Top 20 Local Co-op & Split-screen Games on PlayStation Plus Extra & Premium -

Top 20 Local Co-op & Split-screen Games on PlayStation Plus Extra & Premium

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Are you looking for some great local co-op and split-screen games to play on your PlayStation? Look no further! In this video, we’ve compiled a list of the top 20 local co-op and split-screen games available on PlayStation Plus Extra & Premium. From classic titles to newer releases, we’ve got something for everyone. Join us as we explore the best couch co-op experiences available on PS Plus. Whether you’re playing with friends or family, these games are sure to provide hours of fun and entertainment. So grab a controller and get ready to enjoy some of the best local co-op and split-screen games available on PlayStation Plus Extra & Premium!

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  1. I love this videos, they are really helpful!!

  2. Nooooo!!! Lost planet is PS3 stream game. Fuck!

  3. Thank you for this but every time I see a video like this the games are so childish do you have something for adult gamers? I'm sure we count for over half of the gamers as a whole, world wide but these games just are basically for kids.

  4. Great content and channel in general! Recently discovered it and I am diving into its videos!
    One question, though: I see the "duration" on the top right corner card with the game's information, but it seems to have 3 different numbers. i.e.: 33-60 (71) hours. I don't fully understand how to read it. What exactly means each number on that so I can estimate how long would I take to beat the game?
    Thanks for the list!

  5. couldn't find lost planet 2 for ps5. Does it really exist?

  6. It's so beautifully written that I cannot allow myself to fastforward even though I am familiar with most of the game.

  7. WHat an under rated channel! Wish you all the success.
    Here are a few more I like to play with friends:
    Monopoly Madness
    Totally reliable delivery simulator
    Overcooked 2

  8. It takes two! Is as amazing game for couples! I recommend

  9. just found few gams that I might try thank you so much to compiling it

  10. How can you not have Earth Defense Force on this list? EDF 5 is a great co-op game!

  11. can we have a local co-op like Army of Two for ps5?

  12. How is Rayman Legends not on this list?

  13. You don’t name the games in the time stamps. Lame channel

  14. amazing content!! I love coop games

  15. This list is the best I've seen in terms of coop

  16. Some underrated picks not listed that enjoyed are
    We are Here Expedition: Friendship (free on ps store)

    Borderlands 3

    Enter the gungeon


    Call of duty series for zombies and the arcade mode.

  17. It is a pretty solid list. I would add Knack 2 in the top 3.

  18. we want co-op split screen games your most game are online games. shit!

  19. Unfortunatly not many good split screen games these days. Hazelight studios we need more 🙏

  20. how to play trine 4 local co op? I didn't find the option.

  21. Great recommendation. Can you list 20 PS5 version CO Op games please? I'm hooked on Adaptive trigger, and haptic feedback features, unfortunately PS4 like gameplay doesn't feel right anymore

  22. A way out was good also , need more split screen co-op games

  23. This was put together very well and professionally

  24. I have added Trine 4 and 5 (had no idea 5 was released), Darksiders Genesis and The Ascent to my collection. Sony should thank you all for it 😀

  25. A way out is my all time top 5, also the capcom beat it up

  26. You forgot call of duty cold war zombies: outbreak! Such an awesome game were you can play split screen in different open world maps

  27. If you want a beautiful mmorpg, non birds eye view, good graphics, survival game. You should try out Outward.

  28. The EDF GAMES! (Earth Defence Force) You cant miss them they are the great! Try them out, it's one of the best local coop I ever played!

  29. How to Survive its funny to play? Because me and my mother we search a game to have fun,we love horror

  30. So happy to see alienation right up the top. It’s one of my wife and I’s favourite games. Then, The Ascent!

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