Top 10 PlayStation 2 Multiplayer Games -

Top 10 PlayStation 2 Multiplayer Games
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Top 10 PS2 Multiplayer Games

What are the best multiplayer games for the Sony Playstation 2? What are the best shooters, the best racing games, the best fighting games – what delivers the most fun on the classic PS2? As tight a list as there ever was, join as we choose our picks for the most amazing Playstation 2 games you can play with several players.

00:49 #10: “Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock” (2007)
01:49 #9: “Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance” (2001)
02:42 #8: “Tekken Tag Tournament” (2000)
03:30 #7: “TimeSplitters: Future Perfect” (2005)
04:18 #6: “Soulcalibur II” (2003)
05:03 #5: “SOCOM II” (2003)
05:52 #4: “Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes” (2002)
06:41 #3, #2 & #1???

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  1. Well I would say,please don't dislike but,WWE!😂😂:D

  2. No Ben 10, dbz, downhill domination, destroy all humans, seriously😣 and half of your listed games I didn't even know them

  3. Yes! 1 is fuckin amazing! Soundtrack is amazing too. Best burnout in my opinion.

  4. What is multiplayer games for playing with siblings?
    I'm female 18 y.o and my brother is still 9y.o

  5. It's really disappointing that Mortal Kombat Shaolin monks is not here in this list, really really really disappointing…..

  6. I'm playing smakedown here comes the pain and watching this video

  7. mortal kombat : shaolin monk ??? i don't see it

  8. Honorable mention: WWE Smackdown! Here comes the pain


  10. You missed nfs games and ghost recoon also Tekken 5 … There are even better games fopr 2 players out there then this list I dont wanna count gthem all here too many …

  11. Mojo, your PS2 multiplater experience is quite sad.

  12. Sow kil soe wki keoin woqmdk kamon oqkkwl jahl jauh kilajlw. Is this a lol ti tit .. Sjan vs. Dowhnhiil faforite

  13. Ps2 WWE games were the shits back in the day

  14. You could have added smack down here comes the pain

  15. What about crash mind over mutant or crash of the titans?

  16. it's a shame that def jam fight for ny wasn't mentioned

  17. Dynasty warriors 4, SSX Tricky and Def Jam fight for NY

  18. What about teenage mutant ninja turtles? 🤔

  19. You forgot Mortal Kombat:Shaolin Monks,Downhill Domination,Def Jam,GTA SA,etc.

  20. Bournout 3 take down
    Gran Turismo 4
    Mortal Kombat Shawlin Monks
    Dragon Ball Z Boudokai Tenkai 3

  21. War of the monsters should definitely be on here.

  22. All Ben 10 games
    GTA San Andreas
    Spider-Man friend or foe
    All dragon ball games
    All sonic games
    A lot forgotten games

  23. DBZ bt3 was also a good multiplayer game
    I used to play 2 player in gta sa too

  24. Where is dragon ball budokai tenkaichi 3

  25. Left Mortal kombat Shaolin Monks IT's the best and vintage

  26. Tekken 5 should've been on this list rather than Tekken Tag Tournament

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