TOP 20 BEST Co-op Games for PC -

TOP 20 BEST Co-op Games for PC

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So you want to play some coop game with your friends or relatives and don’t know what to play?

Or maybe you want to couch coop with some of your friends when they can come over to your house again!

Check this list out because we rank the best 20 co-op games to play on PC right now!

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The games featured in this video in order are:

20-Knights and Bikes
18-Pit People
17-Heave Ho
16-Project Winter
15-Gunfire Reborn
14-We Were Here Together
12-Human: Fall Flat
11-Deep Rock Galactic
10-Among Us
8-Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes
7-Don’t Starve Together
6-Enter the Gungeon
3-Overcooked 2
2-Risk of Rain 2
1-A Way Out

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Games in the video:
00:00 Knights and Bikes
01:54 Brothers A Tale of Two Sons
02:44 Pit People
03:34 Heave Ho
04:55 Project Winter
05:53 Gunfire Reborn
06:47 We Were Here Together
07:38 Factorio
08:20 Human: Fall Flat
08:59 Deep Rock Galactic
09:49 Among Us
10:26 PAYDAY 2
11:20 Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes
12:29 Don’t Starve Together
13:06 Enter the Gungeon
14:04 Satisfactory
14:50 Cuphead
15:27 Overcooked 2
16:15 Risk of Rain 2
16:41 A Way Out


  1. But among us is like really watered down town of salem

  2. what is the name of song/ track which u put on a way out video

  3. can anyone point me in the direction of the song used for satisfactory?

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