Top 100 Best Local Multiplayer PC Games ≤2020 (My ranking) / Splitscreen games / One PC / LOCAL COOP -

Top 100 Best Local Multiplayer PC Games ≤2020 (My ranking) / Splitscreen games / One PC / LOCAL COOP

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Games here are nominated and sorted only by our personal preferences!

Here is a games list:
Beat Hazard 2 *** 1-4 Players
Must Dash Amigos *** 1-4 Players
Save Your Nuts *** 1-8 Players
Fury Unleashed *** 1-2 Players
Asterix & Obelix XXL 3 – The Crystal Menhir *** 1-2 Players
Super Tennis Blast *** 1-4 Players
8-Bit Commando *** 1-2 Players
Crawl *** 1-4 Players
Last Encounter *** 1-4 Players
Shipped *** 1-8 Players
HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed *** 1-4 Players
Out of Space *** 1-4 Players
Antigraviator *** 1-2 Players
Magicka 2 *** 1-4 Players
Galacide *** 1-4 Players
F1 Race Stars *** 1-4 Players
The First Templar *** 1-2 Players
Regular Human Basketball *** 1-2 Players
Castle Crashers *** 1-4 Players
Human Fall Flat *** 1-2 Players
Manual Samuel *** 1-2 Players
Square Brawl *** 1-4 Players
STAB STAB STAB! *** 1-8 Players
Guacamelee! 2 *** 1-4 Players
Rayman Legends *** 1-4 Players
Redout: Enhanced Edition *** 1-2 Players
Dimension Drive *** 1-2 Players
Nation Red *** 1-4 Players
Rampage Knights *** 1-2 Players
Ugh! *** 1-2 Players
Sky Force Reloaded *** 1-2 Players
ShellShock Live *** 1-8 Players
Splatter – Zombie Apocalypse *** 1-2 Players
Mowin’ & Throwin’ *** 1-4 Players
Cuphead *** 1-2 Players
Pressure Overdrive *** 1-2 Players
Mortal Kombat X *** 1-4 Players
Rock of Ages 2: Bigger & Boulder™ *** 1-2 Players
GeneRally *** 1-6 Players
Trials Fusion *** 1-4 Players
Hacktag *** 1-2 Players
BlazeRush *** 1-4 Players
Yet Another Zombie Defense HD *** 1-2 Players
Virtua Tennis 2009 *** 1-4 Players
Trackmania® Turbo *** 1-4 Players
Stardust Galaxy Warriors: Stellar Climax *** 1-4 Players
Mindball Play *** 1-4 Players
Frontline Zed *** 1-2 Players
Ball Grabbers *** 1-2 Players
39 Days to Mars *** 1-2 Players
Rocket League *** 1-4 Players
Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna) *** 1-2 Players
Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons *** 1-2 Players
The Golf Club™ 2019 featuring PGA TOUR *** 1-2 Players
Gauntlet Slayer Edition *** 1-4 Players
Tumblestone *** 1-4 Players
Double Dragon: Neon *** 1-2 Players
Yakuza 0 *** 1-2 Players
Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed *** 1-4 Players
Super Blood Hockey *** 1-4 Players
Meow Motors *** 1-4 Players
Distance *** 1-4 Players
Crawlers and Brawlers *** 1-4 Players
Kingdom Two Crowns *** 1-2 Players
FlatOut 4: Total Insanity *** 1-8 Players
Bud Spencer & Terence Hill – Slaps And Beans *** 1-2 Players
Mount Your Friends *** 1-4 Players
GRIP: Combat Racing *** 1-4 Players
Brawlhalla *** 1-8 Players
Tooth and Tail *** 1-4 Players
Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime *** 1-4 Players
Divinity: Original Sin 2 – Definitive Edition *** 1-4 Players
Nidhogg *** 1-2 Players
WRC 8 FIA World Rally Championship *** 1-2 Players
Ultimate Chicken Horse *** 1-4 Players
Tricky Towers *** 1-4 Players
Dungeon Defenders *** 1-4 Players
Vikings – Wolves of Midgard *** 1-2 Players
ibb & obb *** 1-2 Players
A Way Out *** 1-2 Players
PixelJunk™ Shooter Ultimate *** 1-2 Players
Stick Fight: The Game *** 1-4 Players
Portal 2 *** 1-2 Players
Disc Jam *** 1-4 Players
Golf It! *** 1-2 Players
Tesla vs Lovecraft *** 1-4 Players
Serious Sam’s Bogus Detour *** 1-4 Players
Left 4 Dead 2 *** 1-2 Players
Broforce *** 1-4 Players
Gears of War 4 *** 1-2 Players
Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken *** 1-2 Players
Super Motherload *** 1-4 Players
Gang Beasts *** 1-4 Players
London 2012 *** 1-4 Players
Overcooked 2 *** 1-4 Players
Road Redemption *** 1-4 Players
Nine Parchments *** 1-4 Players
Crimsonland *** 1-4 Players
Worms series *** 1-2 Players
Trine series *** 1-3 Players



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  1. Hi and welcome, this is my personal list of the best local multiplayer PC games.If you have tips for good local multiplayer PC games, tell me the name of your favorite game in the comments. Your game can also be on a Local Gaming Channel.
    And thanks to everyone who shares this video on social networks.

  2. What about for the switch please we need that , Nintendo needs to hire you

  3. Grid is on Humble Choice now. There is a referal link in video desc.

  4. Crawl has a great premise, but visually it's too noisy.

  5. I'm surprised Black Ops 3 isn't on this list. Maybe you and others don't know, but it does have splitscreen and a ton of zombie/multiplayer maps. 14 zombie maps to be exact! Quite a few classic maps fully remade as well. Giving a visually fresh slightly different take on the oldies. Maybe we'll see it on your list in the future? Hope this possible news excites anyone who is a zombies fan.

  6. I really like your channel, happy new year 2020 :)). Can you make a video about Turn-based Local Multiplayer game ?

    I already know a few games but want to find more because I like this genre. Turn-based games local multiplayer i already know: Yugioh legacy, Armello, Antihero, Monopoly plus, Talisman, Acsension, PureChess…

  7. Hey, I noticed that your recording have really good quality. What are you using to record?

  8. Great vid, thanks guys found some gems in here!

  9. Hell YEAH! This is one awesome list of games, most of which I own and a lot of which we play when it's party games night 😀
    Some of these I had no idea about, so really glad I watched this, especially since I have another party game night this weekend! 😀

    I'm gonna do a bit of a shameless plug if you don't mind (if you do, feel free to remove the comment or I'll delete it).
    But I released the alpha demo for my local multiplayer 8 player party game recently.

    It's currently offline only, however works with Parsec, and there's 6 mini-games in the demo,
    but soon I'll add another mini-game, and will do that every 3 weeks until there are 10-11 mini-games.

    For anybody interested, here's a link to the Steam page.

  10. 1st magicka is better then the 2nd 1
    also can we get a best local coop of all time list? cause alot of these i would never play

  11. Is there any point to playing Rayman in co-op? It seems like the players simply goes through the levels together without interacting. Seems like a side-by-side doubel solo experience to me, or am I missing something / does it get more interesting?

  12. Resident Evil 5 (mod), Resident Evil 6, Blur, Serious Sam 3: BFE, PES 2020, COD Black Ops 3, Gears of War 5, Lara Croft Guarian/Temple etc…

  13. Great video. Found some games to try out with my son. As far as know – this one's the largest video on youtube on this subject. Do you have one for LAN co-op games?

  14. Gang beast is local multiplayer games

  15. My absolute favorite right now is Unravel Two. Try it our. It's wonderful.

  16. I see you love local gaming on PC, so I strongly recommend you to check out "Universal Split Screen". It allows to use 2x mouse and 2x keyboard. It works on games that allows you to run 2 exe's at the same time. You have to run 2 "exe"s at half res of your screen (windowed) (if you want 4 players then 1/4) you can play almost any game in "split screen", only thing you need is 2+ "exe"s and lan support.

  17. Add Resident Evil Revelations 2 for PC

  18. great videos. subscribed and waiting for more.

  19. someone can tell games with 4 local splitscreen on pc? i dont mind download mods to play splitscree, i just want to play with my friends on same pc..

  20. Touhou Hisoutensoku
    Tohou Sky arena
    Gatling gears

  21. best option for multiplayer is mame32 hahahahahaha😂😂😂

  22. Tekken > Mortal Combat


  23. Make a video with the top 100 Best Local Multiplayer PC Games ≥ 2020

  24. Dude, I appriciate the time and effort that you put into making this video. Researching, playing, learning, recording, editing and all that but…
    I just wanted to find another gem to play with my friends when we are home. I don't want to watch 30 minute long video with ALL of the games there are available.
    This list could be much much smaller. And where are the sports game like Pro Evolution Soccer (Fifa and NBA) that are tottaly AAA games with local multi palyer.
    And why not include emulators? There are some very very fun games to play on Nintendo 64, NES, GameCube etc…

  25. hello, its a bit late but, i want to play a local coop game 2 player with my friend, i tried a lot of games and enjoyed most of them. And i am searching for a game that is not party game (i mean select level, complete level, enjoy etc), i am searching for an adventure game that i can make progress in it. for example i will try magicka 1. my first question is: Which games can i play like magicka ? my second question is: I want to try Nine Parchments but i learnt that is has some problems and bugs and it can be boring, is that true? thanks for reading. I really like your videos.

  26. I'm surprised that chicken invaders isnt here

  27. please where can i get antigraviator?

  28. Nice job saving best for last, Worms Armageddon!

  29. Hi sir can i ask something?, "The Best Local Games In Ps3"
    Is just i dont find games for that because is old ;^;

  30. Hypercharge unboxed was a really good find thank you, anymore recomendations of similar games?

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