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Top 10 SNES Multiplayer Games
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Time to unravel that second controller! Join as we countdown our picks for the Top 10 SNES Multiplayer Games. Suggestion Tool►► Subscribe►► Facebook►► Twitter►► Instagram►► Channel Page►►

For this list we’re ranking the Super Nintendo games based on their multiplayer appeal. We’re only looking at games that allowed for simultaneous multiplayer, so games like Super Mario World and Donkey Kong Country are sitting this one out. Time to press start.

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  1. This is missing one of the MOST important snes multiplayer titles and that is mystical ninja by konami.

  2. OHH DISNEY MAGICAL QUEST 2 and 3 I played it!

  3. I wish all these games were on the snes classic

  4. Zombies ate neighbors best zombie game ever

  5. Legend of the mystic ninja isn't on here 🙁

  6. The box art for secret of mana is the reason i never played it, i wish i would have known it was so good back in the day.

  7. My original guess was Donkey Kong Country, but that was taken out of the list.

  8. if we are talking about back then yeah mario kart was amazing, but now that game hasn't aged well at all. wouldn't see it making into my top 10

  9. What about Donkey Kong Country? Wasn't that two players? What about Super Mario All-Stars? What about Top Gear? What about Killer Instinct? They should of had an exclusives only list where the list only included games exclusive to the SNES.

  10. If I want to look for something super specific and I always find a top 10 of it on watchmojo

  11. I love super Bomberman I was hoping it would be on the list

  12. I'm crossing my fingers for SNES games on the Nintendo Switch online service! 🙂

  13. Also, I'm feeling a wee bit weirded out because kirby super star isn't one of them. :/

  14. WHat's all this with games ending friendships? :')

  15. Suoer Star Wars? Super Empire Strikes Back? Super Return Of The Jeri? The Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past? Super Metroid? Breath Of Fire? The Illusion of Gaia? Mortal Kombat?

  16. I like the music that was playing during this

  17. I totally forgot about "Zombies Ate My Neighbours". I loved that game! 😀 And "Secret of Mana" should've totally been much higher on the list. (T_T)

  18. Solid list. All the runner ups were better than goof troop though

  19. So many good games not on this list Jesus…….

  20. Brawl brothers, mystical Ninja, killer instinct, ghoul Patrol, lord of the rings, final fight , fatal fury need I say more?

  21. tiny toon adventures – wacky sports challenge

  22. Sunset freaking riders? over SoM or Kirby Superstar? lmao pathetic mojo

  23. Super bomber man 3 is better if you live in PAL territory

  24. Street Fighter II, which I played to death and was the first game I ever owned, got lame as soon as Mortal Kombat came out where I lived and among my friends. When Mortal Kombat II came out, it was done. Still, I agree with the spot in the list, and it revived the arcade industry and inspired many fighting games including the MK franchise.

  25. SF2T, TMNT, Secret of Mana, Zombies ate my neighbor… I bet all of those are on the list.

  26. Zombies ate my neighbors.. Omg those days 😂😂😘

  27. Where is megamanx you fucking asshple

  28. What about final fight 1-3, F zero, war of the gems, MK 2-3?

  29. Tetris Attack not in the top10, be-bye my trust in this list.

  30. Maybe an unpopular opinion? Wild Guns > Sunset Riders

  31. Just bought Sunset Riders for the Switch, great game to bring back arcade nostalgia

  32. Turtles In Time should be on the Switch, if yes Kawa Bunga!

  33. the producer of goof troop wen on to produce resident evil

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