Top 10 Split Screen Games You Should Play In 2021 With Your Girlfriend! -

Top 10 Split Screen Games You Should Play In 2021 With Your Girlfriend!

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Best local multiplayer games PS4 PC Xbox One Switch
Best Coop Games 2021 Best Split Screen Games PC PS4
Best Local Coop Games 2021 Best couch coop Games PC PS5 Xbox Series X
Gears 5 It Takes Two Minecraft Dungeons Mortal Kombat 11 Moving Out Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 Sackboy A Big Adventure Streets Of Rage 4 Super Mario 3D World The Ascent
RPG TPS ARPG Action RPG Real Time Combat Online Single player local Multiplayer Co op Versus

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In this video I show you the Top 10 local multiplayer games you should play in 2021 with your girlfriend / boyfriend and friends, most of them are available on PC, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch, I hope you find this video useful!

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0:00 Intro
0:30 It Takes Two
1:03 Mortal Kombat 11
1:27 The Ascent
2:13 Puyo Puyo Tetris 2
2:59 Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury
3:30 Sackboy A Big Adventure
4:03 Gears 5
4:40 Minecraft Dungeons
5:10 Streets Of Rage 4
5:49 Moving Out
6:11 Outro

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  1. Thanks for watching! 😜👍
    I'm gonna make a PS5 Vs Xbox Series X video next so wish me luck!

  2. The real question is how's Zlatan in goal?😂

  3. Congrats on getting married dude, wild to see where you've gone now from doing goalkeeper reviews. Keep doing you

  4. Congratulations mate 🎉 All the best to you both!

  5. Congratulations on getting married bro, all the best to both of you!

  6. Please recommend free Online adventure games for 4 people to play?

  7. "You should play mortal combat too so you can legally beat the crap out of her"
    Ah yess the trickster.

  8. Congratulations 🎊 bro. Wishing you two all the best

  9. By that last sentence from your wife I'd say she's the ONE.

  10. Nice can you pls do video how to get gf and friends

  11. Nice! I just love your blunt humor with some self irony. 😂👍 And gratz for getting married!

  12. Will goalkeeper reviews be coming back? I hope so! Fifa 22 just came out

  13. Hey, I catch'a getting that codex games hahaha. (really dont care, I do the same) excelent video, I just needed this.

  14. I still remember your first videos about FIFA and goalkeeper reviews. Do you play FIFA 22?

  15. 4:24 you can use your chainsaw to turn motherf**kers into shawarma.🤣🤣🤣

  16. Hey you think you could do a goalkeeper review for fifa 22? Really stuck on who to pick

  17. FUUUUCK mortal Kombat ….. Woke trash……I'll pass until they decide to go back to their roots

  18. Been looking for games to play with my wife, awesome video you earned the sub

  19. "Split Screen Games You Can Play With Your Girlfriend!"
    The second game: Mortal Kombat 11

  20. By the way i dont care if a game is made by 1 person or 10,000 mother fuckers. That got u a subscribe from me sir. 🤣

  21. Let's be real who here has a girlfriend or boyfriend

  22. Why isn't local co-op a category in the PlayStation store.

  23. Borderlands is also pretty damn cool !

  24. Alright games installed now for the girlfriend…

  25. Haha awesome sense of humor.
    "you can use your chainsaw to turn motherf*ckers into shawarma" made me laugh out loud.

    Wishing you the best for you and your wife.

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