Top 2 Player Games of 2018 -

Top 2 Player Games of 2018

The Dice Tower
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Tom Vasel takes a look at his favorite two player games of 2018, live!

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  1. "Would you play Star Realms multiplayer…?" Yes. Would and have many times. It works great!

  2. I know Zee did the review for Kero, but I'm wondering if Tom got to play that one. Hurrican games are very underrated 2-player games (imo)

  3. Tom You now that the edge is from the designer of Nueroshima Hex?

  4. I agree about the building miniatures. In this day and age there is no need for it.

  5. I haven't played it yet, not sure where you can buy it but I think I might like Enchanters: Overlords. People probably forgot about this game because of Keyforge and Lightseekers.

  6. Games Workshop miniatures are WAY better than Awaken Realms or CMON. And I just got my sundrop pledge of Nemesis today. I think the miniatures are great and the paint job is great, but comparing them to GW stuff even…5+ years ago is a bit ridiculous. GW detail is far, far better. But yes, you pay for that detail by having to have sprues instead of single mold.

  7. Interesting…I was just looking researching 2 player games last night

  8. You were thinking of crystal clans for plaid hat games.

  9. 10: cake duel
    9: guardians
    8: greedy kingdoms
    7: lost cities rivals
    6: haven
    5: dice throne
    4: keyforge
    3: drop it
    2:: the edge
    1: shards of infinity

  10. 10. Cake duel
    9. Guardians
    8. Greedy Kingdoms
    7. Lost Cities Rivals
    6. Haven
    5. Dice throne
    4. Keyforge
    3. Drop it
    2. Edge dawn fall
    1. Shards of infinity


  11. Hello, can anyone share the link where Sam and Tom play Haven?

  12. Anyone else doing this list. This one makes me pretty well say shoot me now, but that's true a lot. I guess I should check and see what rahdo thought this year.

  13. Me thinks that Mr. Tom is spending too much time playing kiddie games … there are, actually, some very good choices which suit 2-players with deeper, meatier content … like Reef, for example.

  14. I wish Tom will make a list of games with a higher player count that play well with 2 players not just 2 player games. I know he mentioned a few. Example Dice Forge and Dinosaur Island (not sure if these games are 2018) may not be at best with 2 players but they are fun with 2. Either way good job with the content DT!

  15. I agree with the number one, which I think is way better than star realms.

  16. Orange and purple do go great together. Go Clemson tigers!!!!!!

  17. Tom, I do understand that you (or anyone else, for that matter) can't have a proper opinion on games you haven't played.

    Still, your list seems to have left out some strong 2p contenders. I think doing the top 10s with you, Sam, and Zee helps mitigate that problem, but those are longer.

    Is there a way to include games that you didn't play but that had a lot of hype, or perhaps make a separate video of games from 2018 that you wish you'd gotten to play? I think that might be helpful.

  18. if you have a 3d printer, do yourself a favor and make yourself a copy of Tank Chess (Forsage games). I was pleasantly surprised to find a streamlined 2 player Tank Battle game with a 1 page rulebook.

  19. Duelosaur Island Missed out, or did it come out too late in the year?

  20. Keyforge is probably the worst card game I've played in years and a plain rip off, worse than a common trading card game.

  21. Where is ZEE? Isn't this a Zee list?

  22. Would you consider having Sam and Zee give their own top 10 games for 2 ? There are so many confrontational and cards there that I tried and did not enjoy. I thought maybe Sam and Zee would have more coop and euro options.

  23. What the heck is knife fight in a phone booth 😛

  24. Could you guys please make a top ten educational card games list?

  25. Summoner wars from PHG is still very good… After like 10+ years

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