Edition

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We run down the top 20 local multiplayer games on the Nintendo switch, 2021 edition.

0:00 Intro
1:37 #20 – WWE 2K Battlegrounds
2:34 #19 – Wrestledunk Sports
3:41 #18 – Retromania Wrestling
5:11 #17 – Nickelodeon Kart Racers
6:11 #16 – Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania
7:35 #15 – Embr
8:44 #14 – Gang Beasts
9:32 #13 – Unspottable
10:29 #12 – Stickfight The Game
11:24 #11 – Super Mario 3D World + Browsers Fury
12:30 #10 – Hot Wheels Unleashed
13:28 #9 -Boomerang Fu
14:34 #8 – KinghtSquad 2
15:35 #7 – Nikelodeon All Stars Brawl
16:32 #6 – Mario Golf Super Rush
17:45 #5 – Warioware Get It Together
19:18 #4 – Overccooked All You Can Eat
20:40 #3 – Cruis’n Blast
22:00 #2 – Jackbox Party Pack 7
23:09 #1 – Mario Party Superstars

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  1. Quick question does Co Op mean that you can use to separate joy cons ???

  2. Thanks for the list! Boomerang Fu has been the game of the year in my house.
    On Mario Golf Super Rush – can you play 4 player super rush mode locally if you have two switches?

  3. Great list man yea boomerang FU was a hit with the rest of the house! Thanks!

  4. Thanks for Boomerang, I didn't know that one. you are mentionning Embr but it seems there is no local play. What a damn

  5. halo, i'm newbie in nintendo switch,

    i'm looking for games to play with my son using the existing joycons or joycon + Pro controller.

    how do we know which games can be played using the existing joycons or using separate controller / another switch ?

    Thank you very much

  6. I thought gangbest was 29 Dollars aslo boomerang Fu and stick fight is the best

  7. The whole Ori franchise is underrated.

  8. Can i play with others in another city? With the nintendo switch?

  9. Thank you for this list! It's so refreshing not to see the same tired games over and over again on these lists! I've actually never heard of a few of these so i will def be checking them out.

  10. Its more nice if you try to reply with comments

  11. Nice list, you showed me a few new ones that look great that no one else seems to be covering.

  12. This is an amazing list. So many games I haven’t seen on other lists. Thanks for digging in!

  13. this list is one of the bests I've ever seen, I'm glad I clicked on your video

  14. Thank you so much for the list, refreshed my mind of the memories i had as a kid when i played the older version of these games. Will try these out soon myself! Presentation was great.

  15. Some other fun co-op games:
    – rayman legends
    – trine
    – marooners (like mario party)
    – super bomberman 2
    – moving out
    – water melon party
    – genetic disaster
    – quest hunter
    – castle crasher remastered
    – big crown showdown

  16. nice list! lookin forward to these games on my switch

  17. Have you done a top 4 player game of all time? Not just the ones that came out in the year but all 4 player games. Would be super helpful

  18. Boomerang FU : Number one go to for local multiplayer.

  19. Thanks for the list! This is for playing with my classmates!

  20. Switch severely lacks deeply customizable FPS bot matches.

  21. I run the esports and casual gaming program at the school I work in. I can tell you that I had almost all of these games prior to seeing this video. I have since added the remainder and these kids play the crap outta them. Thank you for finally posting a video about the Switch's true purpose: local couch multiplayer.

  22. dude you miss a lot of games overcooked-like

  23. My kids and I just downloaded Embr! Thanks for the awesome recommendations!

  24. thank you , good games and great effort searching for them

  25. Can you create a wrestler in the WWE Battlegrounds?

  26. What's better Super Mario Party? Or Mario Party All-stars? The guy at Target said Super Mario Party better. But the game is only so-so.

  27. Does this games need more than 1 console? Or just need extra joycon?

  28. Guys can Naruto Ultimate ninja storm series control with 1 joycon

  29. I thought we knew about all the games. Great video, great channel! Thank you so much

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