Top 10 Sega Genesis Two-Player Co-op Games - Retro Bird -

Top 10 Sega Genesis Two-Player Co-op Games – Retro Bird

Retro Bird
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I count down my personal list of the top 10 co-op games you can play with a friend on the Sega Genesis. These are some of the best games that you can play multiplayer cooperatively with Two (2) Players.

Top 10 Sega Genesis Two-Player Co-op Games to Play With a Friend / Top Ten Mega Drive Co-op Games / Cooperative Games / top 16-bit co-op games

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  1. I own Toejam and Earl and for some reason I can’t get into it. I’d probably add Chaos Engine and General Chaos to my list 🙂

    Also, one of my friends is an anti-hogger, for some reason he likes to view others play and rarely plays himself (he does play when he’s alone though)!

  2. RB is a complete gem of a human being. I love this channel.

  3. NO WAY!?! HYPERSTONE HEIST IS WAY WAY WAAAY BETTER THAN TURTLES IN TIME. Not going to argue with anyone. Just try playing Hyperstone FIRST, then try playing Turtles in time… You'll FEEL the downgrade. I guarantee it…

  4. I would actually change your #1 game to the origional streets of rage!

    I played sor2 before even seeing the original game back in the 90's and it was awesome, but these days I prefer the music and levels of the 1st game and it feels more iconic and nostalgic to me.

  5. Toejam and earl is hella overrated imo.

  6. I really wish modern consoles had more local multiplayer.

  7. As an American I still never understood why Golden Axe 3 wasn't released in the US when the Genesis was at it's peak in 1993. I'm glad I purchased off ebay years ago. Aside from the lamer magic, the graphics, path choices, multiple smarter AI in the enemies made it a Sega favourite for me.

  8. Streets of rage 2 is THE beat em up game. Hands down. Top 5 is still hyperstone heist, separation anxiety ( cause you can play as venom and spiderman) Batman and Robin, streets of rage 2 and Contra hard corps in no order. Me cause I've had hyperstone heist since I was a kid would be number 1 just cause but the king is Streets of Rage 2.

  9. YOU FAILED…… all the other top 10 top 20 etc mega drive genesis games videos .to all u rookies out there the number 1 multi player game of all time goes to GENERAL CHAOS it has carnage strategy & comedy..

  10. What about the WORST co-op games? I'd have to mention Sonic 2's co-op mode.

  11. I'm an atheist, but I'm pretty sure that Jesus punished me for stealing $50 out of the purse of a friend of my mother's and using it to help pay for my Sega Genesis back in October of 1992. He punished me not by sending me to burn in the fiery pits of Hell and Eternal Damnation for ever and ever (Amen), but by the fact that I never got any enjoyment out of Gunstar Heroes. I love Contra, but hate Gunstar Heroes. I've accepted my punishment, but it's been a hard price to pay.

  12. So happy you are more self aware! That neck beared was a bad look for gamer's.

  13. Mighty morphin power rangers the movie, seperate anxiety, the lawnmower man, tmnt the hyperstone heist

  14. I would put X-Men 1 & 2, Streets of Rage 1 & 3, Seperation Anxiety, Golden Axe 2, Rolling Thunder 2, Any 2 player side scroller or beat em up. Also those airplane shooters if any.

  15. NHL 94 is my favorite Genesis game of all time. Good choice.

  16. You make an excellent point about Competitive games like sports games or fighting games. You will be upset with your friends just because you feel you want to be no 1 & better than them. This would have helped me a lot when I was a kid to just stick to Coop games.

    The main problem when you are a kid, you aren't as smart as an adult. So you won't think of these things. I thought any game was the same to make you angry & upset at each other. I liked both type of games Coop & Competitive.

    Coop games do work for having your friends online talk to you more. So yes it's a great solution to play video games with a friend.

  17. The greatest multiplayer XP ever was Halo with 10-15 friends, four Xbox connected on four TV's, it was madness. We even had a huge tournament at our high school for the March of Dimes. I figured out how to play Halo online before Xbox live existed through GameSpy. It was laggy as hell but we played for endless hours.

  18. Great list! Although, I think lost Vikings on Genesis is better than SNES because it has a three player option. It’s a really fun way to play the game if you haven’t tried it!

  19. I never comment on vids….but great job! Would you please consider doing vids covering Multi Tap games for NES, SNES and Genesis?

  20. Quick little story for ya… My brother and me would play co-op Super Smash Bros. Melee all the time. We'd switch the settings to team battle, put us on the same team, add 2 more characters and maxed their difficultly, put the lives count real high and just have at it. He was always Samus and an expert at long range fighting with her missiles and energy balls, and I was a master at close range with Falco. So you'd see Falco charging at 2 unprepared enemies with energy balls and missiles flying by mixing it up.

  21. Aulterd beast 2 play who know

  22. Snow Brothers, Mega Bomberman. Especially if you aren't really into beat em ups, like me.

  23. Soldiers of Forrtune, Crackdown and Vapor Trails are great co-op games.

  24. A lot of people don't mention some classic EA Games. These always got the most laughs with my childhood friends:
    Road Rash 3
    Mutant League Hockey
    General Chaos

  25. Coop by far my favorite genre on the megadrive. Spend my entire childhood at these games. The games i miss on this list are Micro Machines 2/3, played the heck out of this one with my buddy. SOR3 will also always be in my list, it was harder, longer and more extra than 2.

  26. Any specific reason the Sunset Riders section is Sunset WRITERS and TOAD and Earl 😂

  27. About the Altered Beast funny kick animation. I did years of karate when I was a teenager and this is pretty much how I was taught to front kick. The pointy toes help protect em from breaking. In a life threatening situation that's probably one of the first shot I would attempt. A well place front kick in the groin can be more effective than a solid fist in the face. Also brings a good element of suprise, especially if you move your fists a lot fooling your opponent in thinking you're more of a boxer.

  28. WoW, WTF is going on with all these retro videos where there is a severe lack of representation in Sports games ? First, when I distinctly remember ALL the kids in my neighborhood where playing Sports games together (like Hockey, Football, Baseball, & Basketball): And definitely NOT any of these other genres in co-op. And second, one of the major developers in Sports games (EA), has become such a HUGE company today ? …That would not have been possible had Sports game not been popular enough to make money. So, again, I am wondering, WTF is going on here with the disparity between these lists versus reality ? …Please, I am really curious !!! …Especially, since the Sports category should absolutely dominate this type of list.

  29. Gunstar Heroes really deserves that spot, pretty cool game and very fun co-op. Yeah, TMNT must be on this list🐢🐢🐢🐢

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