Top 10 Two Player Games of 2022 - with Zee Garcia -

Top 10 Two Player Games of 2022 – with Zee Garcia

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Zee Garcia takes a look at his top 10 games you can play with not one, not three, but two people!

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  1. No pagan? Come on guys! This game is fantastic, a true 2 player game. One player is a witch, the other is a wit h hunter. The witch tries to curse the settleme t of roanoke and the wit h hunter wants to cat h her. It has some element of social deduction on the hunters part, nice deckbulding if you get the additional cards, greatcasymmetry with the two players have their own decks nad kinds of cards and special actions. Also really thematic with great art.I can oly recomend it, my number 1 game for 20222 and that is for ALL games I played that year, not just new games!

  2. Just bought Caper Europe this week, so now I’m especially excited to get into it.

  3. I miss the summary list at the end so I could make a screenshot to check respective reviews of particular games later. Now the only way is to fast forward through it again and note games on a side, very unfriendly especially on mobile.
    Great list tho

  4. Vinyl Jukebox was a great two player game from 2022

  5. from this description alone Ragnarocks sounds a lot like it is inspired by Santorini, definitely have to check that out sometime

  6. Timestamps:

    00:48 #10 – Laniakea
    01:29 #9 – Ragnarocks
    02:32 #8 – Marvel Dice Throne
    03:30 #7 – LotR Card Game [Revised Core Set]
    04:43 #6 – Solforge Fusion
    06:20 #5 – Tokaido Duo
    07:48 #4 – Marvel Unmatched
    09:10 #3 – Mindbug
    10:29 #2 – Splendor Duel
    11:39 #1 – Caper Europe

  7. No Radlands? That’s the best game of the year!

  8. I wonder if anyone at the Dice Tower has had a chance to try Boop yet, but has become a favorite amongst my partner and I

  9. Solforge is my most played game this year. The design is just so slick and after you get a couple of boosters there is a ton of variability.

  10. It's a shame the FFG card stock is no longer top quality, but the LOTR LCG is truly wonderful. Still my fave publisher (Awaken Realms are hot on their heels), they have put out some true classics.

  11. I’m shocked not to see Sobek 2-Players on this list, but otherwise I totally agree with these picks.

  12. My wife and I really enjoy Caper Europe. One of the other games we play more than once back to back.

  13. No Sobek 2 player? That's been one of my favorite 2 player games for 2022!

  14. When I saw that Splendor Duel was #2 I was sure that Sobek 2 player would have been number one! Maybe have to check out caper more.

  15. Nice choices Zee … I would add: Mob big apple, Watergate, Mr Jack!

  16. My current favorite 2p game is Caesar! Seize Rome in 20 Minutes, which happened to be released in 2022 as well. Love the tough decisions and anxiety you feel on both your and your opponent’s turns.

  17. We have 4 crossovers (Splendor Duel, Caper:Europe, Unmatched:RR & Tokaido Duo)! ^^
    I'm very interested in Ragnarocks & Laniakea. Too bad Laniakea is such an expensive one.
    1/ Splendor Duel (10)
    2/ Caesar!: Seize Rome in 20 minutes! (9)
    3/ Tokaido Duo (8.5)
    4/ Unmatched: Battle of Legends V2 (8)
    / The two heirs (8)
    6/ Fjords (7.5)
    7/ Caper: Europe (7)
    / Unmatched: Redemption Row (7)
    / Unmatched: Hell's Kitchen (7)
    10/ Complices (6.5)
    / District noir (6.5)

    I don't have Sobek 2 player on my list since it's a 2021 game (for me and BGG), but it would have been easily in my top 3 if not (it was my favorite 2 player only game from last year :D).

  18. Great that the revised core set of LotR the Card Game is available. I always regretted not jumping in and kind of felt like I’d missed the boat. Definitely one to jump into!😊

  19. Boop was a delightful 2 player strategy that was great to play with my niece.

  20. I really want Ragnarocks but can't get hold of it at all

  21. Great list! This is alway a need for me since most of the time it’s 2 players available to play.

  22. seeing a small splash of grey hair in zee's beard, makes me feel sad and old….

  23. That's quite abit of exciting moments in there for me.. yeah
    nice presentation and good content..
    i enjoyed how you explained how some of these games core works, helps me get a feel for the game.

  24. Caesar siege Rome in 20 min is a great 2 player game and should be in top 3 along with Splendour Duel and Sobek.

  25. Saw Mind Bug when it was released on kick starter. Thought it was majorly overpriced (then with the added shipping) it was far to expensive to back. Could have bought a regular board game for the same amount. Maybe now that it's out I can get it for cheaper.

  26. have you tried Mythic Mischiefs? It is amazing!

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