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Top 10 Two Player Only Board Games

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Join us as we countdown our top ten 2 player only board games.


  1. Hey BG Bollocks, what are your thoughts on Twilight Struggle?

  2. Hive is an amazing game, glad to see it on this list! …even if it doesn’t have a board ;D If you owned a copy of Hive why the f*#k would you want to play Chess!? Undaunted, again yes!7 Wonders Draw, Yes!Great list!I bought the Pocket Hive version, and enjoyed it so much that I bought another set. This second set I plan to drill the backs out of, so I can install magnets into them, that way we can play it on the Fridge! Going to get one of the expansion sets and cut down a white and black piece so that I can glue them together, so it’s a blank on each side with an enclosed magnet, when you take your turn you can flip it over to let the other person know it’s now their turn.Give me and the boy something to think about while we eat our bowls of Weetos! 😀

  3. You should check out Overboss, and then make a list for 1 player board games

  4. There's a nice chess-like game called Shobu which I found very enjoyable for two players. If you don't feel like paying 40 bucks for a few rocks and pieces of wood however, you might have better luck by watching a few videos about it.

  5. There's a new game coming called Unforgiven that's suppose to be a lot like 7 Wonders Duel. I wonder if one is worth buying over the other as I'm a sucker for buying any boardgame that's shaped, and looks, like a book.

  6. one of the last honest board game channels out there

  7. We have been thinking of getting Hive for a while…should we go pocket or Carbon?

  8. The app killed Jaipur for us, the app is so good, I never play the actually game anymore

  9. This list is earily similar to mine.
    Based upon your list, you migth wanna check out Air Land & Sea if you havn't.

    Other great two player (not exclusively two player games) are Innovation, Race for the Galaxy and Star/Hero Realms.

    Another great vid. Keep it up!

  10. An excellent list most of which I have yet to play. Being a family man I tend to go with games that enjoy a player count of 4 or more. That said, I do have Star Wars Rebellion which is an epic two player game and a somewhat forced 4-player variant. But that's by the by. As a two player game it is fantastic. If you are commanding the Rebel Forces your arsehole puckers tight enough to crush a lump of coal into a diamond every time the Empire player's forces pass close by your "hidden" base. They zig instead of zag and that's it for you! Both players are getting the jitters as the clock runs down toward a Rebel win. The Empire player is crapping it over the lack of turns they have remaining to examine all those space baubles, while the Rebel player is running out of unexamined planets that hides their whereabouts. Like boil washing your undies to the size of a postage stamp, the Rebel player is starting to feel increasingly exposed with less and less to hide behind.

  11. Ever played the pantheon expansion for Duel yourself? I think it's absolutely fantastic, there's a case to suggest it's the preferable way play.

    Also wondering if you've played twilight struggle before and just not a fan? Played that for the first time the other day. Bloody brilliant.

  12. Undaunted has been on the list for a while, haven't come across a copy here yet. We just had 7 Wonders Duel arrive in the post yesterday oddly, so really looking forward to giving that a go soon.

  13. Yep, bang on mate. 7 Wonders is our favorite 2 too. The rulebook is a fkin mess tho.

  14. Some people are saying the new unforgiven game is better than 7 wonders duel.

  15. Akrotiri, Onitama, Famiglia, Patchwork, Arena Roma II, Thunder & Lightning, Lost Cities, Medici vs Strozzi, Agamemnon, Jaipur, Yinsh, Tides of Madness, The Blood of an Englishman, Rivals for Catan, Tzaar, Hanamikoji, Battle Line, Wir Sind Das Wolk!, Morels, RRR (the one printed in Italy), Hive Carbon (+ the Pillbug)… we have and love all of these games.
    We still have to try 7 Wonders.

    Your list is great. Thank you for this video!.

  16. I just posted my 2-player only top 10 video a few days ago! There are several crossovers with yours, but I did pick up a few new ideas to check out from your list. I didn't include Santorini but agree that it is really best at 2.

  17. Thanks for posting this good list. No real quarrels or omission, I might add Battle Cry to Memoir 44, Blitz Bowl and some other out and our wargames but I am up for most of these. I should revisit 7 Wonders: Duel, I had a poor experience of the multiplayer version which has (perhaps unfairly) soured me on the title.

  18. Another excellent video, I love your list vids. Cheers

  19. Was hoping you’d do a list like this at some point, some top games there and can’t argue with the number one, and Claustrophobia looks like it’s worth a look – cheers! Have you played Targi, mate? Terrific worker placement for two.

  20. Subtitles available for anyone born north of Haringey.

  21. Id add: Theseus (same as santorini, it plays more but only good at 2), Greedy Kingdoms, and Lord of the Rings Confrontation.

  22. Kahuna is great (played like 100+ times)
    Schotten Totten 2
    Undaunted Normandy

  23. Haha I love the first instant of this video, you seem totally surprised we're all watching you 😂

  24. Thanks for the list! i would love to see one for co-op games! I turn into a horrible person when I play anything non co-op

  25. The youtube algorithm brought me here and loved your style! Subscribed

  26. It's relatively new, but Mandala is fantastic if you like card games. Claim is my favorite 2p trick taker. For proper games, I'm still a big fan of Twilight Struggle.

  27. I can recommend Fields of Arle as the best 2 player game. It's so tight, elegant and with a wide range of strategies.

  28. "Chess is like being stuck in a gulag with Lionel Blair" has ended me!! Superb work.

  29. So undaunted reinforcements coming out is expansion to BOTH Normandy and North Africa with new scenarios for both, vehicles for Normandy, and loads of stuff. One thing it does is introduce a 2 vs. 2 variant and solo variant as well.

  30. subscribed, mainly because it feels like i'm being ranted at by the aggressive nutter in the pub again, and i've missed it.

  31. Great list. Saw Cash n Guns there on your shelf, would love to play that with you 😀. Would be like being in a Guy Ritchie flick 👌

  32. You cheated with Santorini so I will do the same and choose Fury of Dracula 🙂

  33. My favourite 2 player game is Letters From Whitechapel. I also like War of the ring second edition and 1875 rebellion

  34. This channel pisses all over the religious nut jobs at the Dice Tower.


  35. Not trying to stir the shite and I'm not arguing any of your choices as I've played and enjoyed many of them, but I'm surprised there's no mention of Watergate anywhere, not even in the comments. Doesn't have the legs of Duel but still a good go…. And thank you for the reviews and excellent content.

  36. Another great list. Especially agree with Undaunted and Memoir 44 – both are 2-player favorites for me as well. Cheers!

  37. Where does Wir sind das Volk rank as a two player game for you? Recently got Maria from the same publisher and absolutely love it. I know Wir sind das Volk is different but what I have read about so far sounds really promising.

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