Top 10 Two-Player Games - with Chris and Wendy -

Top 10 Two-Player Games – with Chris and Wendy

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Chris and Wendy take a look at their Top 10 two-player games or couples game as a combined list, then talk about a few other picks that they each would have made.

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01:34 Number 10
02:24 Number 9
03:55 Number 8
05:08 Number 7
06:28 Number 6
07:36 Number 5
09:14 Number 4
11:03 Number 3
12:50 Number 2
14:54 Number 1
16:48 Wendy’s Honorable Mentions
20:17 Chris’ Honorable Mentions

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  1. I love Splendor Duel and Jaipur for datenights (I also own Targi and Blitzkrieg but havent tabled them) but my favourite 2p date night game is Carcassonne

  2. Dice Throne, Summoner Wars 2e, Unmatched, Villainous….

  3. The ones I go back to most often (for two only) would be Yinsh, Hanamikoji, Claim, Lawyer Up and Skulk Hollow. I'd say my most played at two though is Spirit Island. I think it works wonderfully as a co-op 2 player game.
    I'll have to try CO2. Need to add it to my wishlist.

  4. Top 10 modern 2 (or best at 2) player games not on the list:

    10.) Summoner Wars
    9.) Mottainai
    8.) The Castles of Burgundy
    7.) Seasons
    6.) Cthulhu Wars: Duel
    5.) Twilight Struggle
    4.) BattleCon
    3.) Race for the Galaxy
    2.) Pax Renaissance
    1.) Netrunner

  5. I love Unmatched, but Dice Throne edges it out for our favorite skirmish type game.

  6. Kingdomino!! love this game at 2. Two more favorites are Mandala and Spirits of the Wild.

  7. First games I thought of were Beer & Bread, Agricola ACBS, and Riftforce. I would add in Fields of Arle too.

  8. I'm surprised Caper didn't make your list.

  9. Have you played Paolo Mori's Caesar Seize Rome in 20 minutes? If so, how would you compare it to Blitzkrieg?

  10. Jaipur sits at number 1 for my wife and I.

    We love Patchwork, Fox and Forest, Unlock and Point Salad. I really like Onitama and Marvel United. She likes Micro Macro. Just a few not on ya'lls list.

    Great choices though, a bunch of good ones!

    Thanks, you guys are great!

  11. I'm ashamed that the Yi family did not mention one of Sam Healey's favorites and mine as well, Hanamikoji.

  12. I play mostly 2p with my Dad, and I love lists that are focused on the 2p experience. I love this list and own most of them. I'd just add a few more – Twilight Struggle, Onitama, Santorini, Spirit Island, Star Wars: Rebellion and Robison Crusoe to the list.

  13. 7×7 King Domino rocks!!!! I’m buying 2 sets so I can play it at 4 players 7×7. Other fantastic 2 player games include Star Wars Deck Builder, Star Wars Rebellion, and War of the Ring.

  14. Beer & Bread, Mandala, Great Plains, and Feast for Odin: The Norwegians expansion are moving closer to the top of my want-to-play/blind buy list.

  15. AH LCG, Marvel United, Cthulhu DMD, Mechs vs Minions, Raptor, Dice Throne, Pandemic, 7 Wonders Duel, Warhammer Underworlds, Star Realms, Flesh and Blood TCG

  16. I adore Ticket to Ride at two—it really is one of the most flexible experiences I've found in gaming. You can play it relaxed, just building routes and seeing how the points shake out; you can play it aggressively to try and block the opponent if you're feeling really competitive. It's one of our top games ever for so many reasons, and that uniquely adaptable experience is one of the reasons why. Awesome pick!

    And shout out to Great Plains, an under-loved two-player gem.

  17. I'm surprised that I share so many favorite games with the King and Queen of Beige! I was surprised to see Kingdomino rank so highly, but that 7×7 grid is the best way to play. I am curious what you both think of Kingdomino Duel. Definitely one of the better roll n write adaptations.

  18. Cute vid. Thanks.
    Ark Nova for us all the way.

  19. Caper Europe is a great 2 player only game. Wingspan and Azul at two are great as well.

  20. I love Mandala but my wife doesn't care for it. We have been playing My Island & Sunrise Lane most recently

  21. Awesome video! Great recs. Three more that my wife and I have played a ton are Wingspan, Cascadia and Azul

  22. Wow, no Onitama or Hanamikoji? Those two are in my top 10 games of all time.

  23. My wife and I love Orleans, Istanbul, Ganz Schön Clever, Mind MGMT, and Patchwork for 2 players.

  24. Great video. Wendy hit a few in her honorable mentions, but It would also be great to see an updated best at 2 video similar to the recent 3p video.

  25. Ganz Schon Clever works great with my girlfriend. I really like it at two players.

  26. Lost Cities is the best 2 player game ever made.

  27. Lost cities should be top 3 imho, war of the ring #1.

  28. So glad you guys mentioned Jaipur! I also love Caper Europe, Morels, Hive, and the Star Wars Deck Building game.

  29. heard decorum is a great communication therapy 😊🎉— 2 roommates guess each other’s preferred room decor / settings 😅

  30. The Fox in the Forest and Moving Pictures are our most played 2 player games

  31. Chris and Wendy: salt of the earth! I wish I had Chris to teach me Golem.

  32. This video got me thinking of "It's fine" vs "It's okay" If we were playing Wavelength which one is more "positive" and which one is more "negative"?

  33. Chris' voice reminds me of that of the AlternateHistoryHub guy.

  34. 7 Wonders Duel is one of my favourite games of all time. Jaipur sounds great. I'll have to see if I can find a copy ☺

  35. Watergate/ Onitama/ Tokaido Duo/ Mob big apple/ Caper/ Mr Jack 😊

  36. Thank you very much to both of you for this list! I love your reviews and lists you two do together.

    And this video for list of two player games, is so useful to me.
    You have made almost all of those games very enticing for me, and even convinced me on trying out and eventually getting for my family those that I initially intentionally ignored(ruled out).

    Thank you for all your videos. Keep working together 😊.

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