Top 15 Xbox Series & Xbox One Co-Op Games | 2021 -

Top 15 Xbox Series & Xbox One Co-Op Games | 2021

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For this week I focus on the Top 15 BEST Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One Cooperative Games. These are some of the most fun games to play with a friend on the Xbox as of 2021. Enjoy!

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  1. It takes two and a way out, best game ever in couch co-op category, and cuphead is really tough 😁

  2. Because of your video, I downloaded It Takes Two for my boys when I bought an Xbox Series X… Best local coop game I have ever played!! Thanks man.

  3. How it takes two and a way out are both on xbox game pass/ ea access not even a year after launch is mind blowing

  4. A Way Out, Unravel 2 and It Takes Two are 3 of the best games I've played! I really hope they bring put more games like it takes 2, love the tiny people in a bit world!!

  5. me and my brother always fight to play so i diceded to look for some splitscren game
    away out we always play
    and it takes too best games

    thanks for your help

  6. My favorite 2 player game is star wars battlefront

  7. Remnant from the ashes is one game I love 3 player co op.

  8. me and my friend just beat “a way out” and “it takes two” by far the best co-op games

  9. Bro l love Xbox games like they are just awesome all of them

  10. Excellent video, you deserve more attention for sure!

  11. Surprised to see you here on the weekend but it's nice

  12. I didn’t know Kalimba but then it hasn’t gone on sale In 4 years? Why? 😂

  13. Can't agree with you more about Diablo 3. To this me and my youngest daughter play this game couch co-op.

  14. Guardian Heroes! Hey you put Portal 2 here 🤫

  15. In your next best games of Game Pass please include "Last Stop" absolute masterpiece a must play

  16. "It takes to" is my Game of the year ! Must Must Play !!! 🔥 haven't so much fun in a game than this 😀

  17. "It takes two" is a master piece.. awesome in deed. I will buy "a way out" too just to see if it is as good as "it takes two"

  18. Monster hunter world on the xbox one is terrible the fist time i booted the game i thought my tv had melted os something


  20. I found the game play in a way out clunky tbh. It takes two was so much better and shows a ton of growth by hazelight.

  21. I'm really surprised that he didn't mention Phantasy Star Online 2 and PSO2: New Genesis.


  22. Rocket League: "I hit the ball!" **Celebration!!!! 😆😂🤣🤪😜🤨👏😎🐱‍👤

  23. Just beat it takes two with my fiancé this weekend. It was sooooo good!!! It doesn’t seem any other co op will compare! 😭 trying a way out next

  24. None of these really hitting the spot tbh. Anyone got suggestions for a 3 stack? We’ve burnt out of siege and dayz and are looking for something to get really invested in as a team.

  25. What about division? Lol you forgot It? A way out Is terrible really, and Sot After introduction of season pass Is too easy and ruined.

  26. You don’t distinguish between local co-op (it takes two, cuphead) and online only co-op (sea of thieves, journey to the savage planet) and you should.

  27. where's the master piece know as DEEP ROCK GALACTIC

  28. "A way out" was a game i really enjoyed. i played it with my brother and what made the game better was how the characters personality's were like me and my brother.

  29. This vedios misleading.. I thought it was split screen and not online

  30. I played "Outward". It is fabulous. Still trying to find this kind of split screen/local co-op game.

  31. Can you redo this list with Xbox Exclusives? I'm looking to buy an Xbox and I watched this list only to be disappointed pretty much most of these games are on the Nintendo Switch.

  32. It takes two I played with my friend and omg it was the best experience I’ve had with my friend, I really recommend it!

  33. Can you move your edits of the titles to the top of the video? The captions are in the way but i need the captions to understand what you're saying.

  34. They got rid of making a lot of 2 player games because….hey gotta keep social distancing 😏

  35. Me and my friend completed it takes two and it was so cool

  36. I broke 3 controllers while playing cuphead 😅😭🤬

  37. World war z is a blast with friends , playing co op defeating hordes of zeke's

  38. Can’t forget castle crashers, thats the og co-op game

  39. I mean, they're pretty standard for Xbox, but if you're going to do a top 15 co op list (by the way, online multiplayer isn't co op) leaving out Ray Man, Terraria and Minecraft seems bizarre.

  40. Need more couch local co-op game list.
    Have 2 kids and would like them to play 2 player games.

  41. Would’ve been nice to only have couch co-op list vs mixing with online co-op.

  42. strees of rage is changed name to bare knuckle

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