Top 10 Nintendo Co Op Games for Switch (2021) -

Top 10 Nintendo Co Op Games for Switch (2021)

The Co-Op Bros
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Hot on the release of Super Mario 3d World on Switch, Andrew sits down to rank his *personal* favorite Nintendo co-op games on Switch. There’s a ton of great co-op experiences from the Big N and we hope one of these fills your cup of tea! Do you have a game that deserves to be on this list? Comment down below. And if you like the video, please share it with a friend!

1:05 Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle
1:50 Yoshi’s Crafted World
2:40 Kirby’s Star Allies
3:45 New Super Mario Bros U. Deluxe
4:35 Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
5:35 Hyrule Warriors: Age Of Calamity
6:30 Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker
7:35 Pikmin 3
8:15 Luigi’s Mansion 03
8:55 Super Mario 3d World

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  1. Thank you dude, keep up the work. I am sick of most of these other coop recommended channels because they present indie games when they should only show exclusive games for the console to make me want to buy the switch.

  2. 3D world was so much fun coop with my mrs, and Bowser's Fury was an awesome surprise too – 2 amazing games. I came here tryna find what we should play next and its been a great help, thanks!

  3. In my opinion, couch co-op is the only logical reason to buy a console. After many years without a console, I bought the current XBOX last year and honstly didn't know what to do with it. Online gaming is way better on PC, and yet local coop games seem to have become the absolute exception on PS/XBOX. And yes, I would consider couch co-op/splitscreen a 'guarantee' for console games that are not pure singleplayer. This is why people buy these things.There aren't even local player accounts anymore on the xbox – do you seriously think my 5 year old nephew is going to set up a Google account just to play in a coop game and save his progress on my xbox? Complete nonsense. I have now sold it and bought a Nintendo Switch, which at least comes close to the original console idea. That works fine for me now, but who would have thought that the idea of simply choosing a name and start playing together at the push of a button would be a big innovation again for consoles in the 2020s.Back to topic: Thx for your list, I will definitely try some of these!

  4. Do you have to buy two games for co op?

  5. All of the handhelds had the best fighting games on them 😐 TEKKEN and DEAD OR ALIVE on the psp , 3ds , ps vita and the wii u !!!!!! IT IS TIME FOR TEKKEN 7 AND DEAD OR ALIVE 6 TO BE ON THE SWITCH !! THE SWITCH IS BECOMING THE BEST HANDHELD OF ALL TIMES !! AND IT DESERVES THE BEST !!! 😡😤 SO MAKE IT HAPPEN NINTENDOOOOOO !!!! And don't forget about the rest of resident evil games !!!!!!!! 😤 #bandainamco #koeitecmo #capcom

  6. Does anyone know the name of the last song in the video?

  7. Get un ravel two definitely the best co op game. also very cheap

  8. Just got a Switch so was wondering what games I could play with my missus.Thank you for the video.

  9. The Co op Company - Best Local Multiplayer Games says:

    Love the video guys! I dont know how how missed this video! i Son't think i started following you guys until around march last year, so that's probably why! The editing is really fun as well, i love all of the little clips that add a little humor to the video! But i miss the other half of the Bros!

  10. For Toad Treasure Tracker, do I need to buy another set of joy cons (got my first Switch a week ago)? Or can I use the 1 set like with Mario Party?

  11. Thank you papa I love you for the video 👏🏼

  12. I feel the need to say all these videos online all boil down to Mario games

  13. I guess rabbids seem dumb but if you watched rabbids invasion as a brain dead child you probably will be able to accept them

  14. The rabbids characters are so cringy. I cant…

  15. If you didn’t know, the rabbids are from a show on Netflix ( idk if it’s on anything else )

  16. Putty Pals is the BEST Co-op platformer!! and no one talks about it!

  17. friends and me loving theze games, coming from Germany ^.^

  18. Thank you for this video! I was thinking about buying nintendo switch and since my cousin is at my house often this really helped

  19. Is there any that have no storyline I want to convince my older bro to play with me but he dosent like story mode based games do u have any others like Mario kart?

  20. nice video! maybe I'll pick up 3d world, hadn't really considered it before

  21. DK: Tropical Freeze is amazing. May be a bit frustrating at times when in co-op as you mentioned, but the art, music and fun moments all make up for it 😉
    A game I miss on this list that me and my partner loved playing was Super Mario Odyssey, although the co-op aspect is a bit weak we had a blast going through that adventure together!

  22. thanks I love co-op, I find it frustrating nearly every on-line game is called co-op when what they mean is team based. So this channel helps allot. I have 2 young kids now 9 and 6 and it great to find games to play with them. What would you recommend for a 6 yearold minecraft veteran first Luigi Mansion or Mario 3D world?

    On a side note Despite Nintendos 'family/kid' friendly status I find alot of their games are text heavy which is a barrier to younger players who would otherwise be ok playing them.

  23. i cant believe that this channel just have 4100 subs

  24. So basically when I want to play with my wife who’s awful at video games, Kirby and yoshi are the ones to pick up first … right ?

  25. we finnaly reach a point where TV has the resolution and sheer size for coops/split screen come on man.

  26. got my daughter minecraft dungeons and she wanted me to play with her so after a while i said fuck it and actually had alotta fun with the game

  27. Can anyone here or OP help me? I have two nintendo switches for my kids
    and they have the UNO game. They want to play co-op 2vs2 on their
    individual switches but I can never get them to join the match that was
    created together. One creates but the other console can never join the
    match. Can you make a detailed video showing how two individual switches
    can play uno either against each other or 2vs2. Not online game play
    but local wireless gameplay. Please and Thank you.

  28. Can you play new super mario bros u deluxe with your friends in co-op online?

  29. Boderlands split screen. No one was talking about

  30. Thank you for this! I haven't played console or a nintendo game in a really long time and I just got a switch, so this video was really helpful for me! Lots of cool looking games 🙂

  31. When I joined the gamers we didn’t have any fancy shmancy online play, we had split screen! Two player split screen and a tv for a whole party! And we had to share the tv!

  32. Super Mario 3D world was also my favorite Wii U game, and is my favorite again on switch.

  33. “I love cats, I love Mario”… so you like Hispanic furries

  34. Breath of the Wild 2 co-op would be AMAZING!

  35. I seriously love these videos. They help me out a lot picking games for my 5 year old and 8 year old boys. Especially because they arent ready to play online yet on any other system. Very helpful and much appreciated!

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