Top 10 Two Player Games of 2021 - with Zee Garcia -

Top 10 Two Player Games of 2021 – with Zee Garcia

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Zee takes a look a look at his Top 10 Two Player Games of 2021!

This video was part of the Dice Tower Winter Spectacular.

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  1. We like Botanic (art & gameplay), also Great Plains.

  2. Really like Parks as a 2-Player game, it's so quick like that.

  3. The Crew: Mission Deep Sea plays great with its two-player option. I love it as a cooperative two player game.

  4. That Time You Killed Me skyrocket up my list after one play (and will stay there after multiple plays that followed).

  5. Ok I am now 💯 % sure that no one at the dice tower has even heard of Radlands. 😂
    Great video otherwise, Zee! 😊

  6. I think Arkham Horror LCG plays best at 2.

  7. Mine is MicroMacro Crime City. One of the first games to engage my wife in years – nearly finished the first box in a day! Lots of fun to be had here. Wish the theme wasn’t so graphic – doesn’t need to be and doesn’t match the art. Lots of murder and infidelity for nearly every case – but still a blast to play!

  8. Radlands looks like an amazing 2 player lane battle game that is rather simple, yet very strategic. And absolutely gorgeous art!

  9. Just got Land Vs Sea. Easy to teach hexagon tile placement game with scaling complexity. Looks great too.

  10. Nice list… my top one is Romeo and Juliet. I hope it gets soon released in the US

  11. Surprised not to see Sleeping Gods here. Great list anyways! Excited to try a few of these

  12. Great review. Art Robbery by Knizia plays well at 2.

  13. GMT Imperial Struggle, Panzer and Lock and Loaded World at War.

  14. Summoner wars second edition is one of my favorite game ever period.

  15. As an avid two-player gamer I can honestly say that Summoner Wars 2 is one of the best I've ever played. I am a huge fan of the first Summoner Wars – but this version supercedes it in every way; definitely in my top 3 two player games of all time.

  16. I would love to see this list again made to include games that came out in December, radlands, caper Europe, and unmatched vol 2. All of these games I could easily see on Zee's list

  17. I received Botanik for Christmas and Great Plains should arrive next week here in Australia (which I’ve preordered). Surprised that Land vs Sea didn’t make your list.

  18. Nice list! Great Plains, Land vs Sea, Jekyll vs Hyde and Summoner Wars are my picks.

  19. Hey Zee I'm the creator of the 2p abstract strategy game Iro that you guys covered on Crowdsurfing back in September – I'm shipping out the game to my backers soon and I'm wondering if you'd like a copy. Please let me know.

  20. I have Summoner Wars 2nd ed, but haven't had a chance to play it yet. My favorite games this year with 2 players have been Cyclades, Inis, and Raptor.

  21. Great list Zee! I’m looking up several of these games to play with my wife this winter! We already love Jekyll and Hyde.

  22. Just watched Tom saying how awesome Summoner Wars is, and now Zee…[my wallet starts crying]

  23. Jazz Paladin VGM Covers and Music Productions says:

    For two player exclusive, I personally liked Keepers of the Questar

  24. Did you manage to try Caper Europe ? Got it just for Christmas. Great game

  25. Thank you Zee. I discovered Botanik thanks to you and it has become one of our favourite games with my wife.

  26. Dice Command by Ejected Planet is an excellent 2-player game.

  27. Botanik is amazing, we've been playing all through the holidays

  28. Heard Zee mention Ankh being best at 2 enough that it's on its way to me now. Rarely steers us wrong on two player stuff. Botanik was a real sleeper hit for us.

  29. Sekigahara: unification of Japan is one of my favourite

  30. Although it's a game released in 2020, I found Glasgow to be a very interesting and fun 2-p only game. I highly recommend it!

  31. Just bought Land vs Sea. Adding A Little Wordy and Jekyll & Hyde to my wish list.

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