Top 10 "Next Step" 2 Player Games - These Are Not Casual!! -

Top 10 “Next Step” 2 Player Games – These Are Not Casual!!

The Broken Meeple
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Top 10 “Next Step” 2 Player Games – These Are Not Casual!!

FINALLY! Yes sorry this has taken so long but it’s time to start the 2 player game series of Top 10’s!! 3 lists, one for casual/new player friendly games, one for next step/middle of the road games and one for advanced players.

Now how do you define “next step”?

Also I’m fully aware I duplicated a transition where I accidentally put the No 7 transition for my No 8 pick. . . . . which I don’t get as I swear i changed it…………..must be a link issue where it’s updating from elsewhere. Oh well, like anyone cares! 😛



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00:00 – Introduction and KIENDA Promo
01:06 – Background
02:48 – Number 10
05:19 – Number 9
07:56 – Number 8
10:04 – Number 7
12:39 – Number 6
16:00 – Number 5
18:35 – Number 4
22:40 – Number 3
26:23 – Number 2
30:11 – Number 1
34:47 – Honorable Mentions
39:11 – Please Share and Support The Show

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  1. I am a tax accountant too Luke haha 😂 love your videos as always❤

  2. Out of all of those Targi is my favorite.

  3. As always, well done, sir. (You're actually very GOOD with words.) Strong list. Games I thought had a chance of appearing on one of your first two lists: Watergate, Santorini, Calico, Search for Planet X, Quest for El Dorado, Skulk Hollow, Memoir '44, Potion Explosion, Mandala, Shobu, Welcome to the Moon, Switch & Signal, Bullet. Wondering about for next list: Ginkgopolis, Undaunted: Stalingrad, Five Tribes, Race for the Galaxy, Res Arcana, Hadrian's Wall, Pulsar 2849, Sniper Elite, Aeon's End, Vagrantsong, War Chest. (I'd say Castles of Burgundy but know you dislike it.)

  4. Bread and Beer seems to be getting a lot of buzz at the moment, I'm definitely interested in checking it out. 7 Wonders duel is great solo and 2 player.

  5. Caper: Europe, brilliant 2 player game and has more depth than initially apparent once you get past the first few games of trying just to win and get into playing to make your opponent lose by taking cards you know they are going to need. We choose Caper: Europe over 7 Wonders Duel everytime.

  6. Targi Die Bonus-Box is what you may have been thinking of @12:17 . "This add-on will upgrade the cardboard goods tiles with wooden tokens, add two modules of six new edge cards, and contain rules for solo play. "

  7. Got three of the games…Targi would definitely be higher on mine…
    Might take you up on teaching Fort at Airecon….
    I've seen seasons for sale… might have to take a look….
    Bring on advanced…great vid Luke

  8. Have you played Unforgiven yet? Beats 7 wonders duel for me

  9. Have you gotten your copy of Deep Rock Galactic yet? I know it was on your most anticipated list. I got my copy last week and I’m loving it!

  10. Great list. I am interested in Targi. I would possibly add Unforgiven: The Lincoln Assassination Trial and Paris: La Cite de la Lumiere. But maybe they might be better for the next list.

  11. My guess is that Seasons got "replaced" by Res Arcana for many. But I prefer to throw those dice. 🙂
    Great list!

  12. 4 player team mode in innovation is very very good.

  13. Great list! Several I’m eager to try out. 7 wonders duel is definitely a next step game. It’s pretty great but I enjoy splendor duel a lot more.

    I’m really enjoying Dominion lately at 2 and 3. I definitely think it’s a next step game. I tried playing it with my Dad and he was so lost he gave up despite our coaching.

    I can foresee race for the galaxy on the advance list.

  14. I am wondering if we will see Akrotiri in the advanced level list.

  15. “I’m more a numbers guy” – immediately after putting the number 7 up for the number 8 pick. 😂

    Three workers in Targi as well.

  16. Great choices, Luke! As you mentioned your liking for dice games with 'High Impact' from the Last Die/Dice, I recommend "Nokosu Dice", a trick taking game with a unique card/dice blend. Have you tried it?

  17. Great list. I just played Beer & Bread a couple of days ago. Really good (especially being a brewer). Also played Targi that same day. That game never disappoints.

  18. I would have included Watergate in the list.

  19. Have you tried Hardback? I've heard someone describing it as a deck building game with a word theme vs. Paperback as a word game with a deck building mechanic.

  20. Some of these are probably gateway but my top 10 next level (in no particular order) would probably be Agricola ACB&S, Caesar!/Blitzkrieg!, Air, Land, & Sea, Unmatched, Undaunted, Hadara, Naga Raja, 7WD, Radlands, and Sniper Elite.

  21. Hey Luke, for me, at least, this video only shows under playlists and not under videos. Thought I would flag this as it would potentially result in reduced views. Unless I'm stupid and missing something, which isn't unusual!

  22. Love Radlands, Targi, 7 wonders duel. But innovation? Possibly the only game I literally hate. Tried it a couple of times and both times I spent the whole game thinking "wtf is going on?!"

  23. Targi has 3 workers, not 2. And yes, you absolutely should play it with the expansion.

  24. Agora is so interesting. Together they're perfect. Pantheon alone is ok. Base game is too simple and blue cards don't mean anything.

  25. Of course, new players can easily play 7 Wonders Duel….but well they would just lose. 😉
    That's THE sign for a minimum next Level game.

  26. Good list. Over time the middle weight games seem to go from our collection. I think we either end up playing something light/simple/quick or if we want to get into it we go for the heavier stuff.

  27. Yes! 7 Wonders duel is the perfect #1 for this. Luc you've been awarded a point and your soul is not in jeopardy.

  28. 32:33 I am in awe of your ability to pronounce 'not' in two different ways in the same sentence…

  29. Great list Luke! Pantheon is the most essential expansion I've ever come across. Have you given Skulk Hollow a play? Thx!

  30. Totally agree with your number one pick. However, I thought Paperback was just OK the couple of times I played it, though to be fair there were four players and I could try again at two. Hardback fired Paperback for me; you can make bigger words more easily, so it rewards your studying of Scrabble bingos, and someone who is bad at words but good at deck building can still beat me with the correct strategy.

  31. Amazed Splendor Duel didn't make the cut!

  32. i may have to check out pantheon as regular 7 wonders was ok, if the two players are same skill level not sure if there are diff paths of victory, i have yet to see a military or science victory. it’s just comes down to points. maybe pantheon might change it up..

  33. Some people want to prove that they went to 3 universities and therefore their level of thinking is without a doubt the standard. Why am I telling you this? Well, I tried to explain Seven Wonders to my second half, 2 minutes in and she went of to make cake in the kitchen.
    So, you're absolutely right, this game is by far a casual gamers-game. People who claim it is are the outcasted geeks 🙂
    This said, the game is great, but there's a lot going on for people who don't play games on regular basis.

  34. Big fan of Rivals of Catan, besides Catan, this is one of the games that catapulted me into the hobby.

  35. I was thinking a long time if I should buy Fort or not. Not only but also because you sing praises on it, I ordered the game today. Hope I'll enjoy it as much as you do?!

  36. I love 7 wonders duel (with pantheon). Seasons, watergate, castles of burgundy are great too

  37. I've been following you for quite some time now, and you've always said how you usually don't tend to go for 2 player games, and yet I've heard you said in multiple occasions that you wouldn't like to play X game with more than 2 players. (including some in this top 10 list) So I think its time for you to embrace the 2 players games and say what it is really in your heart. You love 2 players games (or games that play better at 2, but whatever)

  38. I would put watergate on this list personslly. Rules are quite simple but has a rich gameplay.

  39. Interesting you say Innovation has no theme. SUSD were saying how thematic it is on their podcast the other day.

    I guess I need to get it off my shelf of shame and make up my own mind.

  40. Skulk Hollow would fit very nicely in this list 🙂

  41. Great list! My favorite games to play at two players are Mosaic A Story Of Civilization, Thunderstone Quest and Spirit Island. For pure 2 player games (going to explore these more in the future, experience limited for now): Onitama and Chess 😅

  42. I played Fort once and hated it sadly. So many rules just feel clunky… can't really recommend it.

  43. Probably my favorite list of these 2-player games. If you like The King is Dead you really should try Dual Powers: Revolution 1917. The same mechanics and game play, but it is made for 2-player and is soooooo good. It's in my top 10, 2-player game.

  44. Pantheon is definitely the more essential expansion but Agora is still amazing. I'd only recommend it to people who love the Duel and already have pantheon but want more. Both expansions together take 7 Wonders Duel from a mid-weight game to a heavier and more competitive game where there's less chance since the stronger player can often find their way out of bad luck with all the tools the expansions provide. The push and pull of the senate chambers is very interesting because of their relative positions and the abilities they grant. The conspiracy cards are also amazing. They take some time to set up but once they are prepped they can be used in addition to your normal turn which leads to insane plays if you have the game knowledge and imagination to string together a wicked combo. One issue with Duel is that the age 1 blue cards are almost always discarded for coins, but in Agora, the blue cards are much more important so now every card in age 1 is worth grabbing. I've only played Agora and Pantheon on BGA so I can't speak to the fiddliness but from a gameplay perspective both expansions are amazing and it makes 7W Duel a top 10 of all time game.

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