Top 15 BEST Xbox One Co-op Games -

Top 15 BEST Xbox One Co-op Games

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For this week I focus on the Top 15 BEST Xbox One Cooperative Games. These are some of the most fun games to play with a friend on the Xbox one as of 2020. Enjoy!

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Runner Up – Destiny 2
15. Team Sonic Racing
14. Borderlands Handsome Collection
13. Moving Out
12. Divinity Original Sin 2
11. Monster Hunter World
10. Cuphead
9. Rocket League
8. A Way Out
7. Portal 2
6. Overcooked
5. Sea of Thieves
4. Minecraft Dungeons
4. Diablo 3
3. Streets of Rage 4
2. Gears 5
1. Halo The Masterchief Collection


  1. Im amazed how Gears 5 includes Split screen 3 players in the same couch … That's incredible by the times today!!!

  2. hey man, let's play some games together!! J team ownz

  3. Have you ever tried Brothers a tale of two sons? (I haven't) Heard it's some good co-op, same creators from A Way Out

  4. Cuphead sequel announcement at this E3?…..Already expecting Halo Infinite gameplay, Fable reboot trailer, Perfect dark reboot teaser, New Forza, Hellblade II new trailer.

  5. Why is cuphead not on game pass? It is exclusive

  6. I really dig the Co Op events that Overwatch sometimes has. Really helps me improve my aim.

    I also really enjoyed Dragon Age Inquisitions MP.

  7. No deep rock galactic or red dead redemption 2?

  8. I really enjoy Towerfall Ascension as a Coop title. The levels are really fun and additionally it has a really fun vs. mode.

  9. State of decay should have been on the list

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