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Top 10 Two Player Games!

The Brothers Murph
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In this list we go through our very favorite games built for just 2 players! As it is usually just us two playing, we really appreciate that there is a whole bunch of great games made just for us! What do you think of 2 player games? Put your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. Six Making is probably my favorite 2-player game. It's a more fun and clever chess, that plays in a small fraction of the time.

    Honorable mentions to Wurfel Bohnanza, Times Square, Street Soccer, and Revolver.

  2. What happened to Jaipur? I love that game.

  3. War of The Worlds: The New Wave is only 2 players and has a cool theme. I want to try that one.

  4. I just got the kickstarter rewards for Football Highlights 2052, with all of Baseball 2045. Have you tried Football? If so did you like it? I have only tried Baseball once but it was great fun.

  5. I feel Raptor is unbalanced. I have played it several times as both raptors and scientists and the scientists have won every time.

  6. Hey fellas, you mentioned the character packs for Hero Realms (that are excellent!). Don't know if you saw, but the Command decks for Star Realms does almost the exact same thing, giving you a hero that you play, a unique starting hand, and a few special abilities. They also add a mega ship of each color combo to add to your trade deck.

  7. Speaking of Raptor and Hanamikoji. It could be cool if you did a MGM on great games with "sensitive" themes (like collecting female slaves or hunting baby animals), and how people might relate to them.

  8. Two player is probably my most common player count, but a game being good at two is by no means a requirement. Some great two player only games for me are Combat Commander (R.I.P. Chad Jensen), Twilight Struggle, Blue Moon Legends, and Tzaar.

  9. Y'all gotta get Star Wars Rebellion and stream that hahah

  10. Some of my favorite two player games are lightweight and lend to being played multiple times back-to-back. Some favorites are:
    Jurassic Snack
    The Rose King
    The Game
    Codenames Duet
    …and then we held hands

    I also will only play Kingdomino as a two player game. I enjoy the larger grid without having to mix Queendomino into it.

  11. My local boardgame cafe has baseball highlights 2045. I've really wanted to play it, but my gf isn't interested in that theme.

  12. I agree. Games must play well with two people.

  13. I'd say 2 player games have a design advantage as the designer doesn't have to worry about balance across other player counts. No worrying about scaling issues

  14. "No Twilight Struggle because barf"? Do you just not like war games? Also Watergate is a good one. Do you have a top 10 heavy solo games list?

  15. Raptor is great, sadly it made both my 12 year old, and my 8 year old cry and run off. The stress level for them was off the charts.

  16. Apparently there is a second 7 Wonders Duel expansion on it's way.

  17. Raptor is way too easy for the hunters!

  18. Hanamikoji is so so so good. In my top 5 for sure

  19. Love the video…I would’ve liked to see examples of you guys playing the game while describing each game just to see how each game looks but thats just me nitpicking lol. You’ve definitely opened my eyes to a huge variety of games I didn’t even know existed and they sound pretty damn cool.

  20. I am totally on board with Baseball Highlights 2045! Love it. I just got Football Highlights 2052, but haven't played it yet. Love the videos, Guys. Keep it up!

  21. Great video, Fallen from watchtower games is my favorite two player game. But unfortunately the company is out of business and the game is not in print anymore . It is like playing those old pick a path books, except one player plays the dungeon lord and other plays the hero. Each player tries to win the challenges and the game. It is the best two player i own and everyone i teach loves the game . Hopefully you guys have a chance to try it.
    Thanks great video again.

  22. I love BH2045! This is so bad that my wife don't want to give this game a chance „because it's baseball…”
    Thanks for some tips, will get a closer look at some games you mentioned.

  23. Fugitive is a fabulous light bluffing game, and Santorini is a great abstract that i can't play just one game of (if only Santorini had a travel edition like Hive or Tak, i would absolutely love that)

    Edit: i also second the nominations of Knizia's Battle Line and Lost Cities, but i feel Lost Cities is the more fun of the two

  24. Shame! Shame! Wait . . . We haven't played Rebellion yet either. $%^&!

  25. Great Video. I love finding good 2 player games to play with my wife. I'm gonna have to find a copy of Raptor to try out. BTW, it was great seeing you guys on the Dice Tower Cruise. Seeing you guys and all your Exuberance and Excitement, on the Game Show on the last night was definitely a highlight of the cruise for me!

  26. I like Codenames Duet. Most of the other games I own are not 2 player specific.

  27. I literally only play with my sister! Would love to hear a top 10 newly released board games (in the past year) that are typically multiplayer but can be played 2 player 💕

  28. Naga Raja and Targi rock! It's a shame nobody ever puts Haven on any 2 player lists, though. Very underrated game.

  29. I recently came across this video and thought I must say you have to try Keyforge if you haven’t . By far easily my #1 favorite 2 player game. It’s AMAZING!! I even got my brother who hates games to play and actually enjoyed it so much he was asking to play again. ……… I also have to give it to Raptor second best!!!

  30. Thanks for the honourable mention! Awesome list guys!

  31. Pagoda sounds like 4D checkers the way you describe it. I hate checkers lol

  32. perfect for me as I only play with my husband…thanks guys

  33. This Please Note The Family Members Who Doesn't Know About

  34. Try get your hands on Spirits of the Wild, its out of print, but its damn good 2 players game
    Star Realm arts is better than Hero… Hero is just too generic unfortunately

  35. Your video gives me knowledge for my channel. I have liked it and subscribed to your channel. Hope I get your support too. Stay safe. Take care.

  36. what about 7 wonders with 2 player variant?

  37. My personal top 3 are probably 7 Wonders: Duel, Targi, and Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small

  38. Good list. I would add … Battleline Medieval, Jaipur, & Codenames Duet.

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