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Top 10 SNES Multiplayer Games
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Time to unravel that second controller! Join as we countdown our picks for the Top 10 SNES Multiplayer Games. Suggestion Tool►► Subscribe►► Facebook►► Twitter►► Instagram►► Channel Page►►

For this list we’re ranking the Super Nintendo games based on their multiplayer appeal. We’re only looking at games that allowed for simultaneous multiplayer, so games like Super Mario World and Donkey Kong Country are sitting this one out. Time to press start.

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  1. It looks like video games were so much simpler back in the mid 90s. Hardly any of the violence of Grand Theft Autos and Mortal Kombat X and numerous modern video games.

  2. I loved Wild Guns me and my cousin played that game a lot.

  3. I wish they at least gave an honorable mention to Rock n Roll Racing. Weaponized vehicles, licensed rock tracks, and the ability to screw your friends over by inputting a password that has the fastest car in the game maxed out while putting a starting out password for your friend! Oh, and blasting each other with missiles, putting landmines on the track, and screwing with their steering with those things that force your car to turn by itself. My friends and I have A LOT of fun playing the game in ZSNES.

  4. That's messed up watchmojo, they put donkey kong country as nba jam….hmm?

  5. did not even mention Killer Instinct??? deepshit

  6. @WatchMojo No Legend of the Mystical Ninja?? That game should be at least in the honorable mentions..

  7. One of my cousins owned a copy of the SNES version of Zombies Ate My Neighbors. He was having such a hard time reaching a victim that he asked me to help out by sticking to the furthest edge of the screen so I could get the victim for him. It was a situation where getting to the victim was all the difference between advancing to the next level and a "Game Over" screen.

  8. yall missing geomons great adventure and Kirby superstar

  9. I with We were wanting all take like multiplayers make all multiplayers games video games PCS video games and plays games assure safety.

  10. Way to forget one of the best CO-OP games for the system… Wild Guns! That game is fantastic and it has such high re-play value!

  11. i wonder why there isn't kirby super star on this list

  12. There actually was a multiplayer feature in Final Fantasy III (VI). It wasn't very involved. The second player could be assigned any of the characters so he/she could control them in combat. I don't think that feature is necessarily enough to put it on this list.

  13. Forgot Battletoads because like Super Mario Kart, it ruined so many friendships XD

  14. Today we are counting down the Top Ten Super Ninetendo Entertainment System Multiplayer Games of All tIme. That is long.

  15. yes i have a sunsets riders game

  16. Rock N Roll Racing
    are also very good multiplayer games!

  17. Great games and Video.

    Thank you
    Andre 😉

  18. Im glad Tetris Attack got a little recognition.

  19. I remember playing the hell out of the snes that I would have to keep buying new controllers cuz they literally being played the fuck out. Those good old days with blisters playing hours of street fighter and well a shit ton of good games…those were the glory days

  20. sunset riders was better in arcade imo; more animations, and more players.

  21. Sunset Riders is my all time favorite SNES game

  22. Pokey and rocky was my shit! Until like the 6th stage I swear impossible from that point on

  23. to me, Secret of Mana is #1! Best Game ever on SNES!

  24. Mortal Kombat II and Super Smash TV would have deserved their own spot in this list.

  25. Super Street Fighter 2 was better than turbo.

  26. ok now you know this list is bs when Kirby superstar isn't even mention.

  27. of course mario kart is number one, it wouldn’t be a watchmojo list without mario kart as the number 1

  28. you could at least put kirby's Dream Course in honorable mentions

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