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Top 10 Simultaneous 2-Player NES Games – Video Game Bunker

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Zero delves into his memories to count down his top 10 simultaneous 2-player NES games. Which ones made the cut, and which is number 1? The answer may surprise you.


  1. If you put Battletoads on this list, I'm outta here

  2. At first, I thought your number one was ridiculous. But, after your explanation, I actually now agree with you full heartily. Great top five man!

  3. Retromancers — Retro Game Let's Plays and Reviews says:

    Nice; I've had fun playing most of these games, but I don't think I ever played Marble Madness 2P – seems pretty cool!

  4. I am sorry if I am ignorance but what is this 'Cataclysm' on the internet or such about?

    (P.S. Like the quality in the videos. Well done good sir :3)

  5. double dragon comes to mind, but fuck that shit – gyromite FTW!!!! best music too.

  6. Great vid- Most of these 2 player games were co-op. What 2 player simultaneous games were released where you played against your opponent? i.e. street fighter style…?? I'd love to get some…

  7. Clu-Clu land, followed by Battle Chess.

  8. Thanks for making this list. I got an NES for Christmas and I generally prefer multiplayer to single player on older games. This vid introduced me to a few that maybe I wouldn't have even known about before.


  10. Gyromite as a two-player game = MIND FUCKING BLOWN!!! OMG, I never realized… amazing!

  11. Dude, you totally forgot about "Snow Bros"!  The best 2 player game for NES!

  12. I think I played balloon fight more than any other NES game

  13. The River City Ransom for Gameboy Advanced is way better than the NES version.

  14. Wow no teenage mutant ninja turtles the arcade game????????? How?

  15. Mario Bros? TMNT II: The Arcade Game? Ice Hockey? Jackal? Stinger? Guerilla War?

  16. Great list, u did your homework!!! BIG TIME!!!

  17. cabal, battle city, tmnt 2/3, kage, hikari 3, double dragon 2, Life force, ice climber, xybots…

  18. IS this a top ten or a "let's whine" video?

  19. it got better for me… kids and I game together from ps4 to swtor to the nes contra……I love my kids!!!!

  20. Great list !!
    Bought a few these carts recently to play with my son and nephews; in the same room, on a couch, sharing controller time, without having to download/update anything, or wait for anything to load, or ensure the system is connected to the net.., etc.. I digress 😀 lol.. we are having a blast!

  21. 14:03 Uuh.. i love playing medic in TF2, it's actually a lot of fun, one might even argue it can be even more fun than a lot of other classes. Depending on how you play you can either buff a friend constantly, be the responsible medic that takes care of his entire team or you can go completely nuts with your Blutsauger or Crusader's Crossbow

  22. It's still a stupid reason, but the reason why many NES games didn't allow the second player to pause was because on the Famicom, (The Original Japanese NES) had two hardwired controllers, and the second one had no start or select buttons.

  23. Thank you for a well-thought-out analysis of 2 player-istic fun.

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