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Top 10 Two Player Games!

The Brothers Murph
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In this list we go through our very favorite games built for just 2 players! As it is usually just us two playing, we really appreciate that there is a whole bunch of great games made just for us! What do you think of 2 player games? Put your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. Must be 2 player or a solo variant as I can't get my wife to play games often.

  2. I agree if it doesnt play 2 well i bounce,dab it on the shelf and move on to the next!

  3. Thanks for this video, your list is very near of mine, there are some more that I really like here they are : Ankh'or, King domino duel, Schotten Totten, Mr. Jack Pocket and for sure Onitama

  4. Something weird happened with your video – Hive doesn’t seem to be number one. HIVE man, HIIIIIVE!!!

  5. I love you guys. I literally smile when I see a new video and it's honestly… just great.

  6. Best two player only games for us are Jaipur, Star Wars Rebellion, 1960 The Making of a President, Star Wars the Queen's Gambit. Also honorable mention to Heroscape (which plays more, but works best at a 2 player game)

  7. It’s tough because there are so many good 2P only games. But really this is kind of a 2P small box games; we need to hear more about those big boxers, like those War of the Ring, Battlelore 2nd, etc.! Also more MTG style games like Ashes, Codex, Terrors of London, etc. 2P is a rich topic! 😃

  8. Excellent list gentlemen. I stumbled across 2 excellent 2-player games, Foothills, and Trambahn. I would add Caverna: Cave vs. Cave somewhere in there.

  9. No Akrotiri, Duelossaur Island, Carcassonne the Castle or Jaipur hmmmmmm??????? I guess you need to do a top 20 😉

  10. Totally agree with your number 1. Love Baseball Highlights 2045. I just got Football Highlights 2052 – really looking forward to trying out that one.

  11. Way up on my list: Watergate, Star trek Fleet Captains(technically 2 or 4 player but you're splitting up a 2 player game) and summoner wars. Most of the others BM said fill out the rest

  12. I have this problem with a game I'd love to play, but it's apparently not great at 2 – Western Legends. Does anyone have experience with the 2-player game? Is it worth it strictly as 2-player? I'm guessing not… But I reaaally want it to be worth it! Lol

  13. A best 2-player only games and no mention of Twilight Struggle or Star Wars Rebellion?? Blasphemy! Granted you guys clearly like lighter games, so teach their own.. but they're just too good! Play em. You'll love em. Trust.

  14. Great list! Definitely going to check out Pagodas and Naga Raja! Also, I would inclue Claim (a great two player trick taking game!) and SchottenTotten!

  15. Unmatched is a two player game. It's my #1, playing with more than two kills the game.
    Imhoptep the Duel is also a fantastic two player only game that's easily in my top 5. Lost Cities is another great one you missed.

  16. The notification for this video popped up on my phone and I was like “YASSSS BITCH!” So excited. Haven’t even watched it yet haha

  17. I think part of why two player only games have a higher success rate than variable player count game is that with a two player only game you’re always playing with the best player count.

  18. Solid list gents! Have you guys tried Keyforge? One of my fave 2 player games with oodles of tactical back and forth.

  19. Gloomhaven and Zombicide work well with 2. Escape Room games are pretty great, too. Fugitive! Getaway Driver!

  20. OMG! Hanamakoji made a Bros Top 10 List !!! I'm SOOOOoooooooo happy !!!!

  21. have been thinking of getting baseball highlights 2045 but will definitely be getting it based on what you guys said, as it sounds really thematic

  22. Thank you so much for your comments about the game of baseball! We are big fans at our house! In the words of one of the interviewees of the show Ken Burns baseball, "it's simply the greatest game ever devised." I believe most of the people who don't like it just don't know what they're looking at. Great list too!

  23. War of the worlds by grey fox is awesome A symmetric 2 player game, may not be on general release yet though

  24. Yay Baseball Highlights!!! I got the Spring Season starter box and loved it so much that I upgraded to the full box with most of the expansion. Such a great game. And I just got the Football version the other day and am excited to try that out as well.

  25. I love Pagoda!!! My wife not so much. 😕 If you live in Knoxville right now, there are a couple of Goodwills where you can’t get it for $5!!!!!

  26. Good list. Love Hanamikoji. Have you played Watergate yet? It’s great.

  27. Bought Baseball Highlights at Essen, didn't hit the table yet.

    Have you guys tried Claim? Also a nice 2 player trick taking game.

    I'm missing some nice Portal Games (I know, I'm biased):
    – Neuroshima Hex / Monolith Arena (technically can play more, but is designed for 2)
    – Stronghold 2nd Edition (and Undead now on kickstarter)
    – Tides of Time / Tides of Madness

  28. I agree if doesn’t play good with two I won’t buy it.

  29. No pictures of the actual game. Just the cover. Come on guys 😡😡😡

  30. Battlelore second edition is my favorite 2 player game. Also its on a crazy good sale at miniature market right now.

  31. Hanamikoji is truly superb. There’s also the simple addition of always removing one random card from each round that suddenly makes the numbers on those cards incertain, meaning there might only be 4 value 5 cards, or 1 value 2. This, combined with the already tough choices, makes the game truly a work of art.

    Jaipur and Santorini are another 2 of my favourites!

  32. Def in the same boat as ya'll. I need to be good at two and best at 3. I almost never play more than that.

  33. Great vid. Pagoda looks really interesting. Also, I love trick taking games and there are a bunch of 2 player trick taking games. Gorus Maximus, Nyet!, Claim and so on. Then of course there are card games making use of a standard 52 card deck such as All Fives and many more.

  34. Agreed!!! About buying games that have to play great at two-player.
    If it doesn't play well at this cout I pass on it. 👍
    And Baseball Highlights 2045 is my number 1 as well.

  35. Glad to see Hanamikoji…so good. Lost Cities is classic. The buzz on Watergate makes me think it will be there. Also, I really like Codenames Duet.

  36. Magic: The Gathering is another game that’s for 2 people only and people pretend it isn’t like Santorini.

  37. Yet another great video, thank you…thank you both!!!

  38. You need to add : Five Tribes, Jaipur, Criss Cross (with a lot of other dice games…), The Game face to face, Splendor, Claim, Star Realms, Orléans Big games : Star Wars Rebellion, Twilight Struggle, and Terraforming Mars great for 2 players …

  39. Have you guys played any of the following 2p games… Fugitive, Homes: Sherlock and Mycroft, Bottom of the Ninth, and Dice Throne? (Dice Throne can handle more, but it's really a 2p game)

  40. Where is Jaipur? That one happens to be our favorite in my house.

  41. I agree two player games, in my experience, tend to offer a higher quality of gameplay. Some of my favorite games are twilight struggle, star wars rebellion, 7 wonders duel and fields of arle. I feel when a game is built from the ground up for a 1 vs 1 situation, it really helps with the balancing problems, scaling problems (none), and interactivity, and lends towards a better quality game over all I feel.

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