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Top 10 Two Player Games w/ Ryan & Bethany Board Games

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Check the time stamps for when I resolve the short echo issue.

Firstly I GREATLY APOLOGISE for the echo in the first 10 minutes – I didn’t realise that I was the cause of the issue because I myself couldn’t hear it. I didn’t have the sound coming out of earphones which caused an echo effect. Rest assured I corrected this issue before we got started on the meat of the list – check the time stamps for the exact start point.

What’s better than me talking about my Top 10 Two Player Games?………I suspect quite a great deal many things actually, but one of those would be having Ryan & Bethany on my channel to talk about their Top 10 Two Player Games as well AND ALSO LIVE!!

I love to support creators who don’t get enough from others. Talk about games with those who aren’t constantly spammed on Twitter or Twitch and build up your friendly neighbourhood gaming community!

This will only be the second time I’ve hosted and done it live so………..wish me luck with the technology! I’ll add banners, use BGG for imagery and we’ll engage with you, the audience to get your thoughts and questions on the games we talk about…….and don’t!

Enjoy, leave a thumbs up, consider subscribing to this channel and theirs and above all, have fun!

00:00 – Introductions (sorry for the echo, my bad, learnt my lesson)
10:20 – #No 10’s
17:49 – #No 9’s
25:30 – #No 8’s
34:12 – #No 7’s
45:05 – #No 6’s
55:52 – #No 5’s
01:05:00 – #No 4’s
01:15:14 – #No 3’s
01:28:56 – #No 2’s
01:41:58 – #No 1’s
01:55:39 – Reflection and Honorable Mentions

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  1. Love Ryan and Bethany and I really like how the comments/questions come up and the game being talked scrolls along the bottom. AND the cut scenes! Well done.

  2. Another 2h of great content. Missed live, but watching now. Thanks.

  3. You left off the three best two player games! Mandala, air land & sea, and blitzkreig. Also the undaunted series is great but its technically a war game which narrows its player base.

  4. Unwatchable, because of the audio. So sad. I was really looking forward to this.

  5. I liked the collaboration with Boardgame ramblings. Normally I don’t like long videos (30 minutes +), because of my busy life, but I’m looking forward to watch (listen) this, while I’m walking or cooking. It’s already a thumbs up for me.

  6. You hit a lot of our favourite two player games: 7 Wonders Duel, Lost Cities, Codenames Duet, The Fox in the Forest (regular game plays great at two), Star Wars Rebellion (with expansion).
    We also love Exit games, Watergate, and Mr. Jack. I probably would've also mentioned Chess, since I'm not sure I've played any board game more than chess over the decades.

  7. Fun lists! 😀 Thanks, Luke, Ryan, and Bethany! 🙂

  8. I love Lost Cities, it is such a good game. But for me, as a pure 2p game, I still have Hero Realms pvp high high as my favourite (and it is a 2p game. I played it once 3 and another 4 and I realized it doesn't work that well)
    I'm amazed your comment on how many people never heard about Kamisado. It is an amazing 2p abstract game. I was a fan of Hive for quite a long time, but I started to get a bit bruned out of it. Fortunately, I feel like I am far far away from that for Kamisado.
    Personaly, I prefer Nova Luna to Patchwork, quite a lot. I played patchwork liek 2-3 times and I felt meh after those plays. Nova Luna I have only been able to play it once and I found it way more interesting. Caviat: I have never played the "spiritual" original one (habitats I think)

  9. Hi Luke, and Ryan and Bethany of course! Thanks for the video, another great one.

    Mandala, Glasgow and Raptor I might have added. Mandala feels like a bit of a classic game, like Lost Cities, lots of replay-ability, solid game. Glasgow is quite new, but I love the blend of tile laying and the “Patchwork” style ‘as long as you’re last you keep taking turns’ mechanic. (Not sure if that mechanic has an official name) Raptor – Double use cards, asymmetry enough said!


  10. I love the echo making it impossible to listen to and Luke 'I'm not noticing the problem' 😁

  11. I hated Fog of Love, the theme is great, rolę playing is great, would be ideal for couples but… To win you just move tracks in the right way. So you choose b not because your characters would but because it gives you points. The best example of pasted on theme.

  12. I rewound to the time back when Ryan and Bethany talk about 7 Wonders Duel and your attempt at a pokerface is awesome 😊😊

  13. Yay, Star Realms & Targi! It was really cool getting a chess player's view on Onitama as well.

  14. Luke you could do a 2 player euroish games with Rahdo, he plays with his wife. I would recommend Glasgow, Cave vs Cave, Curious Cargo, Trambahn, Akrotiri, Naga Raja, Duelosaur Island, Robin of Locksley, Foothills, Undaunted. One awesome abstract game is Shobu

  15. I think the Vikings of Autumn is in the Boys of Summer series.

  16. Great collaboration. Ryan&Bethany are fun to watch on their chanel. A long review meant you had alot of interesting discussions. Glad you had at least one crossover.

  17. This was such a fun video I was so sad when it came to an end 😂
    Love when there's little to no crossover, especially because I'm thinking of 2p only games to play with the bf and covert him to more of a gamer haha!!! So I have even more options now!!

  18. My top ten favorite 2p only games are
    Dice Throne
    Dual Powers
    Shards of Infinity
    7 Wonders Duel
    Circle the Wagons
    Tides of Madness
    Fluttering Souls
    Skulk Hollow

    I want to get so many of these cool 2p games that you mentioned but I just don't play 2p games enough.

  19. I’m sure that Jaipur would be near the top for most people. Also, especially if they ever got round to doing a design makeover of it, The Institute for Magical Arts has so much to it.

  20. Hero Realms has unique starting classes and races both of which allow you to start the game with a unique deck. They also have quests which allow you to win by completing quests rather than by taking out life points. They even added a campaign which is coop against enemy decks. Not sure how much of that made if over to Star Realms. I heard Shards of Infinity replaced both of them in some peoples collections (haven't played that one).

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