TOP 15 Xbox Game Pass Co-Op Games -

TOP 15 Xbox Game Pass Co-Op Games

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So you want to play some coop game with your friends or relatives and don’t know what to play?

Or maybe you want to couch coop with some of your friends when they can come over to your house again!

Check this list out because we rank the best 15 co-op games to play on Xbox Game Pass right now!

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The games featured in this video in order are:
Sea of Thieves
Moving Out
Overcooked! 2
Deep Rock Galactic
Human Fall Flat
Drake Hollow
For The King
Monster Hunter World
A Way Out
Darksiders Genesis
Wargroove Double Trouble
Unravel Two
Tetris Effect: Connected

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Games in this video:
00:00 Grounded
01:12 Sea of Thieves
02:11 Moving Out
03:06 Overcooked! 2
03:53 Deep Rock Galactic
04:36 Human Fall Flat
05:50 Drake Hollow
06:52 For The King
07:44 Monster Hunter World
08:45 A Way Out
09:40 Darksiders Genesis
10:51 Astroneer
12:42 Wargroove Double Trouble
13:22 Unravel Two
14:18 Tetris Effect: Connected


  1. Any game that should be in this list?

  2. Excellent video, firstly I like Grounded, secondly Unravel Two, and thirdly Tetris Effect 💪😎

  3. This is not a Co-op game but a really good single player campaign game

    I grew up playing Pokémon games on my Nintendo, CrossCode reminds me so much of those days. You don’t even have to know what I’m talking about and just play it blindly and get the same reaction that I’m getting while playing it but it’s like it’s so much like Pokémon but also not. It’s campaign is also the longest campaign I’ve seen on a game. Really recommend it.
    Edit: When I mean by the storyline is like Pokémon I’m talking about the actual story not how the game plays, totally different.

  4. What’s the name of the song played when unravel was on 😂😭 it was dope

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