Top 10 Two Player Games for the NES! (Co-Op) -

Top 10 Two Player Games for the NES! (Co-Op)

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Today we’ll review the top 10 2 player games for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)


  1. This video isn't really meant for me. To me, the fake excitement/hype voice you put on to read your script just comes across as cringe and off putting. That said, good luck with your channel.

  2. The Snow Bros. were clearly originally called Dick and Tom, but changed to Dick to Nick.

  3. If you were hired for commercials back in the day you'd have made many millionaires. I'm beyond sold on trying all of these.

  4. This video would be so much more awesome to me if I had friends. 😢

  5. Double Dragon 2 not just fits well here; it also would've been notably more fitting in Top 10 NES Sequels than both Zelda 2 and Castlevania 2.

  6. Coop in my world means "constant sabotage and stealing items as me and my friend laugh like idiots while attempting to play." 😂

    Edit: personal opinion, but TMNT 3 is a vastly superior coop experience. TMNT 2 gameplay aged for the worst, being too rigid and repetitive, not a fan of using flying kicks all the time (because the normal attacks are terrible), and Manhattan Project fixed all the exact flaws it's predecessor had.

  7. I was lucky enough to have a friend who had chip and dale rescue rangers, and contra. The hours we spent playing those were awesome

  8. How many times in one video can someone say "high octane" and "your partner" go for the record!

  9. This is a great list! A few games I don’t see get mentioned often. Great work!

  10. For some reason I just recently had a dream that I was stuck in a level in Bubble Bobble. Very odd since I haven't played or consciously thought about the game in over 30 years.

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