Top 10 Strategic 2 Player Games -

Top 10 Strategic 2 Player Games

The Dice Tower
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Join us as we share our favorite strategic games from the last five years that two players can enjoy!

00:00 – Introduction
03:10 – Sam’s #10
05:11 – Tom’s #10
07:05 – Zee’s #10
09:56 – Tom’s #9
11:51 – Zee’s #9
13:44 – Sam’s #9
15:23 – Zee’s #8
17”08 – Sam’s #8
18:37 – Tom’s #8
19:48 – Zee’s #7
21:30 – Tom’s #7
22:35 – Sam’s #7
25:06 – Tom’s #6
27:29 – Sam’s #6
29:51 – Zee’s #6
31:29 – Sam’s #5
33:36 – Zee’s #5
35:21 – Tom’s #5
36:56 – Sam’s #4
38:13 – Tom’s #4
39:34 – Zee’s #4
41:10 – Tom’s #3
43:30 – Zee’s #3
44:56 – Sam’s #3
47:51 – Zee’s #2
49:50 – Sam’s #2
52:13 – Tom’s #2
54:29 – Sam’s #1
56:31 – Tom’s #1
58:32 – Zee’s #1

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  1. I agree that Feast for Odin is fantastic, but it's not specifically better with two players. Yes, like all worker placements, fewer players means less fighting for spots, but some people like that. It's the only interaction these games have.

  2. I saw 1 hour video and though, "ok … i'll just watch 10 min". I ended watching it all.

  3. Tom is right about Caverna. Even my wife likes Caverna as a 2-player. I'm amazed at how quickly we can play a game with 2 players.

  4. Nice Haunted Game Cafe hat, Zee! When are you coming back to Fort Collins for a visit?

  5. Dice Masters is money dump. Just got into it to come to find out they discontinue cards and dice. I do not like how the max number of dice you need for each card is 4 but only get 2 in the starter kits. That's a whole lot of fishing for 2 more dice. Tom probably likes it because it brings money into the shop, just like Magic has done. I gave up on Magic because of the struggle to stay current. Dice masters is a money dump for fan boys.

  6. Elysium is a sleeping gem. its 2 players variant is very good. I would LOOooove for a company to do expensions.

  7. For people trying to pronounce Ignacy Trzewiczek last name, here is guide 🙂

    You know or heird about actor Chevy Chase ? the way to say Ignacy last name is very close to that but with Check instead of Chase , now combine it into one word . CHEVY-CHECK

  8. For me and my friends, Mythic Battles Pantheon is the nr 1. 2nd is Battlelore, 3th is Warhammer Undergrounds Shadespire, 4th Scythe and 5th Bloodrage 🙂

  9. Have the rules for StarFighter been rewritten? They we awful at Essen a few years back. They just didn't work at all.

  10. I respectfully disagree with Tom’s approach. I’d imagine most people watching this list would want to know “what is a good game to play with two people?”. Not “what is a good game to play with two people that wouldn’t work with other player counts?” if it’s amazing with two I’ll play it with two; I’m not going to avoid playing it because it could also play more.
    “Hey can us two play that game?” “Oh that game is amazing two player, but it also plays three or four really well. So, no. Get out my house”

    Nonetheless, great video. Thank you for making it.

  11. I've seen Tom tired before, but never THIS tired! Omg he looks so bored! 😀

  12. I haven’t played it at a higher player count, but my wife and I enjoyed City of Iron: Second Edition quite a bit!

  13. It would be nice if you could have more images of the game as you guys are discussing it, use the tv in the background for that, just my suggestion, big fan, thanks!

  14. Tom should really play Star Wars:Rebellion with the expansions.

  15. Covert the board game is under the radar because it's hard to find/buy.

  16. First DT video that I disliked. And I haven't even watched it – only a quick view at the lists in the end. Sorry guys but this time the list in general is aweful. Multiplayer games instead of duels and games that aren't even strategies (Arkham Horror: the Card Game?) Well, every serious game needs some Strategy to win – and often is best played in 2 player mode, that is true. But the name of the list implies different sort of games. And where's Twilight Struggle? Top-1 BBG for many years, one of Tom's favourite games ( simply can't be not included.

  17. I heard of a game: team play chess 2 vs 2, and if you are a bad player and team up with a good player, he cannot help you so the game can be more balanced.

  18. 11 months later, Sam tried putting a remake of a Warhammer game on his “best of 2018” list and Tom took issue with it. Now, just take a look at Tom’s #10 on this list. 😀

  19. how in the world is twilight struggle not in any of their top 10 lists?

  20. Thank you Zee! Five Tribes is sooooo good as a 2 player game. It is a great multi player game too, but having the two pawns in the two player version makes it even more strategic.

  21. Looking for somebody who put all the tag spots for each game is didn't find it LOL

  22. Hive is the best two player. Never gets any love. The three expansions make this game amazing. Kills the brain.
    Chess is classic. Santorini is a lot of fun. Lost cities card game, patchwork, hanamikoji is quick. 7 wonder duel and five tribes as mentioned.
    Tzolkin? Troyes? Altiplano?

  23. Zee’s choice of Lyngk was spot on. This is an incredible game if you have about ten plays of experience and a solid opponent. The best GIPF.

  24. Where is the Live Star Wars rebellion between Sam and Zee😁 let’s get it made!

  25. 7th

    continent is like 300 dollars on Amazon. O.o

  26. 3:03 NUMBER 10
    3:10 Sam: High Heavens (2015)
    5:11 Tom: Thunder & Lightning (2016)
    7:04 Zee: Rum & Bones: Second Tide (2017)

    9:21 NUMBER 9
    9:55 Tom: Stronghold (2nd Ed) (2015)
    11:50 Zee: Via Nebula (2016)
    13:44 Sam: Starfighter (2015)

    15:18 NUMBER 8
    15:22 Zee: Covert (2016)
    17:07 Sam: 7 Wonders Duel (2015)
    18:36 Tom: Star Wars: Rebellion (2016)

    19:44 NUMBER 7
    19:47 Zee: Viticulture (2013)
    21:30 Tom: Fields of Arle (2014)
    22:34 Sam: Caverna: Cave vs Cave (2017)

    25:03 NUMBER 6
    25:06 Tom: 1775: Rebellion (2013)
    27:29 Sam: Specter Ops (2015)
    29:50 Zee: LYNGK (2017)

    31:23 NUMBER 5
    31:27 Sam: Hero Realms (2016)
    33:35 Zee: Arkham Horror: The Card Game (2016)
    35:21 Tom: Star Wars: Armada (2015)

    36:52 NUMBER 4
    36:56 Sam: Summoner Wars: Alliances Master Set (2014)
    38:13 Tom: A Feast for Odin (2016)
    39:33 Zee: Lewis & Clark (2013)

    41:05 NUMBER 3
    41:09 Tom: BattleLore (2nd Ed) (2013)
    43:29 Zee: Imperial Settlers (2014)
    44:55 Sam: 878 Vikings: Invasions of England (2017)

    47:46 NUMBER 2
    47:51 Zee: 7 Wonders Duel (2015)
    46:50 Sam: Star Wars: Rebellion (2016)
    52:12 Tom: Codex (2016)

    53:34 NUMBER 1
    54:27 Sam: Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire (2017)
    56:31 Tom: Dice Masters (2014-2020)
    58:31 Zee: Five Tribes (2014)

    Full Lists
    1:02:00 – Tom
    1:02:09 – Sam
    1:02:18 – Zee

  27. Anyone else gonna miss the popcorn bit? I don’t think it’ll happen with Roy or Mike.

  28. A bit of advice. You guys have a lot of energy but all the yelling at the beginning of this video caused me to turn it off before you even got started.

  29. Guys, I'm looking for a game that gives a feel of a story created with the events that happen throughout the game, based on its mechanics. I always felt computer games like heroes or civilization were the real story building games. After every game (usually long one) I always felt I created a unique story which I was even able to tell someone. I was really hoping to see here those kind of games, although I understand the "strategy" is a wide term. Anyone can recommend something for two? I guess the war of the ring or star wars rebellion would be the right choice, but as far as I know it takes a really long time to play, while 3 hours for me is rather a maximum considering my situation. Thanks for any help

  30. If there’s an Eldar faction I’d play Dice Masters with you (or even Tau faction)

  31. I hope you update this list as 2 player strategy games are one of my favorite genres

  32. Hive is my favorite. It's never mentioned on any of these lists so maybe I'm a board game noob haha

  33. so contradicting and argumentative on Ceverna… -_-

  34. These lists are so great! Super entertaining to watch and lots of great information. I would vote for more images of the games you are discussing.

  35. PLEASE can you guys do an update to this.

  36. Just watched the vid that was put out in 2014, gonna see how much has changed 🙂

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